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67.wrestling in india

I really love wrestlers, specially the ones belonging
to north india and specially delhi.

I used to go very often to Indira Gandhi Stadium
(Outer Ring Road) near ITO just to watch the wrestlers
practice. Some very good and sexy wrestlers used to
come here. Most of the guys don't use the change room
but change inside the playing arena only. You have to
wait till they step out of underwear and are all bare
except for a langot (loin cloth). That is the moment
of truth and it can't better than that. but
international wrestlers dress covers good part of
their chest, Indian wresting is much more enjoyable
since the Indian style wrestling wear a very very
small underwear and therefore give you tremendous
opportunity to use your imagination as to what is
underneath the underwear (chaddi ke peeche kya hain

Those wrestlers do warm up and start sweating and that
is the moment they look sexiest. Once in a while I go
to the playing arena, make friends with a wrestler
whom I like most and try to touch his body and try to
get his body smell in to my nostrils. Some of the guys
really emit such strong masculine smell that I start
coming ! If things used to go right, I also used to
make friends and spend evening and night with a few of

The delhi wrestlers are the best. They are basically
vegetable or fruit vendors or milkmen but being from
such a big city maintain a sense of hygiene and are
usually quite clean. They generally have a very good
body also which is neither too atheletic nor very
hunky. Usually I do not enjoy men who are too thin or
too atheletic. But if you have hunky guys, you run the
risk of them having big cock and if you are a bottom
they could be a big pain in your arse (no pun intended

For that matter, south indian body builders and
wrestlers are also quite good, if you like them. I
stay in chennai now and visit various gyms where these
bodybuilders / wrestlers practice. I have just sat
there and seen these guys practicing. They also wear
very small underwear (like chaddi) and if you keep
your eyes alert, sometimes you can get good view.
Further, the south indian hunks are quite decent lot
and take care that you don't get pain if they are
fucking you. They normally ensure good lubrication of
their penis as well as your arse hole passage and
normally give gentle thrusts unless you ask them to
accelerate matters. I have had intercourse with a
number of tamil, telugu and kannada and malyalam hunks
but never anyone has tried to rape me. They would
always take care to stop if you are having pain in the
arse while getting fucked by them. I have an added
bonus that I like dark hunks so I like getting laid by
south indian tops since generally they are dark due to
opressive heat down south.
When I used to stay in Lucknow, I went to a gym in
Cantonment side of Lko and found so many good hunk
doing bodybuilding and wrestling. I met the in charge
and proposed that if he introduce me to some guy who
is a top, I will give him a commission. He then
introduced to a really sexy hunk and I gave the
incharge a tip of 100/-. How I enjoyed that hunk at
Lucknow is another story which I would tell you later.

Now I wish to tell you further. My partner
was too eager But I was cautious. I closed the
curtains and switched off the lights except one bulb
in the toilet for privacy and lest one might have a
peek at us. The boy took off his clothes except shorts
and I did the same.
So in the almost darkness, we started on our
knees. In a
sudden move, I pulled down his shorts and swiftly I
had him in a bearhug. He pulled down my shorts and had
his arms tightly around my torse. So our legs locked
in pulled down shorts, we tried to dislodge one
another. Our cocks were rubbing together and soon both
of us were erect. Locked we fell side by side and with
one hand pulled our socks.
Our bodies were rubbing together. I locked my legs
against his and came on top but he rolled over. So we
rolled one way or the other. I reached down with one
hand and had his nuts in my fist. I pressed hard. As
he groaned, I took advantage and slipped behind him.
Now I locked my legs and pushed him on his stomach. My
erect tool was in the crack of his ass.
He squirmed to get free but I kept the
grip. Now I took his erect tool in my hand and
started fondling and frigging him. With his hands he
tried to pull away my hand from his cock but could
not. As the momentum increased his gasps became loud
and he came with a groan.
OK? I asked. OK - he said. So in the same doggie
position, I had him. I knew from the start that he was
a good borrom. I feel this is the most erotic
posturevbe it wrestling and having sex.
So we had all the fun the remaining part of
the week of our stay. But I did not win every time
and we enjoyed to the hilt. Of course I fulfilled the
craze for nude and sensous wrestling, the whole week.
A long time has passed since then but my
search for a
wrestling partner continues.

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