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73.My New Big Red Friend

My New Big Red Friend

Tues. night 5:30 PM, I just got home and was in the house a few
minutes when the call came..."Hey can I come over? Got some pot for
your roomie, can I come over?" I immediately recognized the deep
rumbling bass voice of my room mates dealer. At the time I didn't
know his real name but even if I had I'd still think of him as Big
Red! From the first time I saw him I wanted him, bad! Over 6 foot,
fiery red hair, massive chest covered in that same fiery red hair,
the biggest arms I'd ever seen and thighs to write home to mother
about. He was also very straight looking with a son and a grandkid
even, although he couldn't have been more than 35.

Even though I knew my roomie wouldn't be in for two to three hours I
said, "Sure come over, he should back any minute."

Less then 10 minutes later Big Red was standing at the front door.
As I let him in it took all my will power not to pounce on him then
and there. As he strode by me into the living room I gazed calf eyed
at those arms straining the fabric of the light flannel shirt he was
wearing. Then looking down I nearly moaned out loud at the strong,
firm feast of his thighs straining against the fabric of a pair of
well worn jeans. Fortunately, I got a hold of myself before he
turned around and found voice enough to ask Red if he wanted a beer
while he waited? In exchange for the beer he passed me a seriously
fat joint so I could sample the roommates new stash.

While he chugged the beer I lit up the joint and we passed it freely
back and forth. I don't know if it was the grass or just being alone
with this red headed mountain of man but my libido kicked into
overdrive and a decision was made, "I was going to have Big Red
tonight, one way or another."

Now more than pleasantly stoned I informed Big Red I had some work
to do on my computer. When he expressed and interest in computers I
offered to show him mine hoping it would eventually lead to him
showing me his.

I brought up the web site I was working on and some similar sites,, Best of, that sort of thing. Amazingly with
each new site Red became more interested and the more interested he
became the more excited he got. Red's crotch seemed to expand each
time I clicked onto a new screen and if the screen happened to show
two furry men, one with his mouth around the other's cock, Red's
crotch seemed to throb.

Seeing this as my opening I said, like the thought had just popped
into my head, "Hey, do you like porn?"

He replied quickly, in a surprisingly raspy voice, "Straight porn
really gets me off! Do you have any?"

Of course I had a collection of straight porn. I keep it on hand
just for these types of situations. You never know when it might
come in handy

However, before I could break out the straight smut Red asked if he
could take a shower first. I must have given him a quizzical look
because he immediately said he didn't have any hot water at home
right now, it was off. Although I would have gladly taken him
unwashed, standing up in a hammock, I like a guy who respects
cleanliness. Without saying a word I gave him a towel and pointed
him to the bathroom. Instead of heading off he leaned forward, put
one beefy red slab of an arm on my shoulder and leaned on me for
balance while he began to unlaced his size thirteen work boots. My
knees nearly started to knock as I caught a whiff of Red's unwashed
but not unpleasant scent. It was the scent of a hard working man and
if it worked on others the way it worked on me bottling it for sale
would make my fortune. After undoing and taking off his boots, Red
stood up straight to his full height and looking me dead in the eye
took off his shirt, and dropped his pants to the floor.

Since Red was without underwear, he was now standing in front of me
wearing only a pair of frayed white crew socks. No longer able to
help myself, I openly stared in amazement. His cock was just like
the rest of him, alarmingly oversized and covered with red fur. In
fact I was astounded at just how big and red his cock was. Seeing
that he got the reaction he wanted, with a bit of a half smile
playing at his lips Red, bare assed, turned to go to the bathroom.

Still chatting, I followed and casually stood at the bathroom door
watching while Red entered the shower. Of course he knew I could see
him though the glass shower doors and as the hot water cascaded from
his hair down onto his skin, the big red cock began throbbing up and
down as he stroked it ever so slightly. My mouth began to water
looking at the large blue corona, just made for licking, bobbing up
and down, all cradled in a lush bed of pubic hair that matched the
color on his head exactly.

