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57.indian butler 8

Girish was now in deep trouble. He was totally in
control of his master, Michael. He had the evidence to
humiliate him and so, he blackmailed him into doing
whatever he wanted him to. Michael was a dominating
top-guy, and so were his entire gang of friends.
Girish didn't even imagine what was going to be his
fate as Michael's personal butler, a job that he was
once very proud of.
Michael told all his friends the incidents that
had taken place between him and his butler, and the
cunning attitude of him that got him to blackmail his
butler, thereby turning him into his and his friend's
personal slave, which they could use for the various
needs of theirs -- sexual and also for fun and serving
them, whenever they desired to.
Michael summoned his butler the next day, so that
he could make him the way he wanted. His butler, who
was now in his absolute control, attended his master,
duly dressed in his tuxedo outfit. He feared what
would happen next.
Michael had a great idea. Now, as he had
completely overpowered his butler, making him into his
slave, he decided to make him look more servile, and
not smart as he did look as always.
His master took the butler to the city, where he
was going to get his butler's complete makeover from a
upper class handsome butler, to that of a cheap,
though well-dressed slave.
Firstly, the chauffeur was ordered to drive them
to the hair styling saloon, where the master planned
to give his slave a new style.
Girish had moderate length of his hair, which was
disliked by his master, and so, they were going to
vanish, without even his personal choice, because now,
he was a slave -- although he still remained a butler
for the rest of the world. (A part of the blackmail
was that, if Girish obeyed every command his master
gave him, no one would ever come to know that he had
been enslaved, and that too, because his master,
Michael, had certain extremely personal pictures,
rather a video recording of his "boy")
So, the both of them made it look very normal,
and unsuspicious. The hair-stylist was ordered by
Michael to give Girish a changeover. He was to really
trim his hair, as short as he could. That would make
Girish look really like a slave, but that was a
secret. The reason given was that it was really hot,
although it was quite bearable.
The beautiful hair that Girish had and envied,
very now all going to be chopped off by the barber. He
was feeling very sad, as if it were a reckless
massacre of his hair.
Slowly and gradually, in about 30 minutes time,
all the long-beautiful hair was gone, and what was
left, was just a mild crop of here, just like the old
military style. Girish looked really like a "boy" now,
as he was clean-shaven as well. He then took him to
the beauty parlour, where all his body hair was going
to be off from his body, with certain treatments for
an hour. As it was a all-male parlor, Michael
humiliated Girish, by having his crotch and balls
shaved off completely as well.
The next place where his master was going to take
Girish was the boutique. There he was going to get his
slave a humiliating uniform, as the present uniform of
a tuxedo was too respectable and stylish for a
slave-boy. Although he was not going to get him a
slave's uniform, but still he planned to make his
"boy" wear something humiliating; of course he was not
allowed to put on any of his undergarments, the only
ones he could, were his master's used ones, and that
too, if the master felt the need or was delighted by
his performance, only then, or else, a simple rule --
no undergarments for slaves.
The uniform chosen for the slave was humiliating
as well. It reminded one of the old school uniforms,
but this one being more revealing and humiliating,
especially without any undergarments.
Girish was not even allowed to choose the uniform
color, his master did all the needful, and his duty
was just to obey, respectfully.
Michael chose a uniform that would be easily
removed, and also a bare minimum uniform, that could
be fun filled during parties as well, for the
entertainment of his friends.
The uniform Girish was going to be provided with
was, a tight white pair of shorts made of thin white
material which were really very short, the length was
lower than the regular tennis shorts as well (no
undergarments of course); a half sleeved white shirt
made of nearly transparent white fabric, a black bow,
and he had to be bare foot, always. Not to forget,
that he was completely shaved off now, with no hair,
except on his head (that too cut very short), making
the "once upon a time" butler, Girish, look really
Although the new look made Girish look very young,
but it also made him look extremely humiliated and as
a low-human being.
Michael was delighted with the new look of his
"slave" and knew that even his friends would be
delighted to be served, in all aspects by him.
Having completely achieved what he wanted, i.e.
the subservient look of his slave, Michael ordered the
chauffeur to drive them home. Even the chauffeur was
stunned to look at Girish, who once looked like a
handsome high-class butler/manservant, being reduced
to a humiliating boyish look.
Now Girish had a new role to play, not as a
butler, not as a servant, but as Michael's slave.

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