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55.indian butler 6

The next morning, Girish got up and got ready just
in time as usual, ready to serve his master, Michael.
He put on his uniform, looking as stunning as he used
to and rushed to the pantry, where he was given the
coffee for Mr. Michael along with the newspaper folded
in elite fashion. Girish put on his white gloves,
looked at the mirror at himself, seeing whether he
looked prim & proper or not, picked up the silver
coffee tray and proceeded towards his masters' room.
He knocked at the door, as he reached his masters
room and a usual dominating voice, though politely
summoned him in. There he saw his master who had got
up early surprisingly, was just out of the shower,
still having some water droplets on him and wrapped in
a white towel around the waist -- looking fucking hot
and tempting.
Girish just could not help a boner, and
unfortunately for him that day he had not worn his
underwear due to hurry, so his erection was quite
prominent. Michael noticed it at once and just rubbed
his hands on his servant's groin, making him harder,
now just like a rock. Girish still had the coffee tray
in his hand, so he could not stop him either, he was
beginning to get more aroused as Michael massaged him
in "that" area for quite sometime till it became
really nice, hard and tempting for Michael.
The atmosphere was hotting up, as Michael made
Girish change shape drastically in his pants. Then,
all of a sudden, Girish was ordered to give Michael a
blowjob. This statement took him by utter surprise, as
he had no idea this would happen. He tried to deny,
but of no use, as his man-tool was saying it all. Even
Michael said, "Hey, you have been looking desperate
for my dick all these days, especially now, even your
reactions seeing me like this, show how desperate you
are to serve me, and now you are getting it, so get on
the job, Quick!!" Girish was having gay tendencies,
but did not want to do such a thing, that he had never
done, but he had no choice now as he was under
complete domination of his master, Michael and
obediently he bent down and sat on his folded knees.
Michael removed the towel and threw it on the
couch, displaying his beautiful white cock to his
butler who was just about becoming his slave-boy
gradually and was now on his knees ready to service
his master. As he had not been wearing under any
underwear that day, he was facing lot of trouble in
concealing his emotions and this was just the
beginning of a long day.
Girish took his master's man-tool in his mouth
and began giving a slow blowjob. As Michael had just
showered, luckily Girish did not get as taste and odor
of sweat, but was getting fragrance and a kind of a
weird taste of soap. He slowly sucked his master,
sitting in his uniform and on his knees, his master
watching and experiencing all the fun. After about
twenty minutes of slow fun, Michael exploded huge
amounts of thick white man-juice in his butler's
mouth. The amount he exploded was so much that his
butler could not maintain all the cum in his mouth,
thereby dropping a good amount on his black trousers
and also on the carpeted floor from the corners of his
mouth. Michael was angry with his boy for doing so,
and ordered him to lick it off quickly, and to make
the area look clean and normal as it had been before.
Girish was under full control of his master by
then, and so, he licked it off the ground, getting
severely humiliated, as the carpeted floor was not
very clean, and Girish ended up sucking some dust from
the floor as well. He was not even allowed to clean
off his trousers that were now cum-stained with his
masters cum.
Michael then began getting ready as his newly butler
turned slave sat on his knees near his bed, waiting
for any further orders from his master. It looked as
if Michael had cast some kind of a spell on his butler
for that period of time. Michael wore his navy blue
suit and looked awesome. He ordered his boy to get him
the shoes from the closet, which he obediently did.
The shoes were not clean, making Michael angry again.
Girish hurriedly cleaned the dust off them with his
white handkerchief, to avoid any further punishment,
although that humiliated him.
Before Michael left, he told his boy one thing
clearly that he must not tell anyone what had happened
in that room, or else he would blame him for theft,
(Michael had placed money worth 500 Australian Dollars
in his servants' shirt pocket quietly when he was busy
cleaning his masters shoe) and would get him arrested.

He also had the video camera on, placed very
carefully in the upper left corner of the room, as he
had planned this many days before, and the special
traits of his butler in serving men would be available
to everyone if he did not obey his master, but had
planted the camera in such a way, that it would not
capture the images when he had placed the money worth
500 Australian Dollars in his butlers pocket. This
was actually a great idea of one of his gay friends,
who himself had made his personal butler, (a gift from
his father as well), his personal sex slave, by
blackmailing him after taking out his naked pictures
and also having him blow him and sleep with him in
bed, naked. The only difference being that Micheal's
sex slave was an Indian, and his friends sex slave was
an Australian man, extremely hot and sensational, just
like Girish. From there Michael got this idea, and
also added the theft thing to make it more difficult
for the butler, thereby getting him as his slave for a
good long time, atleast till the agreement ended; so
that he could have an awesome time in bed with him and
also make him do all his "personal work", and that too
by not paying him anything extra, due to the
So now, unfortunately, Girish had nothing to say
other than obey every command of his master from then
on, if he wanted his self-esteem to be maintained in
front of all others, as Michael had promised not to
let anyone in the house know about the incident. So,
he began his job as Michael's sex slave from then on,
having his duties to satisfy Michael and his friends'
sexually and not as his personal butler, as he had
been originally recruited as.

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