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thundercats - Man Sex Comics/Fantasy/Anime

120.Right One The Right One

Ryan had always thought it was a little weird that he didn't get hard when he was making out with women, but he'd chalked it up to inexperience and figured the right one would come along sooner or later.

The right one did come along, and his name was Erik. They were sitting on Erik's couch, watching TV, when Erik suddenly turned to Ryan and kissed him. Ryan reacted first with surprise, but after a moment, when he felt Erik's strong hands on his body and his tongue exploring his mouth, he popped a boner that wouldn't quit.

Erik's hand slid down Ryan's body until his fingers collided with his rock-hard cock. Erik moaned a little and squeezed Ryan's stiff prick through his pants. "I thought you might be gay," he said.

"I'm not," Ryan said, pulling back from Erik's warm mouth, his cock throbbing in protest.

Erik squeezed Ryan's dick again. "That's not what it feels like from here. Did you ever get this hard just from kissing a woman?" Ryan shook his head. "Well then let's see what happens when you suck a little cock."

Reaching down, Erik unzipped his pants and released his prick. He wasn't wearing underwear, so the fat shaft popped out, the head bulging and purple. "Oh I don't know," Ryan said, watching Erik fist his prick, coaxing out a lazy bubble of pre-cum.

"Don't worry about it," Erik said. "Just take it one lick at a time." He stood and offered his prick to Ryan, who licked it tentatively, running his tongue along the underside of the thick shaft, tasting the salty pre-cum. "Now try sucking it," Erik said encouragingly. He pressed his prick against Ryan's lips and pushed.

Ryan took a deep breath and pressed his lips around Erik's shaft. The head felt spongy, and the shaft was smooth, with loose skin. It pulsed in his mouth as Erik pushed in further. "Good," Erik said. "Now lick the head and suck."

Taking another deep breath, Ryan ran his tongue around Erik's cockhead, smiling when the other man moaned. He increased the suction on Erik's prick as the other man began screwing his mouth, pushing his fat cockhead in and out, strings of pre-cum and saliva dripping down onto Ryan's chin.

The throbbing in Ryan's cock hadn't abated at all, so he unzipped his own pants and stroked his cock as he continued sucking on Erik's. Erik was screwing Ryan's mouth harder now, pushing his cock in faster and faster, the head reaching the back of Ryan's tongue as he sucked.

"I'm gonna come!" Erik shouted, and Ryan felt Erik's prick throb as his dick spurted hot streams of cum onto his tongue. Ryan had never so much as tasted his own spunk, and the sour, thick taste took him by surprise at first, but then he swallowed with gusto, draining Erik's prick dry. "Okay, stop, stop," Erik gasped, withdrawing his sensitive prick from Ryan's mouth.

"How'd I do?" Ryan asked, still stroking his erection. In contrast to Erik, Ryan's prick was long and fairly thin, with a broad, shovel-shaped head.

"Oh you did fine," Erik grinned. "Would you like me to return the favor?" Ryan nodded and leaned back, crossing his arms behind his head. His cock stood up straight in the air as Erik knelt and pushed his mouth around it.

"Oh shit," Ryan moaned as he felt the other man's hot, wet mouth on his dick. He'd never had a blowjob before, and this was even better than he'd expected. Erik worked his mouth expertly over Ryan's stiff dick, and then pushed his hand up and down the shaft. It wasn't long before Ryan felt his balls tightening, and he shoved his hips up, forcing his cock deep into Erik's mouth and spilling a load of hot cum down his throat.

"Still think you're not gay?" Erik asked, sitting back on his knees and licking his lips. Ryan laughed.

"I guess I was just waiting for the right man to come along," he smiled.

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