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105.Maths Tution in Summer Holidays

As i said earlier, when i was 14 at the annual leave in school (during May - June) I went to my grand dad's house in that village and stayed with them for one month.

At that time i have finished 9th Standard in school and going to 10th standard which is important in educational career and i have to writ S.S.L.C exams in 10th standard.

When I went to my grand dad's house, he said that, as I am going to 10th Standard in two months time, he wants me to spend this vacation in a more useful way by learning maths subject with a maths teacher in that village. My grand dad's plan is, if I learn the maths subject two months before I go to school for 10th standard, it will be easy for me to score more marks.

I can't say no as my dad also involved in this idea. My grandad gave me a little introduction about the 'Maths teacher'. from my grand dad I understand that "that maths teacher is around 40 years of age at that time, he is unmarried and living alone in a house in that village and because it's school summer holidays he is in his house doing nothing. so, my grand dad asked him to teach me maths for this one month of my stay".

That Maths teacher's house is at the other end of the village, near that school and it took 15 minutes for me to drive the Bi-cycle everyday to go tution.

First day my grand dad took me in his moped (mini motor cycle) to introduce me to him.

That's a big house and I came to know that owner's of that house are in a different country and they rented it to this teacher. When we went in I saw that teacher in a strange situation.

Because, he was wearing a lungi (male's clothing in tamil nadu which covers waist to toe fully) and a sleeve less vest top and his fore head is full of kumkum and thiruneer (white powder which is used by devotees of god in tamil nadu) and he was holding a bell in his hand.

He said to us 'he was praying to god and it's his usual prayer every day'. Then he said to me "your grand dad spoke to me about your tution and beleive in me I will make sure you will be good in maths before you finish your summer holidays".

I said "thanks, sir". Then he said "as it is your first day, pray infront of god and get blessings from your grand dad before we start the lesson".

I said "o.k" and stand infront of the pictures of god in his room. Suddenly he grabbed my hand and said that, "before you start an important thing you have to lay on the floor by keeping your both hands straight above your head and pray to god, then do the same infront of your grand dad and touch his feet and get blessings".

I said "all right" and did. When I lay down on the floor infron of god's pictures with my stomach on the floor and raised my hand above my head, "I can feel that my ass is automatically raising" late i realised that this teacher used this trick to view the size of my ass.

Then I did the same infront of my grand dad. When I got up, my grand dad asked me to get the teacher's blessing in the same way.

Third time, I did it. This time I was standing in front of him face to face and I went down to my knee first and then on the floor as my stomach touching the floor I lifted my hands and touched his feet and said 'bless me sir', and there is no answer. I slightly lifted my head and saw his face, but he was looking at my ass at that time and then he realised the situation and said "my blessing is always with you". By saying this he bent down and lifted me by holding my waist on either end.

Then he said to my grand dad "we will start lessons tomorrow, take him home with you now and send him tomorrow".

I went home and forgot about his strange looks on my ass on that day.

Next day, I went to my tuition and left home in the bicycle around 1.00 p.m as the agreed tuition time is 1.30 p.m to 3.30 p.m.

Every day I used to go to tuition by wearing underwear (v-shaped), half-trouser (which is like a shorts to cover waist to upper thigs) and half sleeve shirt with no vest or nothing inside.

1.00 p.m every day cycling for 15 minutes, you imagine the amount of sweat in Indian weather to do this.

When i went in to tuition, I have seen a bucket full of water and a mug outside the corridor (varanda). As soon as I rang the door bell he came out and said to me "deena, can u remove your chepal outside and please wash your foot using the bucket of water there before stepping in?".

I liked the way he maitains his house and said "o.k, sir" and went to wash my foot. To do this, obviously I bent forward to take water in the mug and while benting forward, washed my foot by pouring water using my right hand and rubbing my feet with left hand (This time also, i didn't realise that he is watching my ass from back, as I am bending to clean my foot).

As soon as i stepped in he asked me to sit on the bench and he said he took this bench and table from the school to teach tution to students.

It reminds me of school atmosphere and he sat on my left side and asked me to go through the book and he also reading the things while doing so "his right hand was around my shoulder and he some times put it front near my chest and gently touched all over my chest". This was a bit embarassing as some times, he even touched my nipples and rubbed gently while teaching me".

the first time of his touch on my nipples "I have stopped reading and looked at him strangely!" and thought that he will stop doing it, but he said "don't divert your concentration while reading and read continuously" by saying this he pinched my nipples gently.

