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65.mentenence guy

I noticed him immediately, of course. The apartment complex where I lived
had a fairly large maintenance staff. None of the men involved in the
painting, roofing, and landscaping of the buildings, though, had his
muscular body, his large blue eyes, his wide smile with sparkling white
teeth, and his beach boy blond hair. Like me, he was in his late 20s, I
guessed. Beyond his physical beauty, there was some sort of biological
imperative made him such an incredibly sexual being. He was, to me, the
sexiest man that I had ever seen. His physical aura made me weak every
time I came upon him and sometimes I had to remind myself to breathe.

Some men just drip with 'it,' whatever 'it' is, and he was just such a man.
And to be perfectly base, I jacked off more than once to the fantasy
created by the significant bulge in his pants.

But, as it goes, I never acted on this attraction. First, I was sure he
was not gay. Admitting a prejudice, he was too masculine. There was no
hint of effeminate behavior and he seemed to enjoy the attention of the
large population of single and divorced women who lived in the complex.
His perceived straightness made him that much more attractive to me - it
added to the aura. But sometimes, when I thought about the lack of
possibility, I found that the longing for him actually, and physically,

He was always polite, charming, and even downright friendly to me. Some of
his coworkers were openly rude or offensive because of my gay lifestyle.
Men repressing deep desires for dick can be this way. Like most gay men, I
accepted this behavior long ago. The beach boy maintenance man was never
like his coworkers, though. He did not even seem to acknowledge my
sexuality as an issue and, of course, this made me want his cock all the
more. Liberal minded, charming, and physically perfect. I wanted him so
badly I could taste it. There were nights when I could not sleep because
his image would not leave my mind.

Of course, I was provided the opportunity to act on this attraction. What
would be the point to this story if I did not?

The initial encounter occurred on a hot summer evening. When I came home
late from work that day, I noticed a strong odor in the kitchen of my
apartment that smelled to me like a gas leak. Fearing the worst, I called
the emergency maintenance line.

I knew that several of the maintenance crew lived onsite including my idol
but was, at that moment indifferent to the respondent so long as he would
stop my apartment building, possessions, and cats from exploding.

Ten minutes later, the beach boy maintenance man arrived, wearing a
sleeveless button down shirt completely opened and exposing the flesh of
his hard, ripped, hairless and sweaty chest. He was wearing a tool belt -
more erotic than any leather I have ever seen on a man - and, as I allowed
him to enter my apartment, I caught the faintest whiff of musk. He smiled
at me sweetly as he brushed passed me at the door. The skin of his
slightly damp arm brushed against mine. My heart began to race a bit and I
started to sweat myself.

"Hot in here." He said. "Problem with your air conditioner?"

"No. My cats don't like air conditioning all that much. I usually don't
turn it on until late." I replied. He smiled oddly at my response.
"That's sweet." The first effeminate thing he said.

He entered my kitchen and said right away: "That's not gas. We were
painting in the basement of your building, today. It's a metallic paint.
The smell should be gone by tomorrow. We didn't ventilate very well."

Feeling like an idiot for not being able to tell the difference between gas
and paint, I apologized for calling him out.

"No problem, dude." He said as he leaned against my refrigerator. He did
not seem in any hurry to leave.

"Hey, do you have any water? I'm dying of thirst." He asked. Sure I had
water. Anything to keep this stud in my kitchen. My eyes kept creeping
down his body to his package. I had to remind myself to breathe again; he
was so fucking beautiful. He must have picked up on my odd body language.

We were about three feet away from each other. I was leaning against my
sink. He was drinking his water that I gave him as he stood next to my
refrigerator. His hand was shaking a little. He swallowed, sighed, and
said, "I'm actually glad you called me out." He said, matter of fact. "I
always wanted to have an opportunity to be in your apartment alone with

"Why?" I asked, curious. Trying to distract myself from the glistening
sweat on his chest. From his manly smell. From that bulge. I wondered if
he just came from working out.

"Well," he said. "Because I'm kind of hot for you, man."

My mouth fell opened. "Excuse me," I asked, incredulously.

