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91.toilet boy

I'd been watching him from my car for almost an hour
and I knew what he was doing, keep going into that public toilet. He looked maybe 14 but I guessed
he was more likely older maybe 16. Grey trousers and
white shirt and a bag
that was bulging - he should have been at school and
had stuffed his
jacket in his bag. He was short and slim, maybe 5 feet
6 tall and had
brown hair and big brown eyes like a deer. His hair
was shining after
sudden shower, the same shower that made his shirt go
translucent and
to his skin, showing small dark rings round his tits.
It also clung to
showing just a slight muscle formation on his chest
and no sign of
hair. His
grey trousers were a bit tighter than they should have
been, maybe he
them for some time and they had been washed and hrunk,
but they showed
very small neat pert little arse and just the faint
sign of a swelling
his crotch. There were also two damp patches on the
knees which told me
had been on his knees in that toilet, doing what I
wondered? A perfect
target for my sport, I could feel the stirring in my

I'm not the greatest looker on this earth.35
in decent shape as I'm a showman. All that fairground
work keeps you
and fit. I'm about six two tall. My dick is is not the
longest you'll
see but I'm not ashamed. About nine inches max hard,
but it's quick
inch and a half across and the head is near on three
inches across.
one of my great assets as once that head is in it's
just as painful to
it out again, forcing the arse open to get it over the
purple swelling.
I'm in it's like a dog's knot, locked in. I watched
the kid as he
another man in. Minutes after the man came out so I
knew nothing had
happened. I got out my car and nipped in quick before
the kid could get
If he was renting then he was out ofluck. If he was
willing then he
could be
worth a fuck even if the thrill of the chase and rape
wasn't there.

He was in the urinal as I entered obviously zipping
up. I stood next
but one
space from him and got my dick out and let it slowly
swell in my hand.
un-zipped again and fumbled around and got his out and
I could see he
rubbing it. I stepped back just a bit to see more, and
so he could see
me if
he stepped back. He moved and I saw the most beautiful
boy cock. Maybe
5 inches and not that thick but you could see it was
hard, he was
forcing it
down to keep it horizontal and it still had that
pearlescent almost
translucent look of a young boy's cock. He looked at
my dick, then my
He blushed when I looked straight back into his eyes.
I moved back even
and started to play with my hard dick. I was on his
left so I used my
hand so he could see everything I was doing. As he was
right handed I
the same view of him. I moved over next to him and
watched him playing
himself. Then I slid my free hand over and held his
dick. It was as
hard as
a bone. I heard a sound like a sigh from him as I
rubbed it. Then I
back and knelt down and took it in my mouth. So sweet,
so hard and he
groaned with the feeling. I sucked it for a bit then
knew it was time
the first test. I stood up and looked him straight in

"My turn now lad"


"Time for you to return the favour and suck me"


He looked crestfallen, but knelt down on the floor and
did the best he
to get the fat head of my dick in his mouth.

"Reckon you need a bit of help with that"

I put my hand on the back of his head and gave a push
and the head
it's way past his lips and teeth and nestled tight in
his small mouth.
yes, this was good. He sucked on it and I could tell
real quick he had
done much of this. I slowly pulled out and lifted him
back up.

"That was fantastic lad, you really know how to please
a man don't
give praise, makes them feel good, makes them try
harder to please you,
makes them more vulnerable and trusting)

"Don't think you should do that in a public toilet,
what if somebody
in? Anyway you shouldn't kneel on a wet toilet floor
it leaves patches
your trousers and anyone seeing that will know what
you been doing"

He looked down at his knees and went bright read.

"Jesus shit" (bit of confidence gone!)

Look if you want me to suck you, and maybe you suck me
lets go get a
and talk about it. I got a place not far. If you
change your mind ok
leave after the coffee, no harm done. What you say

"I don't know. I only suck, nothing else. No bum stuff
or anything,I
do that"

Oh Boy! Better than I hoped, maybe a virgin!

"No fine, anything you say I don't want to do anything
you don't want.
would never hurt anyone"

I could see he was thinking it over and there was some

"Look I can see you're not sure. Let's leave it. I'll
go, but please
hang round public toilets. If you get caught what
would your parents
when the police told them"

"I only got mum, my dad is dead"

(Perfect, his urge was accentuated my a desire for a
father figure in

"Ok, but think of your mum and be careful"

I started to walk out.

"Ok, but just sucking you promise"

"Sure, of course. Like I said only what you want to

We walked out together and I led him along the

"Where's your car then?"

"It's back there, but we got to have that coffee

"I thought we had to drive to your place"

"We do but the café is just here"

"Oh I thought you meant coffee at your house"

"Christ no lad, you got to get to know me a bit so you
feel safe and
before we go home. You might not like me so you got to
have a chance to
and be certain it's what you want to do. (Doing this
would boost his
confidence and lower his guard. It's all psychology)

I had a coffee and he had cupachino. We talked about
things and I kept
steering the conversation to his home life and his
dad. He obviously
him like crazy. Like I thought the kid was 15 and his
name was Adam. He
been going to toilets occasionally for about four
months but had only
a few men and had been sucked a few times. He was a
virgin and was
he would never do bum sex (as he called it). We talked
for nearly an
and had two coffees before I said

"Well do you want to go now, or come home with me?"

He paused and thought and I could see he was nervous.
Eventually he
said: -

"Ok I'll go to your house" - (GOT HIM!)

We walked back to my car and drove the three miles to
my mobile home.
conversation I kept light and friendly to keep him at
ease. The number
on my
car was false. I had noted several cars the same make
and colour as
mine and
had written the numbers down. I used one of them when
I was hunting.
Also I
knew I was moving on later that day, and had only
parked where I was
morning. There was no number on the mobile home. It
was parked in a
on a very quiet back road. Very little chance of being
even noticed,
alone disturbed.

We got there and went in and I very quietly locked the
door behind me.
I got
us a drink, me lemonade and his vodka and lemonade,
just to relax him a
I also opened three bottles of poppers and put round
the bedroom before
took him in there. He stood in that room looking
scared and vulnerable,
knowing what to do or say.

"I think we should undress don't you?"

I could see how nervous he was so I just held him for
a minute and felt
crotch. Get him hard and let the hormones overcome his
nervousness. It
worked. I felt his cock thicken and he started to undo
his shirt
buttons. I
just watched him as he slowly stripped off. He
gradually slowed down as
realised I wasn't undressing. I encouraged him with
compliments and
explained how I just wanted to admire his fantastic
body. He did look
actually. First he had no hair under his arms. That
was a bonus, making
look much younger than 15. He was slim, but there was
just the
definition of
muscles on his chest and the faint trace of a six-pack
across his
He was the stuff top porn stars were made of and what
was even better
was he
didn't realise just how good he looked. He got to all
but his briefs.
CK and tight across his swollen cock. False modesty
really as I had
seen and felt the cock he was hiding. With a few quiet
soft words I
eventually got him to slip them down too. HE WAS
was no
more than 51/2 and it was a thin boys cock. The skin
was stretched over it but had that shiny almost
pearlescent look to it
it was really hard. The head was a bright youthful red
but hardly
than the rest of the cock. It was straight up against
his belly. There
was a
little pubic hair around the top and traces of pubic
hair starting to
at the side. His balls were hairless and tight against
his body. I
sucked in
my breath ...

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