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u blake x - Man

117.Sex with a Sikh, Part 1

Did I hit the jackpot yesterday or what? I have
just had the most exciting sex since my first
encounter with my Palestinian friend, Mike, at the
adult cinema. Yesterday (Friday) I was at the
neighborhood Jewel Food store buying some 7UP for me
and my roommate when I saw this Sikh guy. He was
about 5'9 a little on the chubby side (about 190 lbs.)
and a full-flowing black beard and mustache. (If it
was for his black turban I would have mistaken him for
one of those Mexican Mariachi guys with the mustaches
with the curly ends. Anyway, as I was trying not to
look at him, he kept staring at me while his
wife/girlfriend (who was a white woman who obviously
converted to Sikhism; she had a turban wrapped on her
head too) was in line with him. Now I was wondering
why he kept looking at me, maybe it was because he
thought I was gay or maybe he thought I might have
mistook him for a muslim, because of all the crazy
zenophobes out there attacking Muslims and Sikhs.
Well, anyway, he kept looking at me and I was looking
at him and then I smiled at him, and he looked
immediately away. I was thinking "Okay, his ass ain't
interested". So I went about my business. As he and
his wife left Jewels, I still had to wait in line to
buy my groceries. So when I finally left out of
Jewels it was about twenty minutes after they had
left, so I started walking home. As it got dark, I
kept to the busy streets, to avoid the little crazy
kids that live near my complex and the wild ass
driving. So I get to my block where my apartment
complex is and I turn down it when I notice this
minivan pull up alongside of me. I couldn't see who
was inside yet, but when they window rolled down, I
assumed that it was somebody who needed directions, so
naturally I went up to the window to ask what was the
problem. Little did I know that it was this same Sikh
guy from Jewels! Girl, I almost wet my pants in
excitement! So after I calmed down, he asked me where
I lived and did I need a ride, so I told I didn't live
that far just in the next apartment complex and that
if it wasn't too much trouble then sure I needed a
ride (not necesarily a ride in his car though) Now,
through all this, I am sitting there in his van
thinking that there is no way I am going to get lucky
with this guy, he probably just wants to be kind and
give me a ride home or try to tell me about the
wonders and beauty of Sikhism. (I do think it's a
cool religion,though; I mean how many religions
require a man to grow his hair as long as he can get
it and you get to wear bracelets all the time!)
Anyway, we start to drive off and then I start asking
him about hisself and things of that nature. Then I
surprised him by telling him I knew somethings about
Guru Nanak (one of Sikhism spiritual vanguards,if not
the most important one) and he eyes just lit up when
he I told him these things. He was so happy and
ecstatic that a Westerner, and especially this black
American knew something about his religion, you would
have thought I just gave birth to his first son! So
after I get him all excited he proceeds to ask me if I
am married and do I live with anyone. I told yes and
no. Then he said did I have a girlfriend (Of course
not!) So after 20 questions, I just told him I like
men to save him from jumping all around the one
question he wanted to ask but didn't. So after I
blurted that out he told me he thought I did and that
he had a little "friend" from his hometown in the
Punjab (state in India). I asked him what did they do
together, and he said he would just "pull on my penis
and once he licked it". I said "You poor thing, you
never had nobody actually suck it?". He said "No, not
all the way down on it". I told him I wish there was
something I could do to help him with that (I still
want to laugh at my my fake-ass attempt at shyness).
So it didn't take him long to find a place to park. He
pulled up in this park (Elk Grove Forest Preserve)
that is known for it's great cruising possibilities.
And he told me to get in the back (I love it when a
man tells me what to do!) He came back in the back and
let down the backseat that formed into a kind of bed.
He then pulled off ALL of his clothes and I do mean
all. I was just going to take my pants down, but he
kept pulling on my clothes until I had everything off
as well. I could relax because I knew damn well that
if the police came and both of us were butt naked in
that van, we would be up under the jail, but he kept
saying "It's okay, it's okay, I want to see all of
you!" After that, I was like "Fuck it, this may be
the one and only time I am going to get me some Sikh
dick and if I am going to get caught with a dick in my
mouth, I am going to make it look like a scene right
out of Debbie Does Dallas!". So he kept telling me to
