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Multimedia gallery

60.arjun and zayed 2

Part 2

Zayed was still unable to believe that was happenning. Arjun now
started to move his cock up and down. Zayed didn't say anything, but
was simply enjoying whatever Arjun was doing to him, with his eyes

After rubbing and squeezing his cock for some more time, Arjun stood
up and started removing his own clothes. First he removed his upper
wear. His macho muscular chest was shining in the blue light of the
night bulb. Zayed raised up on the bed and he too removed his shirt
and removed his pyjama completely. His undi was still at his thigh
above his knees. By this time, Arjun had also removed all his clothes
except for the underwear. His huge rod was trying its best to come
out of it.

Arjun got on to the bed and quickly embraced Zayed in his arms. They
shared first shared a soft kiss, then they started moving their lips
on each other's forehead, cheeks, lips, neck and shoulders, softly
kissing each other in a very very loving way. Finally they came to a
hault at their lips and now their lips started getting opened up
widely. They were sucking each other's lips as if enjoying some
lollypop. And they went inside each other's mouth as well. Their
kissing had turned wild as they started kissing violently with heavy
breaths. Their tongues started talking to each other. It was a superb
feeling for both of the hunks.

Zayed slowly and slowly laid down on the bed resting his head on the
pillow, while Arjun leaned forward over his face and kept the oral
session to be continued.

Then Arjun came down kissing him around his neck. Then he stopped at
his pink nipples and sucked them for some time, rolled his tongue
around them and made them warm with his saliva. Then he came down
more and finally reached the hugely swollen dick. He first pulled his
own underwear and threw it off, then he removed Zayed's underwear too
and threw it as well on the floor. Then he came over Zayed again and
the two bodies were literally rolling from one end of the ebd to the
other end, at times Arjun was over Zayed and at times zayed was over
Arjun. They were breathing heavily. They stopped after few moments
and started kissing each other on mouth very very passionately,
taking pleasure of each and every moment.

Zayed folded his legs, took one of Arjun's hands in his hand and took
it to his ass hole. Arjun was clever enough to understand Zayed's
intensions. He quickly started fingering Zayed's ass while they kept
on exchaning saliva violently kissing each other. Arjun's middle
finger was inside Zayed's arse. He moved his finger touching the
inner walls. It was an unexplainable feeling for Zayed.

Arjun then started fingering with two fingers. zayed gave out a
little moan, Arjun then put three fingers and now it was really
painful. Zayed let out a moan. Arjun took out his fingers relieving
Zayed. He got up and went down towards Zayed's ass. He knelt down and
took Zayed's legs over his shoulders and was ready to fuck that sexy
ass. Zayed didn't say anything, he simply closed his eyes. A

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