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I joined the Navy when I was 18. Being a high school dropout with few
prospects, I thought the military would be a good place to spend some time
growing up. What I didn't know was that much of this time would be spent
on my knees with older strangers' cocks in my mouth.
During my teens as a civilian, I often hitchhiked around town. During the
summer, I wore Levi shorts or nylon swimming trunks. I was tall for my
age, slim and always tanned. My first good cockplay was with older men
that picked me up hitchhiking. I was always pleased at their reaction to
my teen cock.
I was hung better than average...although I didn't know it then. My cock
was seven inches long, and quite thick. I am uncut, but the foreskin
slides easily, and when totally down my cock head shines and makes me look
Men would always be so pleasantly surprised with my size. Some offered to
pay for sucking me, and while I accepted gladly, I always thought I should
be paying them. They must have loved a hard slim teen with a lovely cock
enough to pay though.
Anyway, my story is about the incident that transformed me into a cumslut.
Up to the time I joined the Navy, I never drank cum. I had cum in many
men's mouths, but had never really serviced anyone. Oh I did suck a few
cocks, but mainly fed my cock to men. I like women, and still do, but
there is no better cocksucker than a queer or bi guy.
I was stationed on the USS Coral Sea, an aircraft carrier. Our home port
was Alameda, just south of Oakland. When in port, I would get drunk with
shipmates at a small park near the marina. Often, after partying a while,
I would find some way to break away from my friends for some cock fun.
At first I would hitchhike around town hoping to be picked up by a
cockqueer. It worked often. Before leaving the ship, I would shower,
shave my pubic hair almost completely, and wear a jock or no underwear at
all. I always wore running shorts. My favorite was a nylon red pair with
slits up both sides. I cut out the inner lining so that I was naked under
these flimsy shorts. I would wear sneakers or sandals and a form fitting
shirt or tank top. My smooth tan legs looked incredibly long and tan, and
my bubble butt cheeks peeked out under the thin layer of nylon.
Often we would go to sea for 4 or 5 days and return for a couple of liberty
days. On one of these occasions, I was able to secure an early liberty
pass and prepared for a day of partying and sex. I left the ship around
noon and by 3 p.m. I was well on the way to a solid buzz. I told my
buddies I was going for smokes, and was soon up on the main drag. I hiked
up my running shorts and enjoyed looking at my tall slim reflection in the
store windows.
I loved the idea that civilian men were looking for me. They would cruise
the main drag and try to make eye contact with me. However on this day, I
was just a bit early for the parade. I continued walking up the street
until my eye caught a XXX video arcade. The signs "Peep Shows" and "25
Cent Arcade." I had never been in this place as I thought, at 18, I was
too young. But, I thought, what the hell? Might be fun.
The attendant was a young man about 25 or so, and did not ask me for ID.
He barely looked up in fact. I browsed the shelves of magazines and books.
There were sections for gay, straight, etc. At first I was embarrassed to
look at the gay mags. There were several other men in the store, all
older, and I was not sure if it was "weird" to peruse the cock pics. Soon,
however, I ambled to the gay shelves.
Wow! I had never really seen pics like these. Back home, the best I ever
saw were Hustler and Penthouse. Even then they rarely showed cocks. But
these mags showed all! It was so arousing to see all these cocks being
sucked and fucking cute asses. My warm 18-year old cock began to react and
soon formed a nice bulge in my swimming trunks. I was quite high, and
didn't bother to try to hide myself. I didn't even notice if others were
looking. I was engrossed.
After returning one mag to shelf, I noticed a guy entering a doorway
through a heavy curtain. I looked above the door and read the sign: "Must
purchase $5 in tokens to enter." I was intrigued. I went back to the
attendant and asked about the sign. He told me that there were private
booths with videos showing. He said that the machines in the booths took
tokens, and that each token played about 7 minutes of video. I bought 5
dollars in tokens and walked through the curtain.
I entered a dimly lit L-shaped hallway with doors on either side. There
were maybe a dozen or so doors around the "L", some with red lights
illuminated above them. Other doors were slightly ajar, apparently empty.
I walked past several men who were leaning against the walls. I wondered
why they were not in the booths, but enjoyed their eyes as they followed my
long legs walking past.
