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79.The Plumber's Apprentice

The Plumber's Apprentice

I had been waiting for three days to have a few leaking taps and stuff fixed
in my house that I rented. The plumber had originally said that they would
be here on Monday afternoon, but had never shown up. It was Wednesday when
the guy finally called me back to arrange a time to come and do the work,
but I wasn't near the phone so he left a message. When I phoned back the
guy on the end of the phone sounded like he was about 45 and rough as they
come. I was pretty annoyed that they had failed to make their first
appointment, but knowing that if I pissed him off I would never get the
things fixed so I acted pretty friendly on the phone.

The guy said that he was busy that afternoon but one of his other guys could
come that afternoon after they had finished some other work nearby. I work
at home since I had started my own company a year before and was pretty
flexible about the time table. But I had a lot of work to get done for a
client proposal the next day so I was not in the mood to be interrupted. I
should describe myself so you know a little a bit me, I'm 25 years old, but
look about 21 or 22. I have blonde hair, stand about 5 ft 11 and have a
strong athletic toned body from a five day a week gym program and a very
healthy eating plan. I was openly gay and at that time was single having
broken up with my last boyfriend a couple of months previously.

I knew that I was ok looking, getting a lot of attention from guys and girls
when I went out. I have an eight and a half inch uncut cock and am a top
only, but love to give head to guys for as long as they can stand the
pleasure. I also have a real thing for straight guys, having managed to bed
quite a few of them in the past.

About two in the afternoon a knock on the door alerted me to the fact that
the plumber was finally here. I was expected some middle aged chubby guy to
be on the other side of the door and I was greatly surprised by what stood
in front of me. Instead of the expected average looking plumber two young
guys were standing on my doorstep. I had to stop myself from overtly ogling
them and quickly let them in. They introduced themselves as Jim and Brad.
Jim was the older of the two about 25 - 30ish, dark hair about 5ft 10 olive
complexion and what looked like a good solid body. His shirt was open a
couple of buttons and I could see that his upper pecs were nicely pumped and
sported a layer of recently shaved sparse brown hair. He had a nice face
and a good build.

But the really outstanding looking guy was Brad. He looked to be somewhere
in his very early twenties. He was a real blond god, standing about 6 ft 1
with a really good stocky build. His blue eyes radiated a real warmth and
his open shirt showed a very well developed chest that was totally smooth.
His biceps bulged as he carried in a tool kit and topped off a really good
overall package of prime boy meat! He was wearing a small pair of worker's
shorts and his legs were covered in rippling muscles with a very sparse
amount of hair. The sight of the two of them made me really hot and nervous
with horniness.

I showed them the few problems with the taps and then explained the
problems, i.e. leaking taps etc. They had a quick look and then Jim took
the top of the toilet off to have a better look at the problem. I went
back to my office and continued to work for a few minutes before Brad
popped his head in the door and said that Jim was going off to get some
parts for the toilet that they didn't have on them, but he was staying
behind to do the other taps and stuff. I couldn't believe my luck that Jim
the older and not quite as attractive one was going to leave the young
blonde alone in the house with me. As soon as he said this, my mind
started going into overdrive with all sorts of possibilities.

The one thing I wanted was to see Brad naked or at least get a better look
at all that he had to offer. As soon as Jim had left the house and
indicated that he would be gone for at least 45 minutes, I offered Brad a
coffee to break the ice and start a conversation with him.

Because the water had been turned off I had to ask him to turn it back on so
I could fill the kettle, I followed him outside the house so I could watch
him crawl under the house and turn the water back on giving me perfect view
of his round ass covered by the thin material of his shorts. I could feel
my cock start to rise a bit, but was able to control it so it didn't rise up
and make a visible mound in the front of my jeans.

I quickly made coffee while Brad was working on a tap, as soon as I poured
the coffee I took it into him and started to make some small talk to find
out more about him.

"So um you look very young for a plumber, are you um still an apprentice?, "
I asked.

"yeah I'm just two years in my apprenticeship , be eighteen next week mate",
he shyly said grabbing the coffee and taking a big swig.

"ah ok, you look pretty well developed for an eighteen year old", I
responded looking at his hot body.

"I work four days a week and train once a week for a local football club".

