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77.not so straight

I was in my second year of college and I shared a room with this
unbelievably hot guy named Doug, but as is always the way he was very
straight or so I thought. He was a really nice guy, and was always cool about me being gay which came out when he walked in one me when I was
entertaining a gentleman friend. We’d had lots of silly late night
discussions about which was better- straight sex or gay sex and I’d used the
argument that when you’re with someone who has the same equipment you know
where to touch and all that..That discussions were fun... but nothing compared with what was to come.

It was late one night and it was raining hard. I was trying to work, so was
Doug with his weights. He was tall and broad shouldered, blond with deep
green eyes. I knew he had a tattoo of a tiger on his left bicep and he had a
fantastic muscular chest.
I got up to get a drink when he stopped his workout and looked at me
"What?" I asked smiling.
"I was thinking..." he was all bashful, a rarity in Doug. "You know what you
said about guys knowing where to touch?"
I felt a surge of sexual excitement. "Yeah... why?" I stepped closer.
He didn’t have an answer so I slowly brought my lips to his and gave him a
soft kiss. He didn’t really respond though- he was all tense and nervous. He
was supposedly straight after all!
"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked. He nodded so I kissed him again
and began to undo his shirt buttons. I slid the shirt off his strong
shoulders and began to stroke his chest, lightly playing with his nipples
which were like little brown studs. I then stopped and took off my shirt. I
had a nice chest, not like Doug’s, but well-developed. I took Doug’s hand
and placed it on one of my pecs, moving it in a slow stroking pattern. My
cock was hard already- it was all my fantasies coming true.
Doug looked a bit of nervous, but also excited like a child discovering a
new toy. Soon his hand was doing all the work by itself, lightly stroking my
chest and shoulders. I went for his belt and slowly undid it, dropping his
jeans around his ankles. There was an outline in his fitted boxers. I smiled
at him as I slipped them down his thighs. I looked down.
He was probably about seven inches, with a cut thick cock. He had smooth
balls and a patch of dark brown pubic hair. I ran my hand down his chest...
down his navel until I was lightly stroking his dick. He gasped.
Again I had to guide his hand to my track pants. I dropped them and my
underwear and soon I was holding his hand over my hard seven and a half inch
dick. I was also cut, but my cock wasn’t as thick. It took a while for Doug
to become used to touching another guy’s cock but then there was not
stopping him. It was like he was exploring new territory, giving my cock a
good looking over. I was doing the same to him.
"Let’s go over to the bed..." I suggested, leading him over and lying beside
him. We continued to stroke each other’s cocks. Then I decided to go another
step further I took my mouth down to his hard on. He gasped again as I
licked the length of his hot cock.
"Shit man..." he murmured. His hands found the back of my head. Doug was
good at receiving blowjobs, as he often joked. There had been any number of
pert young blonde girls willing to go down on him. I gave him the best damn
blowjob of my life, and he sure was enjoying it. My tongue explored every
inch- from the very tip to his balls.
"I think you need a turn now..." Doug murmured. I looked up. He was smiling.
"Can I have a go?"
"Are you sure?" I asked.
"Uh-huh," and this once upon a time straight boy moved towards my cock. I
could tell he was nervous, probably a little scared too. But he wanted to
try it and that earned kudos!
I lay back and looked down- this was amazing. He stared at my cock as if
gathering courage to start...
"You don’t have to-"
I was stopped by his tongue slowly stroking my dick. I moaned softly as Doug
worked my cock with his mouth and tongue. For an amateur he knew how to suck
He took a lot in his mouth and he licked every surface including the hole at
the very tip. I moaned again. He looked up and smiled bashfully. He slid up
so he could whipser in my ear.
"Could you fuck me?"
I swear my heart stopped for a second. "Are you sure?"
"Stop asking that! Just do it..."
I reached to the bedside table and pulled out a condom. Meanwhile, Doug went
on all fours... his gorgeous butt rising in the air. He was breathing
heavily. I stroked his lower back. "Just relax... it may hurt a bit. I’ll
sto anytime you tell me to."
Then, I looked at his butt for a moment. I couldn’t believe this. I was
about to fuck a straight guy I had wanted for so long. Then I slowly pushed
my dick into his hole. He groaned deeply. I went further until I was
comfortably nestled in his firm butt. He let out another deep groan as I
began to fuck him slowly. I gripped his hips and pushed deep into him. I was
worried I might have been hurting him but he didn’t seem to be in pain...
I was getting really close to cumming... I pulled out and finished off by
hand... shooting my hot load over Doug’s butt. It was the most intense
orgasm I’d ever had and it took a few moments to come to my senses. Doug had
rolled over on to his back and looked up at me, smiling.
He was jacking his dick fast and hard... and I watched his face contort for
a second as his own load shot all over his washboard chest.
"Fuck..." he said when he could speak again. "I’ve never cum like that
I lay beside him, holding him tight and close, kissing him lightly.
"How did I go?" he asked.
"Perfect... you must have done this before..." I smiled at him triumphantly.
"I told you gay sex was better than straight sex."

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