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56.indian butler 7

No one would have ever imagined that this would
happen with such a wonderful and simple boy as Girish,
but it did happen and now, Girish was humiliated and
blackmailed into being the personal slave, rather
sex-slave of his handsome Australian master, Michael.
Michael was very handsome as described earlier. He
was tall and beefy, was very much into bodybuilding
and had a gym of his own in the mansion as well where
he used to work our every morning after his walk and
also in the evenings, if he got time then.
The situation had changed drastically for the both
of them. Girish, who had come to Australia to get a
butler's job, had now ended up being a sex-slave,
after having been blackmailed by his boss, and
Micheal, the handsome rich lad, due to his sharp mind,
had got a free slave for fulfilling all his desires,
however weird and even insane.
Michael had certain things in mind, which he had
to clear up with his new butler -- turned -- slave.
Firstly, as Michael had a proof to blackmail him, that
could either land him out of job or even in the police
station, i.e. the video recording of his taking out
the five-hundred Australian Dollars from his pocket,
(the staff had been instructed from the very
commencement of their duties that they were not
supposed to keep with them their personal money whilst
on duty, at the Fleming Mansion) and also the sucking
episode and Girish's hard-on, on seeing his master
wrapped in just a towel, which, if revealed, would
prove fatal for the butler in more than one way.
Firstly, the case of theft of a fairly descent
amount of money, secondly, being in his master's room
when no one was inside and just being their alone,
which was not at all allowed according to the
agreement that Girish was made to sign and thirdly,
and most importantly, the footage of Girish giving
Michael a blow-job, later cleaning his master's shoes
with his own handkerchief and being made to feel
degraded and low, just like a mere slave-boy. All
these incidents, which had occurred in a very short
span of time, had changed Girish's life as a butler in
the Fleming mansion for the worse.
So now as Michael had cleverly procured a free
slave for himself, he had lots in mind for the
fun-part. As he was gay, (although for everyone, he
was a bisexual; but in reality, he had no excitement
or even a semi-hard on with women around, but men,
specially hunky-dark or semi-dark men {Asian, African
and also the yellow races} made him rock hard. He had
had a really big gay-friend circle, majority of which
were Australian. They were all into gay-sex. Michael
was a pure dominating gay-top, and so were all his
friends, so getting a guy for fun, and that too,
without paying any kind of money, was near to
But that was past, and now it had completely
changed, and changed for the better of Michael, and
not at all good for the innocent butler-turned-slave,
Girish. Girish was in despair. He did not know what to
do, where to go, whom to tell this problem and from
whom to take any sort of advice as to how to get out
of the thick soup that he had landed himself in.
He continued performing his duties as the butler
in the Fleming household. That day, his "master" --
Micheal, was not at home, as he had gone out with his
friends for a birthday party of one of them, so Girish
got some time to think about the problem he was in and
to figure out a solution as well.
The major problem was that Michael had a video
recording of Girish, performing erotic and humiliating
tasks. The risk was that he could show it to all his
friends, that were really a bit too many, and he could
even sell that video recording on the net, thereby
humiliating his butler royally around the world. So,
the only alternative left with this innocent butler
was that, he readily accepted his fate as a sex-slave
of his handsome master and try to please him as much
as possible. He had to always keep him satisfied in
all aspects, serve him like a good and obedient
servant, (Yes, he was now being treated like a
servant, and not like a descent butler), satisfy all
his sexual and physical desires, and be present for
him at any time of the day or night for anything he
The life of a butler, that Girish had imagined
and what he had been going through, were both far
apart -- like the northern and the southern poles. The
life that he would start leading as a slave would
continue in the forthcoming chapters, so keep reading,
and also give me suggestions, as to how you would like
Girish, the butler to face in the future, as Michael's
slave cum butler.

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