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Multimedia gallery arab

While I was staying in Aswan, in Egypt, I found a little coffee & tea
bar, nothing special, but with a very horny young guy who worked
there, seemingly single-handed. He was mid-20s, tall and slim, with short black tightly curled hair and handsome features. He wore a uniform of navy blue tunic and trousers and was alone behind the counter.

I took a seat in a corner and as he walked over to take my order I
couldn't help but notice the size of the basket in his trousers -
this young Egyptian guy was carrying more than his fair share of
cock! I ordered my tea, but found it hard to avert my eyes from that beautiful package which was only about 2 feet away from me, and right at eye level. He returned with my drink, and this time I was ready for the view, and my eyes followed that delicious bulge all the way to my table. I looked up and thanked him, as nonchalantly as I
could, but I guess he'd noticed my admiring glances because he
shifted a little self-consciously - and as he walked back to his
counter I noticed him re-arrange himself slightly.

With no-one else to serve, he returned to his position behind the
counter, but it seemed that every time I looked up he was looking in
my direction. This went on for 10 minutes or so until I finished my
tea. No sooner had I put my empty cup down when he came across to my
table to take it, but wow! My eyes were on stalks. This guy was
sporting the hugest erection inside those navy blue trousers, the
length of his hard cock travelling half way down his thigh, tenting
out the material. There was not the slightest trace of embarrassment
in him, and he just looked straight at me and said "wahid
("one more?"). I nodded, and he returned to fetch me another

I was cursing these other people for being there, wishing they would
leave, especially when they ordered re-fills, but this guy knew
exactly what he wanted. He was able to position himself at the end
of his counter where I could see him but the other customers could
not, and stood looking at me, stroking his cock through his
trousers. Next time he came over to my table he stood right next to
me and indicated that he wanted me to stroke the bulge that was
openly throbbing down his trouser leg. I was able to do this, as the
other customers had their backs to us, and his cock physically jerked
under my touch. He pulled down the zipper on his trousers. I
thought he was going to get his cock out there and then, but he
pulled open the white shorts he was wearing underneath, just enough
to expose the root of his cock and the first inch or so of his thick
shaft. The thickness of that thing was unbelievable. He squeezed
the root between his finger and thumb, looked straight at me and
said "you like?". I nodded, at which he zipped up and went
back to
his counter, busying himself with washing glasses.

Just then, the other customers signalled that they wished to pay. As
they left, he locked the door behind them and beckoned me to follow
him. Behind the counter he already had his cock in his hand, already
fully erect and oozing pre-cum. I sank to my knees and started
sucking on that monster dick of his, right there behind the counter.
He gasped and moaned continually, bucking and writhing on my mouth,
as if he'd never been sucked before, and exploded stream after
of thick cum down my throat. This guy needed to unload!! It was all
over in a couple of minutes – he was obviously so turned on, but
believe me I went back for more and had him fuck me in the kitchen
several times after closing hours.

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