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52.indian butler 3

Girish went to the Fleming's mansion, as stated in
his appointment letter and rang the doorbell at 10
a.m. sharp. The butler opened the door and greeted him
respectfully. He led him to the room, where he was
provided five sets of his uniform, and was told to get
ready in his uniform quickly and report downstairs
where Mr. Fleming and his son would be waiting.
Girish looked hot and sexy in his uniform -- Black
well fitting trousers, white tuxedo shirt, Black silk
bow tie, Single breast black blazer, white gloves &
shining black shoes and socks. He took a look of
himself in the mirror, to set his hair and moved to
the lounge room.
As Girish entered, it seemed to have cast a spell
on everyone sitting in the room, especially Michael,
who was Girishs' future master. He found him "hot" and
attractive. Having a real crush on Indian men, from
before, he was overjoyed to have one such man as his
personal butler.
When he reached the lounge room, Mr. Fleming
offered him a seat, and summoned the butler for
coffee. After having served coffee, the butler left
the room and now, Michael, his father & Girish were
there alone in the room where they were to discuss the
job Girish would have to do in detail.
Mr. Fleming told Girish about their lifestyle, and
of his son as well, as Girish was his personal butler
from now on. He was told his schedule, and also that
Mr. Fleming would be out on business tours more than
often, so he should take good care of his son and also
be there to entertain his friends, if and when they
Girish was told everything; apart form the fact
that Michael was a gay, which he would come to know
much later in his job at the Flemings' residence.
Later on, the butler came to room and escorted Girish
out, to introduce him to rest of the staff that was
working at the Fleming Mansion, and also to take him
around the huge residence of the Flemings'.
The butler took him in the house first, to show
him the rooms and also show him his room. The rooms
for the butlers of the house were on the ground floor.
Girish's room was next to the head butlers' room.
Further down the hallway, was the room for the
housekeeper, the only lady employee of the Fleming
Mansion; and towards the other end of the house were
the rooms of the cooks and the other servants. The
chauffeurs, precisely five of them, had their rooms
adjacent to the car park. Another feature in the
Fleming Mansion was that all the rooms were
interconnected through telephone (intercom), so that
every employee could be summoned by Mr. Fleming, his
son or the manager of the estate.
Not to forget, the manager of Mr. Fleming's
estate had a small bungalow given to him, and also a
personal butler to look after his needs as well, a few
minutes away from the Fleming Mansion. Indeed, the
Flemings' lived in luxury, and so did their staff. It
was an awesome display of wealth and style, seeing
which anyone could be astounded, and so was Girish.
At first, Girish had started feeling that it
would be extremely embarrassing to tell anyone back
home, in India, that although he was working in
Australia, he was still working as a butler, which the
majority of Indian folk considered to be a servant,
and that was an extremely degradable job in the Indian
society. (This is so because leave aside servant, even
being a chef or a waiter in a five star hotel also, is
not looked upon as a good career and a job. The people
tend to say that he is serving people, doing menial
tasks etc.) But Girish, thought that if someone saw
the place where he was working, the facilities he was
provided with, and the style in which his employer
lived, they would surely be overwhelmed, as in India
very few people, even those who are very rich live in
such a huge estate. Even the super rich, live in the
most expensive localities and beautiful bungalows, but
they don't have so much of land at their disposal,
barring a few, of course; the ones who live in
palaces, like the royal families of Rajasthan (the
princely state of India, which has in it, still the
royal families of Jaipur, Udaipur and other small
kingships). So, he felt good and comfortable, and as
he got free that evening, he called up his parents in
India, who were overwhelmed to hear their sons' voice
after many days. He gave them his address, and also
told them about his job, and his employer, who was
such a rich man of Australia.
That eventful day got over soon, as Girish was
tired and had an early dinner and went off to bed, as
he knew that he should wake up early and fresh the
next morning, as it would be his first day at his job
of being Michael's butler.

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