After he'd showered, soaping up parts of his body I meant to know
personally, Red stepped out of the shower and began slowly toweling
himself off. At first I thought he was toweling off in a teasing
kind of way but chalked that up to wishful thinking on my part. When
he finished we went back to my bedroom where I started the straight
porn playing, as he had asked. Not looking at me and in fact acting
as if he were by himself, Red stood in front of the TV and slowly
started stroking that beautiful big red crotch through the towel.
Standing there, he started to flex, showing off that chest of fiery
red hair. Then he lifted one huge arm over his head, stretching and
showing a beautiful fire red patch under his arm. Then, seemingly
lost in a straight fantasy involving that porn chick and himself, he
closed his beautiful green eyes and lowered his hand to pull on and
play with an already aroused nipple.

Unable to stand it any longer I said as nonchalantly as I new
how, "You like to get blown?"

Before he had a chance to finish saying, "You bet!" He had dropped
the towel, exposing 9 inches of thick red peter, that was the most
beautiful I'd ever seen. It was already standing up hard, dripping,
ready and waiting for my mouth.

I crossed into the room indicating he should sit down on the edge of
the bed. Then, with his legs hanging over the side I pushed him to
lie back on an afghan I'd laid down. Not only did I want to have the
best access to his body and I also wanted him to be totally
comfortable. With the only light the flickering blue light of the TV
screen, the position he was in created an impressionistic picture
showing that beautiful, thickly veined cock arching high in the air
above a glowing red crotch set off by thick muscular thighs covered
with hair colored that same incredible bright red. I stood for a
moment in the flickering light I watched as that already impressive
dick started to grow and grow and grow some more! God, what a sight!

I made myself comfortable as I laid down between his thighs with my
face buried in his pubic bush. Laying between his thighs felt like
laying between two tree trunks miraculously covered in red fur. I
started by sticking out my tongue and licking up his thighs
beginning at the knee up to hip. After the front of his thigh became
slick with a light coat of my saliva my tongue wended its way over
his hip bone until I was lapping at the tip of his drooling piss
slit with my mouth barely covering the flared head of his penis. As
I began to gently lick, nibble and suck Red let out the softest of
self satisfied sighs.

I could tell he was enjoying this but still I had to ask, "How does
it feel? Good?"

"O YEAH!" he nearly shouted. "I needed this bad and you are sooooo

With that encouragement I made sure I sucked my best. He squirmed
all over the bed writhing in pleasure from what I was doing to him
with my mouth and tongue. Then when I slid one, two and finally
three fingers pass that round, red butt into a feverishly hot
asshole, he really started to squirm. The combined working over with
mouth, tongue and fingers proved more than Red could handle. Sitting
straight up at the edge if the bed Red let out a yell to wake the
dead and immediately started spewing creamy white stuff onto my
tongue and into my mouth. Pulling back off his cock I watched Big
Red shake and shudder as he shot load after load. Each convulsive
quake landed sperm on his chest, the bed my face and even the wall
opposite the bed. After what seemed like ages and gallons of cum Big
Red, finally spent, fell back on the bed looking disheveled,
exhausted and totally at peace.

While wiping up I thanked Red for letting me blow him. His reply was
that he was the one who should be thanking me. After getting dressed
and getting ready to leave, before walking out the door Big Red
stopped and turned to me saying a guy could easily get spoiled by
the kind of treatment I had just given him. Pleased by the
complement I mentioned that whenever he wanted more of the same, I'd
be here.

Looking at me with an intensity that nearly overwhelmed me, he said
in that case he'd be back in a day or so and left. Before I could
think of anything else to say he was gone. Then I realized he still
hadn't seen my roommate and was still carrying the pot, that was the
original reason for his coming over. I knew, in order to complete
his delivery, Red would have to come back sometime soon. This meant
that seeing him in a day or two was now pretty much guaranteed and
maybe I could finally find out what Big Red's name really was.

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