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toby yy - Man Private Parts

118.Sex with a Sikh, Part 2

By Hagel

Well, it's Sunday morning and I have had my evening date last night
with Raj, the Sikh guy that lives in my apartment complex and I have
to admit that even though I have the "morning after" feeling right
now, I have had such a fabulous time last night with him. First off,
he was supposed to be here at 8:00 pm last night, but he didnt get
here until 9:30pm which kind of pissed me off because he didn't call
and tell me he was going to be late. Then when he got there he was
all sweaty from running over to my place, so I made him take a shower
before we did anything. Apparently his wife wouldn't leave his
apartment because I guess she either didn't want to go to her
appointment last night or because she thought something was up with
Raj. Either way, I don't care. Well, after Raj got to my place and
he took his shower, I finally got a look at his hair. The last time
we were together he kept his turban on. But this time, I got to see
how much hair he really had on his head. My goodness, his hair went
all the way down past his butt. I had never seen a man with so much
hair on his head. And it was so wavy and shiny. I was getting a
woody just watching him towel off. I still can't believe he is able
to stand up straight with all that damn hair down to his thighs.
After he finished drying off, he came into the bedroom and he got
right to business. He took me by my ankles and pulled me down to the
edge of the bed,then he laid on top of me. We started kissing and
hugging each other and I was so surprised and how passionate he can
be with his tongue. The last time, I was mainly sucking on his dick
with a little kissing, but he was so hot and heavy on me this time, I
felt the heat of his body lighting up every inch of me. We were
french-kissing each other so much, I thought I was going to faint
because of all the heat and sweat that both of us were making. I
soon realized that because his hair was everywhere, it covered both
of us (mainly me because I was on the bottom) I looked around and
couldn't see the room because his hair formed a sort of canopy around
my face. He continued to kiss me and lick me and then he started
getting me more excited by sucking on my nipples (which is a major
feat because I barely have any) Then he raised up and lifted my legs
up over my head and rammed his finger in my asshole. I screamed and
told him to slow down a minute, not so fast, but I realized he had
put some lotion on his finger to prep me for his dick. (Remind me to
introdcue him to K-Y jelly) He continued to play with my asshole,
pulling it in and out, while still adding more of his generic brand
all-purpose lotion to my butt. Then he arched my legs further back,
practically to my ears, and then he entered me. At first I didn't
even realize his dick was in me, I thought it was still his fingers
until I felt his hips starting to pump up against mine. It was so
amazing, I had never had a man penetrate with his dick and I not
actually know it at the time. It felt so good to feel him pumping
relentlessly, grinding his dick in and out of me. I looked up at him
to see what kind of _expression he had on his face (You can learn a
lot about a man when you look at him while his in throes of passion)
He was staring into my eyes like he was really loving it and me. It
was so exhilarating to have him mix up his pumping routine on me.
One is when they just go in and out, and the other is when they do
the circular pump. You know, when they get it all the way in and
then grind their hips in a circular motion. I have only had other
black guys do that to me, I was shocked that he knew it and did it to
me. After a while I started getting so hot I was ready to explode.
He kept pumping me and then he started to go faster and faster and
then he asked he me could he come inside me. At first, I was
thinking "Why are you asking me this NOW?" But I said "Yes, baby, do
it, give it to me" (I still want to laugh out loud at the thought of
me sounding like a porn actress) So as if on cue he started to shoot
his thick ass load up my canal. This time I actually felt how hot
his sperm really was. Then as quickly as he began cumming, he
stopped and slumped down on top of me. I just laid there with him on
top of me for what seemed like forever. He was still inside of me
when he tried to get up (I guess my asshole has developed a mind of
it's own when and if it's ready to give up some dick) He slowly
pulled up out of me and and I rolled over and laid on top of him. We
laid there talking about his life and what he wanted in it, and he
actually told me that he would like me to be included in it. Which is
a surprise to me, because even thought I like Raj, I can't see myself
being the side show. But I didn't say anything about that and let
him talk. He told me he wanted to do that for so long that he was so
happy that I let him do it to me. He said he could even approach his
wife about that (I don't know if it's because of religious objections
she might have, or if she just doesn't like anal sex) Either way, we
ended the night by taking another shower (together this time) and we
said our goodbyes. He gave me his work schedule and told me that he
would like to see me hopefully this Tuesday and Thursday evenings
when he's free. I hope that we can be friends for a long time to cum!!

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