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53.indian butler 4

The next morning, as Girish knew that he had to be
ready for serving Michael at 8 a.m., he got up rather
early, had a shower, breakfast and got ready in his
uniform, making him look even more handsome and
As he knew that it was the first day of his duty,
he thought of smelling really good, so he used new
cologne that he had bought at the Singapore Airport
while in transit. He gelled up his hair nicely, looked
sexier and smelling sexier with the awesome fragrance
of the cologne.
He left his room at 7:30 am, and strolled towards
the mansion. He rang the doorbell, the butler opened
the door and led him into the pantry, explaining him
on the way what he had to do.
The butler told Girish about Michaels' habits
likes and dislikes. Then, Girish was given the tray
with hot cappuccino, the only hot beverage Michael
wanted every morning, some cookies and the newspaper,
folded in delicate fashion. Girish wore his white
gloves, took the tray and walked carefully towards
Michael's room.
He reached Michael's room, heaved a sigh, as he
was a bit nervous, then looked at himself in the
mirror opposite the door, and then^Å knocked very
politely at the door. After about three knocks, a
voice was heard, " Come in, the door is open", so,
Girish entered his masters' room.
Girish had an infatuation towards Michael from
the time he had seen him on the day of the interview.
He had found him very handsome, manly and sexy, but
did not have the guts to tell his inner feelings to
anyone, not even his best friend, as he feared the
He found Michael still lying on the bed, maybe
messaging some one from his cell phone and still in
his nightclothes ^Ö black silk pajamas, making him look
fucking hot and sexy. Girish wished Michael, "Good
Morning Sir" and got a very informal response from
him, "Good Morning, how are you, hope you are liking
your job etc. etc^Å" He answered in the affirmative.
Then Girish kept the tray of coffee and cookies on
the table, and began folding the sheets while Michael
was in the bathroom, maybe answering the nature's
call!! After a while, he came out and sat beside the
table where the coffee was placed. By then, Girish had
folded the sheets and placed them in proper position
and stood beside the table, waiting for his master.
Michael sipped the hot cappuccino, and glanced
through the headlines, while Girish stood at
attention, hands folded in front, like a butler
generally does, admiring his handsome master. Then,
all of a sudden Michael looked up from his newspaper,
as if unaware of Girish's presence still in his room.
He then told him to take out his suit from the
wardrobe and get it ironed by the housekeeper fast.
Girish said, "Yes sir", and left the room in a
hurry. He was still in a daze, as if a spell had been
cast upon him while looking at Michael. It was like,
Michael was the magnet and Girish was the iron
fillings getting attracted towards him. Girish had not
been gay, but always had a liking to handsome men, but
never imagined that it would be to such a great extent
that he would forget everything, while looking at a
handsome man. Luckily for him, Michael didn't notice
Girish change shape in his pants, or else it would
have been extremely an embarrassing situation for him.
After about twenty minutes, Girish returned to
Michael's room, duly having got pressed his suit. He
went to his room and saw a pair of lee coopers' taken
out by Michael, that needed polishing, so he did it as
well. He stood there, as his master, Michael, had not
assigned him any task and also at that moment he was
in the shower. Not knowing what to do, Girish stood
there in the room only.
After sometime, the bathroom doorknob turned, and
Michael came out. He was just wrapped in a white towel
and looked sensational with water droplets still
lingering on his well-toned smooth body. As if unaware
of Girish's presence in the room, he undid his towel
and put on his white jockeys that were lying on the
couch. This was the first time that Girish saw
Michael's manhood. He found it hot, sensual and
inviting, but it was just a glance, so it did not
kindle much excitement in him.
Michael then came to the bed, and was handed over
the suit and clothes by Girish. Michael did not event
react in an odd way, because of what had just
happened. He seemed to be absolutely normal. Raising a
doubt in Girish's mind, because men are generally
conscious of their private body and tend not to
display it. Michael got dressed in his suit. He was
looking electric and gorgeous; Girish admired him
especially when he wore formals. He told Girish that
he would not be having lunch and dinner at home that
day, as he was going out with friends. He told Girish,
that he was free for the day and could go and relax in
his room.
Saying that, Michael tapped Girish on the
shoulder, hugged him and said, "Bye, see you in the
evening", and left. Girish was a bit dazzled at this
attitude of Michael, as he did not imagine Michael
ever to be so informal. But, he didn't know that it
was absolutely because of some other reason.

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