I went to the end of the "L" and turned to walk back. Turning to enter a
slightly-opened door, I stopped suddenly when I realized the booth was
occupied. A young, tall black kid was standing inside. The video machine
was not playing, and the room was quite dark. As I mumbled an apology and
turned to leave, my eyes drifted to his crotch. His zipper was more than
halfway down. I stopped and turned back to him. He had said a word. I
entered the booth and closed the door behind me. Still no reaction from
I had never seen a black cock, and I must admit, the well-known stereotype
about black cock had me curious. I walked up to him and he unzipped his
Levi's completely. I pulled out my mostly hard cock and stood near him. I
looked down at the opening in his pants as he reached in and unveiled a
lovely thick cock. I thought we should have some background noise so
others in the arcade would not hear or wonder what these two boys were up
to in that dark booth. So, I fed the machine several tokens. A harsh
light and loud bad speaker burst into the booth. I was fascinated with the
film. Three guys were sucking each other. Soon, two of the guys fed their
cocks to both ends of the third. So cool!
I turned back to the black kid and saw his hand slowly massaging his large
cock. His dick was at least 8 inches long and very thick. The head was
purple and shone in the light of the video. I pulled on my cock, raising
it to its proud fullness. I thought, as usual, that I was in store for a
blowjob. I raised a hand to his shoulder and gently pressed downward,
encouraging him to get to his knees. He resisted and I removed my hand.
He wouldn't look at me and still had said nothing.
I was confused. He obviously didn't want to suck me-and yet, was in this
booth with me, cocks showing and all. A thought entered my mind: if this
is going to involve sex, I had to do something. So, I bent at the waist
and saw his lovely dark cock grow larger as my mouth drew near. I placed
my lips on the warm purple cockhead, and sensed his knees buckle slightly.
This reaction turned me on: I was finally giving pleasure to a cock,
instead of passvely receiving it.I remember clearly thinking "If I
continue with this, I might get to like it." I thought, "I could stop now
if I want." But I did not want to.
I lowered my wet thick lips down his thickness, and he exhaled heavily.
When my mouth got to the thickest part of his shaft, I hesitated briefly
and slowly withdrew. Wow! It was so warm and smooth. Steely yet silky.
I loved it! Sinking back down, I sensed several spasms of this cock.
"I am really doing it!" I thought, "I am sucking a cock!"
My cock was still out, and was very hard. When I noticed its stiffness, I
thought, "I must like this, I am so hard!"
He lowered his Levi's to his calfs, and slowly walked backwards to a bench
against one wall. My mouth never left his cock. I shuffled on my knees to
follow this cock to the bench. He sat and opened his smooth muscular
thighs. I had his entire cock for my pleasure.
The video stopped so I fed the rest of my tokens to the slot. I returned
to my knees with my shorts down around my ankles. "I started this, so I
may as see where it goes," I thought. I wondered if he would suck me after
I did him awhile.
I gently pulled his lovely cock shaft away from his stomach. I was
fascinated at how its hardness resisted my motion. Moaning softly, I
replaced my mouth on his shiny cockhead. The taste was intoxicating. I
wanted to please this cock! I remembered how so many men had sucked my
dick, and began to mimic their technique. I raised and lowered my wet
noisy lips on his pride. I clearly remember squeezing his ridge with my
lips every time I withdrew.
With one hand, a beat my own cock while sucking him. I couldn't help it.
This fullness in my mouth was so nasty and right.
He leaned back against the wall and I wondered how long before he would
suck me. I continued beating off while sucking him. Suddenly his cock
lengthened slightly, growing even harder in my throat. I sensed warm,
sticky liquid on his cockhead. This turned me on. I beat off faster, lost
in the moment. "Am I pleasing him that much," I wondered? He answered
with several strong bursts of lovely warm cum.
"Oh my god," I thought. He is cumming in me! Something about this made me
frenzied with lust. "I am really making this cock cum!" I was proud,
thrilled, scared and incredibly turned on. He came so strong and clean in
me. The cock was jerking, making it difficult to keep my mouth on him.
The entire scene-me on my knees, pleasing a big anonymous cock-pushed me
over the edge. But, interestingly, I didn't climax. I ejaculated, but
didn't, you know, cum. This had never happened. All the times men had
sucked me off, I climaxed and quickly lost arousal. But, this time, I was
still very horny.
The young man finished cumming in me, pushing some of the liquid out my
lips as he gently, slowly finished fucking my mouth. He then stood
quickly, almost embarrassingly, unlatched the door, and walked out.
A single, unflinching thought entered my young nasty mind: "I want more."
I had barely risen from my knees when a man opened the door to my booth.
He looked about 30 or so, and was clean looking.
I must have looked ready. I was sweating slightly in the video light. My
running shorts were still lowered to my ankles, and had large wet shiny
spots on them.
I think I smiled at him, I can't really recall. All I do know is he
unzipped his pants and twisted out a nice white thick cock with a large
pink head.
I clearly remember my thoughts: "I want to do this; I want to suck him; I
want to suck many mean; I want more cum in my mouth."
I returned to my knees and slipped his wonderful hardness between my sticky
lips. I ...
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