relax and so I did. So I rolled him over on his back
and his dick was sticking straight up at me. So I
thought I am going to play with him a little bit. I
started slowly licking on his balls slowly and gently,
and I could hear him this sizzling moaning sound (like
the sound when something sizzling on a stove) But I
still had touched his dick head yet. I kept sucking
on his balls and then I licked my way up his shaft but
I still didn't put in in my mouth. Then I went back
to sucking on his balls. He kept moaning "Suck it,
Suck it, Put your mouth on it!" So I kept licking it
around the base of his dick and then I worked my way
up to his head. That's when I noticed the first sign
of precum (Actually it wasn't even precum, it was
sperm, that was so thick and white and it started
bubbling out of his dickhead) So I took my mouth
completely off his dick and in one fell swoop, I
swallowed him whole completely down to the hilt,
without sliding my mouth onto his dick. After that I
just kept my mouth in that position for awhile, while
he was up there moaning like a girl! (Which totally
threw me off, because he didn't look like the type to
squeal!) So I slowly started milking his dick for all
it had and soon the whole van was rocking with the
rhythm of my sucking. I was amazed at the fact that
the sound of my sucking him actually drowned out his
squealing. I sucked him for about a good twenty
minutes which is long for me because I usually have a
guy cumming within 5-10 minutes. The only thing was
that he kept pulling his dick out of me before he got
too close to cumming, otherwise I would have had him
under 5 minutes. So the last time I said this is it,
I am taking you down. I grabbed his hips as he laid
there and started sucking as fast as I could. He
tried to make me slow down, by telling me to wait, but
to no avail, I kept right on sucking. Then he tried
to pull away from me, but I clamped down hard on his
dick. I used my secret weapon, my DTSP (Deep Throat
Suction Power) and held on to the base of his dick
with my mouth and just used my throat muscles to
enduce his cumming. And without fail, it worked. He
arched his back and stuck his dick further into me and
let out a scream I have never ever heard before. His
body started twitching and he pumped load after load
of some of the sweetest cum inside my throat. He came
so much I honestly didn't think that I was going to be
able to keep up with the shots. I usually don't
swallow, but when I employ my DTSP it's almost a
guarantee that the cum is going down instead of out.
He slowly statred to calm down and after about three
minutes after the first explosion, I finally pulled up
of his dick. All he could say was "Thank you, thank
you, thank you!" I just said "It's okay" and then we
just laid there for about another twenty minutes. He
laid ther holding onto me, caressing my butt. We laid
there and he said he never knew that it would feel so
good. All I could think was "You think that was good,
wait to get a load of my ass". I just said I really
enjoyed doing this for you (I like to be of service to
mankind; this will go on my calender for this month's
random act of kindness!) So we continued to lay there
and he kept rubbing my body. I noticed that he was
completely hairy and I was almost completely hairless.
He also noticed it and said "You have such a smooth
body, I like it". Then he told me something that I
couldn't believe at first. He said "You live in
Terrace apartments, don't you?" I said yes, "How do
you know that?" "I live there too, I see you every
morning when you leave to walk to work". I was
shocked, because I never seen him. He told me he had
noticed me ever since he moved in about a year ago but
could never approach me because his wife (the woman he
was with) said she thought I was gay and to not speak
to me. All this time these people were noticing me
and I had no clue that they even existed until today.
Talk about ironic twist of things. Had it not been
for his wife telling Raj (that's his name, by the way)
that I was gay, he probably wouldn't have even thought
of me, let alone have sex with me. I wish her ass was
her now, so I could laugh at her or at least thank her
for getting her husband to obsess over me. So as we
lay there, he told me that he wanted to see me more,
but no one must know that we know each other. Which
is fine for me, so we got dressed and he drove me to
Mc'Donalds and bought me and ice cream cone. I really
didn't want one but I didn't want to seem
unappreciative. I already had enough cream as it is.
So he took me home and he gave me his cell phone
number and I gave him mine. We are supposed to get
together tonight after his wife goes to some training
class. I hope this is going to be the start of
something fun. I already have a smile on face from
last night.

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