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96.with cousin


it all happened on xmas eve when my parents and myself decided to spend 2 days with my cousin and his parents
btw, my cousin is just in the 9th std.
but boy oh boy, the way he locked his lips with my lips was simply gr8

well, when v went there , my cousin himself opened the door
his parents had gone out to get something
he spoke normally to my parents and to me

but i noticed something different in the way he spoke to me
this became evident after lunch

he started looking strangely at me

i was a bit perturbed by all this

after lunch, his parents and mine decided to go to sleep

as i'm not in the habit of sleeping in the afternoon, i decided to spend the afternoon in my cousin;s room
so i went to his room,
he is very fond of me, so he was happy that i too dont have the habit of sleeping
i told him to close the door alest our talk shud wake them up

after closing the door, i asked if i cud see his books
he said ok

he brought the books and came and sat very close to me
as i was going thro his books, he started getting his face close to my face
then i turned my face toweards him
and guess wat?

he started bringing his nose close to my nose
he wud bring his nose just inches from touching my nose and take it back
for a while, i didnt say nething

he continued for some 5 minutes like this
by now, i was sure that this fellow wanted to have sex with me
i think it was correct judgement, want it adil?

neway, just to see his reaction, i too started doing the same thing

for a while, v played like this

he wud chase my nose with his nose and then i wud chase his nose with my nose
but mind u, our noses never touched
but they were so close to each other, that v cud smell each other's breath
, i think, he cud not resist it ne longer and the next time our noses met, he immediately touched my nose with his nose
immediately after touching, he started pressing and rubbing his nose gently on my nose
adil, i tell u, his nose and my nose never had an inkling of pungent smell in them
i think he liked my nose smell and breath for he just wud not take his nose away from my nose

a guy without saying nething just starts having sex with u
and beleive me, during all this, neither of us spoke a word to the other

v just communicated thro actions
then i put my arms around him and hugged him , all this while his nose planted firmly on my nose
the monent i hugged him, he too did the same with me

and then will u beleive it adil
what he did?
he started unbuttoning my shirt
one by one the buttons came off and my hairy chest was revealed to him

and i must say adil, with his nose still on my nose, he started playing with my chest hair and nipples
he was finding it difficult to do both nose to nose and play at the same time

so to help him out, for a brief second, i withdrew my nose and took off the shirt
my god!!! my hairy chest and added to that the thrill of seeing his cousin barechested made him really hot
i cud feel the sweat coming from his face
so i beckoned him to come closer to me
i asked him softly, " do u want to be like me?"
he said " yes dada"
so i started taking off his tshirt
one by one his buttions came off and finally the tshirt
now his smooth chest and pink nipples were revealed to me
he started staring first and me and then at himself and said "dada, now v both r half nanga"

i said " yes rohan" and then said " u want to continue what u were doing", he said " yes", so i said " start "
so there started another session of nose to nose which this time both of us thoroughly enjoyed
then i lay down on his bed and told him to come and lie upon me
and when he did, what a sight it was
his smooth chest pressed against my hairy chesy
his nose pressed to my nose
and both of us hugging each other

and then, all of a sudden, he gave me a smooch on my lips
i was frankly surprised

as nose to nose is common at this age but smooch was something i was not prepared for
for a while he stopped and smooched, stopped and smooched
perhaps it was his way of getting comfy

and then the smooch went full blast
the smooch slowly gave way to a lip lock
and then once when our lips were locked, the full energy of a 14yr old came out
our lips were so tightly locked that v just cud not speak
only v cud feel the fast breath coming out from our noses
adil: ok
in the middle, v wud do nose to nose and then resume liplock
adil: hmmm
alternating between the two

u know this whole thing lasted 3hrs

then he said " dada, lets get up from the bed , sit and do the stuff
so again it was a third round of nose to nose and second round of even harder liplock
then it was " dada, lets stand up and continue the stuff"
so there was a fourth round of nose to nose and a third round of liplock
mind u, all the time, it was alternating between the two
then finally, both of us were so tired that we decided to end the session
but not be4 he told me, '" dada, lets do this tonight, tomorrow afternoon and lastly tomorrow night"
srirang_gollerkeri: and beleive me adil, he must have enjoyed it so thoroughly that after the session at night, whole night, he slept with his nose touching my nose, and hugging me
and mind u, this on both the nights
and of course, totally barechested
that time i didnt know how much he enjoyed it until today , he called me up and told me that he wants to do this again with me when i come next to mumbai.

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