He took a step closer from the refrigerator. "I know your gay. I know
you're into me. I see the way you watch me. I like the way you watch me."
He paused. "Well, I kind of like you too. You're just so cute," he said.
He set his water down and brushed my face with his hand. "You are just
such a decent person. I notice all of your little kindnesses. You help
you're old lady neighbor take care of her apartment. You help the Koreans
down stairs to learn English and do their taxes. You take care of half the
animals in these buildings. I've never known anyone like you before."

"I don't believe it." I said, softly.

"Are you interested?" He asked, looking at me in the eye. He leaned a
little closer. I was starting to feel the heat from his body. I started
to get hard. At the same time, my stomach had butterflies.

Not completely believing my good fortune, I didn't respond right away but
decided to let my lips give my answer. I first took the palm of his hand
and kissed it and then stepped closer and kissed him; slowly and softly
holding his face but still keeping a few inches of space between our
bodies. "I'm interested," I replied. "I'll do anything for you. You are
the most beautiful man I have ever seen." He was a bit taller than I was
and our lips seemed to fit perfectly as I kissed him again. The heat from
his body enveloped me completely. I slid his shirt from his back and let
it drop to the floor.

"I thought so," he said, smiling. "I'm very glad about it." He kissed me
back. His kiss was tender at first but then became more ardent. His
tongue entered my mouth aggressively and he pulled me to him strongly so
that I could feel him harden underneath his shorts. The fact that such a
beautiful man found me attractive enough to fuck was the greatest
compliment that I ever received. And he could feel that I was hardening
too. In his arms, I would feel his power, his strength. I knew that I was
going to feel his masculinity completely master me and I wanted it badly.

"Do you want me now?" He asked. I never wanted anything more in my life.

My lips left his and I began to work my way down to his chest tasting the
delicious, salty flesh. His nipples became erect as I teased them with my
tongue. His breathing became labored as I reached his abdominal area.
Taking my time I worked my way around his torso - his sculpted torso-and
before I unzipped his shorts. The bulge was distracting.

"Yes. Suck me," he said. Slowly, gently, I unzipped his shorts and pulled
them down. He was not wearing any underwear - explaining the musky, manly
smell he exuded -- and his cock sprang free. He was about seven inches
long in size and his circumcised curved deliciously upward. Michaelanglo
could not have invision such beauty in a man. I stopped before continuing
to look up at his manly beauty. I could have cried for my happiness at
that moment.

I kissed the head of the organ first but moved to his scrotum. His sack
was huge and looked full. He moaned as I took them into my mouth. As I
noticed his breathing change, I began to work back up his shaft until I
reached his head again - now dripping with precum. First licking the
precum, I surprised him a bit by swallowing a large part of his unit down
my throat. "Ahh." He moaned as I began to suck in earnest. "Oh, God.
That feels good. I knew you would be good. This is so good."

I opened my throat to take as much of his organ as I could and began to
move my head. The taste. The hardness of it. I never felt more
privileged in my life than when he let me do this for him. As I began to
massage his tight ass with both of my hands, he began to thrust his pelvis.
His back was now to the refrigerator. He gripped on to the back of my
skull and began to fuck my mouth; gently at first, but then it became less
gentle. He held on to the back of my head and began to slam himself into
my skull. And I wanted it.

"I'm going to cum soon!" He said. With effort, I pushed myself off of his
dick then. He was covered in sweat and naked now. His throbbing, purple
cock was glistening with my saliva and his own pre-cum. "Why did you
stop?" He asked. He looked disappointed.

"I want this to last for you," I replied. "You deserve the best that I can
offer you."

"You are the best I ever had. I can never ask for more. Please, finish me

"I'll do anything you want." I replied. "But I need you to fuck me, now."

He looked down at me. "Are you sure?"

"God, am I sure." My hole burned for that throbbing unit. I was still in
my clothes. I needed to feel his naked hardness on my own naked flesh.
"Do you want me to beg? I will."

He lifted me up and kissed me. As he kissed me, he began to work at my tee
shirt and shorts. He first lifted my shirt over my head and then
practically ripped my shorts off of my ass. Naked, with my own six inch,
rock hard cock free, I stepped back and walked to one of my cabinet
drawers. There, I kept a few condoms and lubricant.

"You are so cute." He said again. Compared to him, I was slight in build.
I could not believe that he found me attractive at all .. But I decided not
to think too much about it.

Opening the condom, I rolled it out on to ...

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