A week passed with his strang touches on my neck and chest like this. on the second week he took the advantage of it and started running his right hand fingers on my thigs (the lower part of thigh which is uncovered by half-trousers).

and he asked me "do u shave your legs?", I said "no, sir, I only saved my little mustach once and never done it any where else". He said that "your skin on your thigs looks like women's shaven thigh". I was carried away with this conversation at first and then only realised that, while we were talking about the shaving, he moved his right hand fingers inside my half-trouser and he is inches away from my underwear.

I suddenly got up and moved away from the desk. he asked me "anything wrong deena?" I said "no, sir, I am feeling thirsty and want some water to drink". He said, "go and help yourself from the fridge", I did.

He followed me and while i was drinking water by lifting my head up, he saw my arm pit.

He suddenly touched it and i dropped the water bottle on the floor. He asked me "sorry if it is tickly to you, but i have seen wetness on your arm pit".

I said "that's because i was cycling for 15 minutes every day to come here in this hot weather".

He said "ok but no need to get this much wet over there, just for a 15 minutes cycling".

And he said that, "Just now i touched your arm pit and smell my fingers". By saying this he placed his fingers on my nose. I smelled it and it was very sweat smell and strong and uncomfortable smell.

He suddenly removed his t-shirt and asked me to touch his arm-pit. I have seen his wide hairy chest and the hairs on his chest are nicely trimmed so it wasn't bushy but cute and curly.

I liked his hairy chest and at that time I wanted to have a hairy chest like that. But i was 14 years old at that time and no hairs on my chest.

He lifted his hands and asked me to touch his arm pit. That was clean and same as his skin colour (wheatish) and I didn't touch it as I was nervous to do so.

He suddenly grabbed my left hand and rubbed my fingers against his right arm pit. Immediately he placed my fingers on my nose. That smell...........oh.........still I can remember that smell "he used to apply after shave underneath his arm pit every day, so it got a nice pleasent romantic smell".

He said to me "look at my arm pit how clean it is, because of that it won't smell bad as yours, it's a common sense, that if u have more hair on your arm pit, because of sweat all the germs will deposit there and make more smelly. That's why we have to shave the hairs like that atleast once in two weeks".

Then he said "If you want try and shave it". I said to him "last month, when i shaved my mustach first time, I was trying to shave my arm pit too, but there is lot of hair long and thick so i couldn't shave it and left it as it is".

Then he said "It's because, you have got less hair on mustach at this age so it's easy to shave directly using the blade. But your armpit have got more hair and it's long and dense there. So, you have to trim it with scissors to reduce the length and thickness before using blade".

I said to him "I didn't understand this". He said to me, come to my bath room and i will shave it for me. By saying this he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his bedroom as his bathroom was attached to his bedroom.

He asked me to remove my shirt and said that "don't be shy deena, we both males and no need to be shamed of removing shirt, we can even be nude infront of us as we both are same sex".

When he say this nude idea, this reminds me of my first experience (see below) and my dick starts raising.

I removed my shirt and went in. He was already there with scissors and razor with shaving cream and laughed at me. I said "what?". He said, to shave your arm pit, I will use water so remove your half-trouser and come in with your underwear, otherwise your trouser will get wet".

I said "it's ok, I am feeling shy to be in that position, sir (I was lying to him but I am prepared to be nude in that bathroom with him at that situation)".

He said "If that's a problem, see this (by saying this he removed his lungi and chucked it outside the bath room".

Now he is with his underwear but he is with boxer-shorts. But I said to him "atleast your underwera coves you upto upper thigh, but mine is v-shaped"

He said "come on don't be silly, you are wasting my time now".

by saying this he came towards me and unbuttoned my half-trouser. As my half trouser got two buttons at the front side while unbuttoning it he placed his hand on my dick and this stimulates the erection.

now we both in our underwears. I can understand his intention now as he ran his fingers all over my body for the past one week and today he wants to do it. So, I want to play for some time as innocent boy.

He asked me to stand infront of the bath room mirror and left the shaving cream and razor on the sink. He is standing on my back and took water in his hand and rubbed both of my arm pits. While doing this some water drops were falling on my underwear and i can feel my underwear becomes wet.

He took the scissors and trimmed both arm pit hairs. Then applied the shaving cream and said that "ok we are ready to shave, now i will ...
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