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Man Sex


"Excuse me, but aren't you..." Dale's voice trailed off and he blushed as he looked at the handsome face of the famous actor Clark Waverly. Clark was in the middle of lifting a heavy barbell off his chest. Sweat dripped down his face. His thighs were tight under spandex bike shorts that also showed off the outline of his prodigious cock and heavy balls. Dale's starstruck embarrassment turned into arousal as he stared at Clark's cock.

Clark let the bar fall onto the rest with a heavy clang and sat up, wiping off his face. "I am," he said, shaking Dale's hand. "Pleased to meet you." He looked Dale up and down and then stood up, leaning close and whispering in Dale's ear. "You look like my type of guy. You know where to go for a good time in this town?"

Dale nodded. He glanced down at his feet, but his vision was interrupted by the sight of Clark's cock bulging out under his exercise gear. He could have sworn the bulged had gotten bigger. "Well, then," Clark said brightly. "What are we waiting for? Let's get changed and go."

And just like that, Dale found himself standing naked in the gym shower next to Clark, who was soaping his muscular body and making conversation. Clark took an inordinately long time cleaning his dick, soapsuds hanging in his pubic hair, his cock semi-erect. Keeping it in his hand, he turned to Dale, absentmindedly running his hand up and down the shaft, making it even thicker and harder.

"You're staring," Clark said, smiling at Dale, who had been unable to tear his eyes away from Clark's prick. "Why don't you just touch it?" Clark reached out and took Dale's hand, replacing it on his cock. Dale exhaled slowly as his fist closed around the heated flesh of Clark's throbbing hard-on. "Mmm, you know how to handle a cock," Clark moaned as he leaned back into the water. His motions eased by the soapsuds, Dale began stroking Clark's dick. The head poked out of his palm, brushing against the inside of his wrist, and he moved his other hand up to rub it as he continued working on the other man's cock. "Go on and suck it," Clark whispered. He stepped forward, out of the spray of the shower.

A moment later, Dale was on his knees with Clark's dick in his mouth. His head was spinning. He had always suspected the actor was gay, but he'd never thought he'd meet him, much less have his meat in his mouth only minutes later. Clark reached down and massaged his own balls as Dale slurped up and down his rod. Dale's own hand was busy on his prick, pulling his pud rapidly as he sucked Clark's cock with energy.

Clark rested his strong hands on Dale's shoulders and began pumping in and out of Dale's mouth. Dale tilted his head back slightly, feeling Clark's dickhead bumping against the back of his throat. Pre-cum dripped onto his tongue. Dale gasped as he came, spurting cum onto the shiny white towels of the shower, his cock pulsing again and again with each jet it sent out.

"Mmm, here it comes," Clark groaned a moment before he came too. His salty spunk shot into Dale's mouth and he swallowed each spurt hungrily. He licked Clark's dick clean until it was soft, and then got back and finished rinsing off. "Ready to go?" Clark asked, turning off the shower. He acted as though it was a totally normal thing for a movie star to get sucked off in a gym shower by a near stranger.

Dale and Clark had a good time that night, but soon enough, Clark suggested that they go back to his hotel. They went in through the back, and inside Clark's room, they started rolling around, rubbing their hard cocks together through their clothes. They got naked, and then Clark told Dale to roll over. A moment later, Dale felt Clark's finger, slick with lube, probing his tight asshole. Then he felt Clark's fat cockhead as it eased its way into Dale's butt. Dale moaned with pleasure as he felt Clark burying himself inside there, their balls pressing together. As Clark fucked his ass, he reached around and jerked Dale off.

It didn't take Clark long to come, and Dale felt the actor's dick pulsing deep inside his asshole as it delivered his hot jism. Dale grunted and came all over Clark's hand. They spent the rest of the night fucking and sucking each other's cocks. Dale swore he wouldn't tell anyone, but he kept a secret smile on his face, knowing he'd been fucked by a star.

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