I was in total heaven now, an 18 year old straight football stud in my
bathroom was more than I could imagine, and I was determined now to try and
see how far I could take this. We chatted for about fifteen minutes about
football and working out and I mentioned that I was finally developing a
full 12 pack on my abdomen from six months of cardio, low fat food and was
very proud of this feat so I pulled up the T shirt I was wearing to show
him. He looked at my tight abs and well developed pecs and nodded his head
as if to say pretty good.

I then decided to see how far he would play along and asked what his were
like. He blushed a little, God he was so cute and so very naive! He pulled
up his shirt and displayed a perfect set of tight and well defined abs. His
stomach and chest ere totally smooth and he had absolutely no fat on him.
He had a very sexy little line of a few hairs from his belly button down
that disappeared under the waistband of his underwear. My mouth was
watering and now my cock had really started to rise and I was definitely
wondering just how far he would go.

I commented that the girls must really like that body of his and he grinned
and told me that most of them did, but he was having a bit of a drought in
the female department at the moment. I reached over and felt his abs and
his whole body stiffened making his abs even more defined and he sort of
exhaled loudly through his mouth. I let my hand wander over his stomach for
a few seconds and felt him tremble a bit. He started to lower his shirt
down, but I asked what is pecs were like explaining blithely that I was
having problems with developing my pecs more. He seemed a bit unsure of
whether he should so I just let my hand wander up to his nipples and quickly
pinched one of his nipples.

I wasn't expecting the reaction I go from him, but his entire body trembled
and his crotch suddenly seemed to move and grow much larger. Without saying
a word I pinched his nipple again and he made a moaning sound half way
between pleasure and confusion. With my other hand I reached down and
grabbed the hardening mound through his shorts, gentling squeezing and
massaging the growing problem.

He started to feebly turned around but before he could I leant forward and
took his right nipple in my mouth gently nibbling licking and sucking on it.
It had the desired effect because his cock surged in my hands and he
pushed his body against my mouth and let the feelings of pleasure rock over
him. I left the right nipple and continued my oral ministrations on the
other one all the while keeping up the massage of his still growing cock in
his pants.

I could tell he was a big boy by the fact that it wasn't fully hard yet and
his cock had already snaked it's way down the side of his leg. My mouth
made a beeline from his nipple over his smooth pecs and down the ridges of
his abs to his belly button. I made sure that I swabbed out his belly
button with my tongue and his entire body was shaking uncontrollably. He
was murmuring "stop" but his hands kept grabbing my head and trying to force
my mouth down towards his hard cock that was now starting to cause a serious
tent in his pants.

After I was sure his smooth rippled stomach was well coated with my salvia
and his pants were almost bursting with hard cock flesh, I dove for the
front of his pants and the middle of what could only be described as one
almighty mound!

My tongue was dripping saliva and liberally coating the front of his pants
which had now tented out with his very hard and hot cock. I was eager to
get to my present in his shorts, but knew that if I got my mouth around his
hard cock too quickly the fun would be over. Instead, I licked, nibbled and
sucked at his cock through his shorts until there was very wet patch spread
across his crotch. My hands were intermittently grabbing at his nipples and
tracing the hard muscles of his stomach and chest. I was beside myself with
lust and I could feel my own hard cock pressing insistently against my

I finally reached up to the top of his pants and undid the button and
followed my hands with my tongue. The top of his white underwear was now
very visible and I could see the top of his light blonde pubic hair poking
out from the top. I used my mouth and teeth to pull and lick at the hairs
that disappeared downwards and led to my prize. All the while he was
moaning and breathing in huge gulps of air as I made love to his crotch and
hard stomach.

I paid specific attention to the ridges of his ab muscles and the small vein
that snaked it's way up the side of his stomach from his crotch. His skin
tasted like honey and the smell from him was driving me into a sexual
frenzy. I reached down and undid my own pants giving my poor cock some
breathing space and allowing the precum to drip from the my fingers to the
floor below.

My cock is only average size about 7 inches cut, and of average thickness.
I k new it wasn't anything like what he was packing in his lunch box. I was
being careful not to make him nervous by being too obvious with my own cock,
as I knew from experience that straight boys tend to get a bit nervous when

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