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Multimedia gallery hot secret

I have carried a secret.I have been
working in the US for sometime and had to return to the country for a
funeral and a vacation as well. The first time I set foot in my home,
memories of the past started flooding in. I can still remember the day
that changed my life for good.

It was raining hard that time. I came home early from school because
the weather had been so foul. I went straight upstairs to change my soaked clthes when I noticed my older brother's room lit up. I thought he was in the city. He worked there. He was 26 then, I was 15. I wanted to surprise him so I tiptoed towards his room when suddenly a strange moaning was heard even above the sound of the rain and thunder. I thought he was injured or something when suddenly I realized he was not alone.

"Lick me good," said my brother. I peeked from the crack in his door
and I noticed my brother in bed with a younger guy. It was Eric. He is my 12yo cousin. I can see the hard, throbbing penis of my brother in his hand. He was licking it with total abandon. I thought it was repulsive at first. My brother was a real ladie's man and here he is with my cousin! But the scene, altho disturbing to me, gave me a real woody. I can help but touch myself while witnessing the drama unfolding before me. "Yeah, let your tongue play with the head." My cousin did what was suggested and I can see it was not the first time they did it.

Then my brother did something unexpected. He flipped Eric over so he
was on all fours. Eric, sticking his ass up in the air said, "Lick me, Kuya. Lube me with spit like you always do." MY bro seemed like a mad man with his tongue all over my cousin's small orifice. He even probed it with his middle finger and Eric was screaming like a slut. To my surprise, my bro added another finger and then another shoving three fingers down Eric's ass. I can tell he was enjoying being probed that way and his dick, tho not really big was oozing a lot of precum similar to mine when I jerk off to the fantasy of my gf.

My brother reached for the drawer in his bedside table and took out a
tube I later found out to be KY jelly. He placed some on his dick. Now his dick is the biggest I've seen. It may be 7 inches in length and as thick as a baby's arm. Putting somegoo around and inside Eric's ass, he positioned his cock over the hole and teased the boy making him beg to be fucked. Since my brother kept on teasing him, Eric took hold of my brother's cock and pushed his ass back on the turgid member with one fluid shove. "Ahhhhh!" he said.

My brother, turned on by the tight hole clamping on his dick was so
eager in giving it to Eric that he fucked him with full force. "Push deeper, Kuya! I love it when you do that. Kiss me, too." My brother carried Eric's thin and lithe body up and fucked him standing up, raising him up and down on his dick like there was tomorrow.
Eric was jerking himself off hard until he screamed out loud as his
jism flew out meters away from his dick. Feeling the tightening perhaps, my brother suddenly pulled his imbedded shaft out and shove it in Eric's
mouth. I can see the copious ejaculation bubbling from the sides of Eric's small mouth. That instant, I let myself go and came, too.
Losing my balance, I accidentally pushed forward on the slightly opened
door and fell inside my bro's room with cum dripping from my phallus and my pants around my ankles.
I can see them both grin as they started to move towards me.

Of course that was only the beginning. What happened next will be
contained in my next entry. I still have to take care of something extremely hard...

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