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74.My Sweaty Hairy Boyfriend

My Sweaty Hairy Boyfriend-

I always liked good looking well built and beautiful men,
though I started feeling sexual urges for them only when I was 18. At the age of 22 now, I have had few gay sexual experiences with a few of my schoolmates though none of them were very satisfying. It was when I entered 3rd year of college that I discovered the man of my dreams and he was soon to become my own.
Akshay is 24, around 5' 10", dark, well built and very hairy.
He stays in a room just two rooms next to mine in the boys hostel. We were always good friends but only a year ago our relationship grew deeper and we shared a lot of time together mostly in his room. His manly beauty and hairiness always excited me and gave me erections but I never dared to talk to him about it fearing the break up of our friendship. However, my balls and dick swing into action whenever I see him without a shirt exposing his muscled, hairy chest specially when he used to come sweating after an evening jog. The manly aroma of his sweat made me awfully hungry for his body.
But this great boy was soon to be my own man. It happened on
an evening when I came to his room for a chat and found him crying
bitterly. Things had not been going well for him since quite some time, and it was tragic news about some friend that made him very sad that particular evening. I tried to comfort him with words and finally hugged him to reassure. The intimate body touch soothed him and me at the same time. Then we talked for many hours till late night and it was time to go to sleep.
"Don't go Rahul. I need your support today. Could you not sleep in my room just for tonight! " Well, I could not say NO as he really needed me. I went to my room to change into shorts and decided to have only my vest over my chest. Taking a look in the mirror, I too had a good and hairy body. As I went back to Akshay's room he had also taken off his shirt with a white vest partly covering his luxurious chest (though he usually slept with a shirt on). The most attractive part of his body for me was the bushy armpit with dark black hair studding it. It was quite hot that day, but the fully turned on fan did not let any of us to sweat.
We sneaked into his bed and talked for some time. "I have always loved you for all your support and help." he
said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "I also adore you Akshay. You always attracted me and I find you very beautiful." I also kissed him. "I need you Rahul" and he took me in his arms and we embraced for about a minute.
Suddenly he took my face and kissed me on my lips. I was
shocked and he immediately apologized asking me if he was taking advantage of me. "Its alright with me. We are friends and should be free about our feelings." and I kissed him back on his lips.
Soon our lips were locked in a passionate kiss. Our tongues
played, the sensation of his warm mouth exploring mine made my thing erect and I could feel a bulge in his shorts as well. Soon he started kissing meon my chin, throat, neck and the feeling of his two day old shave brushing my body parts made me feel ecstatic."I love you Akshay! And I don't want anything between us" I
said. Akshay took off his vest and shorts and so did I. Lying
totally naked on that warm bed, I now had a full mouth-watering view of his body. The hairy legs, chest, armpits and the 11" uncut, thick and hard dick. I could not resist myself and started kissing him vigorously on his face, neck and then the bushy chest. I nibbled on his nipples which were big, dark brown and fully erect. While I sucked on his juicy nipples, he made sounds of pleasure. Then I lowered my face down his chest and my tongue had found its way to his navel. I played on it with my fingers and tongue and he pressed my mouth against it. Smelling his manly odour in the pubic hair I finally touched his penis which was already swollen with my love making. There was no urine smell but a sexual aroma and I took his dick into my mouth. It was oozing lots of precum and I savoured each drop of it. Soon his man thing was playing in my mouth as I sucked on his hard
uncut and extracting every drop of his nectar. He made sounds and his
fingers were running through my hair. Then I took his hairy balls in my mouth and sucked them while my fingers playing with his bushy armpit. Going further backwards my tongue found way in his hole and hesitating a bit I started licking it. It had a spicy and tangy flavour and aroused him so much that he shot a small load of his seminal juice on my face. I loved that sensation and tasted his heavenly nectar with my fingers. It was sweet, salty with some bitter and tangy flavour-a divine taste indeed.
He immediately got up and locked my lips with his; tasting a
bit of his own cum mixed with my saliva. Suddenly the power went off and the fan came to a halt. The heat of summers and the one generated by our bodies made the two of us sweat.He always sweated profusely and tonight it drenched him from head to toe. His hairy chest and legs glistened with it and soon the manly, sweaty odour filled the room. I went in for his wet armpit and licked it with my tongue running through his bush and tasting his salty sweat.
"Its my turn now. I want to suck every part of your body."
he said. My hairy, sweaty man was on top of me. He began kissing my
face, neck and then my nipples. With my hands massaging his wet back I felt as if I would explode when his mouth sucked my nips. I felt as if I had beautiful breasts and my man was milking it. I asked him to go slow or I would cum. He then licked my navel and my balls. As his warm wet hands touched my uncut dick it started oozing precum. Akshay licked it and soon my own 10" long penis was in his hot mouth. He used one of his hands to jerk my thing into his mouth and the other hand played with my nipple The feeling of his hot saliva and playful tongue on my penis was already making me mad with pleasure when he introduced one of his fingers into my hole. His warm finger worked into my interiors and I moaned with the divine sensation. As his mouth and finger continued to play, I could not hold back and shot my cum . One, two, three, four streams of hot cum wetted his mouth
and some fell on his face and my chest. He could not swallow all of it and spitted some on my nip
After tasting my juice from my dick, he sucked the cum he
had spitted on my nips and my hands pressed his mouth against them. He was sweating badly and his perspiration wetted my chest and thighs also."I want to fuck your ass. Can I!" Akshay asked. This was going to be my first assfucking experience and I had heard it was painful But I loved him and wanted to please him
completely. I kissed him and laid on my chest. He lubricated his dick with his saliva and gently pushed it into my hole. I felt some pain initially but the thrilling sensation of his thing inside me was overwhelming.
"Does it pain much!"
"Fuck me harder man. I don't want you to stop."
He had now entered the entire thing into my asshole and
started steady thrusting into it. Both his arms encircled my body and his fingers played with my navel. His thrusts became harder and faster and I could feel the warmth of his deep breath on my ears which he took in his mouth and sucked. As this act and sucking continued, he suddenly gave a cry and hugged me tightly His large hot load of cum filled my interiors. And within seconds I too shot my second load on the bedsheet. He kissed me madly on whole of my back and then on my chest after turning me back. I immediately reached for his penis and sucked it tasting the last drops of his man juice. Then we had our last kiss for the night and he lay beside me. His strong arms covered me and I went off to sleep in the comfort of this hairy sweaty boyfriend of mine.
The next morning we woke up together and kissed once again.
"I love you Akshay!"
"I love you too Rahul!"
And this boyfriend was now entirely mine, my own man with
whom I would make love on many more nights to come.

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