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Multimedia gallery story 1

He could feel Ashok get into the bed and move towards him. In the
silence of the night of a hostel room located outside the hustle and
bustle of the city, it was his thumping heartbeat that guided his
dithering hands to Ashok's hair and he began searching the contours
on his face. `Umm…', the small sounds from the fever sublimated
throat of Ashok were almost like a call to let the dream price be
available to this gay Cinderella at least for the night. And who is
worried what will happen once the spell is over? The night is yours
now, the caress of the moonlight to guide the few shreds of love in
one's fleeting life. Ashok drew him close in embrace-which showed the
embracer's ignorance of the subtleties of love itself-and Somesh did
not waste time confusing this gauche with unease at the first
experience of male to male sex. He made the embrace more affirmative
by melting into Ashok's chest, caressing it with his nose. He always
loved Ashok's hairy chest which he had seen in bits and pieces till
now. But now when he had the chance to expose it, there was no light.
Life indeed is weird. At last he rose and kissed Ashok's forehead and
then it was like the bursting of a dam-it was fervently licking and
kissing of the body whose soul he had so much loved and admired. He
licked Ashok's eyelids and tracing his forehead, moved to his
earlobes, kissing and licking them as if there was no
tomorrow. `Somesh..ahh…yeah…ah', the familiar yet the well sought out
sounds that one seeks from one's lover to feel truly satisfied. And
that aroused the lover in him even further and he reached back to the
eyes and then licking the nose and finally their lips met. The lock
of the lips more languid than urgent. On any normal day, Ashok would
have avoided even speaking with his breath smelling of anti-biotic
dried stomach. But love was in the air.
The kiss emboldened the man in Ashok even with his fever generated
weakness. And now both wanted to feel each other unhindered by the
barriers of clothes. They broke the kiss to take off their respective
shirts and vests. And it was then a mad rush to kiss and lick every
conceivable zone of the upper body. He kissed Ashok's hairy tuft and
then moved to the nipples. Moving his tongues round the nipples he
made sure not only to draw Ashok into the fever of love but also
spread the ripples of arousal to all the parts of his body. Ashok was
almost breathless with arousal, drawing Somesh to savour the taste of
his musky Vicks scented chest and this drew Somesh just numb to any
sense other than carnal putting in even more efforts to arouse his
lover for the night. He moved to Ashok's back and invigorating the
armpits, the small of the back, the waist and the shoulders with his
tongue and lips he turned Ashok on his back and moved again to the
chest and nipples. Ashok turned more assertive and insistent this
time round. He started running his legs now paining with the extreme
arousal on Somesh's thighs. Taking the cue, Somesh moved to Ashok's
belly button and then further downwards. Making love indeed is the
ultimate union and if as aestheticians suggest, union means becoming
one and the same, the two were now the same, with their raised body
temperature suffering equally from Ishq ka bukhar, as some Hindi song
would describe it. He removed Ashok's bothersome pyjamas and then
stripped his own trousers and undies. How much he would have loved to
savour the first glimpse of Ashok's body only in the skimpy briefs.
But he left all to his fertile imagination in the absence of any
light-gays sometimes are the best schizoids who can make their sexual
performance even more fulfilling by concurrently unleashing their
daydreams. He caressed Ashok's thighs while licking the lower leg and
Ashok once again was tossing in the bed as if in acute pain. He
licked the toes and sucked each digit and it was the same masculine
aroma that was the hallmark of this handsome man's whole being.
Somesh then moved upwards, licking Ashok's inner thighs while
remembering to pinch the nipples with his extended hands. The prince
charming was almost forced to lock his legs around Ashok's shoulders.
Ashok moved his lips around the groin and reaching more to the centre
of the treasure trail, he tried to swallow the swollen shaft now
almost burning with fire. `AAAArrrrrgh….', Ashok was too overcome
with passion and almost violently drew Somesh into another embrace
and reached for his lips. The kiss this time was pure passion-wild
and reckless. And the lips parted only to let the teeth and the mouth
indulge in a symphony composed of love bites. Somesh recalled the
beautiful depiction of such passion in Govind Nihalani's
classic `Drishti', only sans the beautiful renditions of Kishori
Amonkar. But then he has the music of Ashok's sighs, grunts and even
small cries. Indeed Ashok was the ultimate wild child in bed too-the
natural child as psychology guys would call it. And Somesh was
enjoying every moment of nurturing this kid. He finally removed
Ashok's briefs and while enjoying the taste of copiously generated
precum, tried to fully gauge the size of the manmeat with his mouth.
It was normal-like in most men but sweat had made it smell like
heaven. It was like a grand ball of pheromones in Ashok's room now.
Even the chronically straight guy would have turned gay with such man
scents all around. Somesh sucked Ashok with the same desperation that
Ashok gasped for breath and release. And then he shouted, `Aah..yeah…
ohh… Somesh..I..I..I'm cum…aaahhh' He did not wait for Ashok to try
and move away and made sure that Ashok came in his mouth and he had
every drop of this nectar savoured by his tongue. Ashok now looked
fulfilled even in the absence of the any light and he looked at the
fulfilled face while releasing his own juices with his hands. He came
like never before-it was like being beck to the teenage days of
copious release. And the verve extended beyond the release. Somesh
kissed his man for the night as if in deep appreciation and maybe in
gratitude. But with an assertive embrace and kiss, Ashok made it
clear that the act was love between two persons where there are no
obligations and no need for gratitude. It was then that for the first
time that Ashok said those words, `I love you Somu, and I mean
To be continued…

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