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81.restorent story

It seems so long ago. I was 17 and had to walk two miles to go for tutions at the house of my maths teacher in Chandigarh. On the way
back, every weekday, I passed a small takeaway restaurant selling butter chicken and naan strolling about. Apparently he was the owner
of the takeaway. He was about 28, SEXY and TALL. He had a pleasant smile for me each time. I was too shy and
apprehensive to smile back.

One day, he gestured me to come near. As I approached him he asked me
if I wanted some food. Although I said no, he still brought a cold
drink for me and told me to drink it inside the kitchen. The kitchen
was a huge hall with many electric and gas stoves and uncooked chicken
wings hanging from a aluminum wire. The smells of the chicken and
spices were overwhelming.

He led me to one corner and pushed me to the wall gently. Relax, he
told me as he started carressing my cheeks. At that age, I was already
aware of my sexual needs and preferances but I never thought I would
have sex with someone so old. I was not naice and knew what he wanted
but was just scared that all the cooks and waiters could see us but
they were going on their job like nothing abnormal was taking place.

Finally, the Sikh's probing hand reached the buckle of my jeans.
Seeing my popped out eyes, he smiled and said not to worry. [only
later I came to know that he had had sex with all his staff]. He
slowly unbuckled my jeans and popped the buttons of my fly. I was semi
hard by then. He suddenly pushed my jeans to my ankles along with my
briefs leaving me naked below the belt.

Meanwhile, with his other hand he had managed to free his own lund,
which was still hidden under his huge belly. Then he placed my hand
over his sardar-lund. I got the shock of my life. I could have never
imagined such a large lund on such a small man. Anyway, he pushed me
down on my knees bringing me face to face with his uncut lund which
was glistening with a drop of pre cum. He asked me to pull the
foreskin back and suck his lund with my tongue. I did that and tasted
musky and slightly milky smell of his old crotch which had lots of
grey hair.

He then pulled me up and locked his hair mouth on mine in a deep kiss,
his tongue probing feverishly inside my mouth. While kissing, he
brought our lunds together and started lubing them up with his pre
cum. It was an amazing feeling our lunds sliding across each other
with all that slimy pre cum. Every few minutes, he would bring his
fingers to my mouth for me to lick them clean.

I could see behind his back one or two of his cooks were fondling
their lunds from inside their lungi. One was openly jacking off over a
marinated chicken. As he coated the chicken with his cum I also shot
my load like no tomorrow. Sikh also sprayed thick ropes of his senior
citizen cum all over my jeans. He even wiped his wet, slimy and
cum-coated hands all over my jeans [I didn't know how to explain all
these stains to my mom but that is another story]. He even fed some of
my own and his cum to me and gave me some money whispering "pocket money".

I was quite turned on by the whole scenario and looked forward to my
next maths tution. Every day I had the tuition, I would visit his
restaurant/stall and suck his lund and drink his cum. Every once in a
while, he would not be available and I got a chance to suck the dirty,
masala-stained lunds of his young and sex starved cooks and waiters.
It was a very good arrangement and continued for a whole year till I
graduated from my school and had to move to another city.

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