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that tastes good dude - Man Jobs/Masturbation

123.Rahul wanted more from Rohit

This is the something that happened after the elevator incident.....

It was again the same kind of night make me hony and want to Fuck
hard, I was expecting that i meet Rahul again today in the elevator
like the other day.I looked in the parking lot but nobody was
there.I entered the elevator and as the doors was about to close i
saw him.I opened the lift door and said hi to him.He said "Hi,
Rohit".Then another women entered the elevator i was disappointed as
now i could not talk to him.I gave him some flattering looking make
sure he understand waht i wanted. He was reluctent to reply(may be
because of the women).
My floor came and i got down ,i thought he will follow me but he did
not and the elevator doors closed.I went towards my appartment with
a longing heart and a hard dick.I opened the door and as i was about
to close it i saw a hand stop it and i saw ti was Rahul.He said may
i have the houner of "FUCKING YOUR COCK TONIGHT", i was delighted
and siad "FUCK ME HARD".
I pulled him throuh his belt and pressed his lips against mine.We
started kissing each other hard.He liked my lips and sucked them
inside his mouth.Slowly i started masaging his pallet and toungh.We
kissed harder each time to get each others saliva into our mouth to
get the feeling of being one by sharing our liquids.
I removed my shirt, undid my belt and zipped my pants down.I was in
my underwear with hard dick .He slowly moved his hand into my crotch
and started massaging my balls.He was pressing them each one at the
same time.My balls were getting hard and he was massaing them so
that they were loose and pressing them towards my ass.
Feeling that i was hard and about to come he stopped and got
undressed,he was not wearing any underpants. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh came
out of my mouth as his cock came out it was great.I hugged him,so
that our cocks were touching each other.He lifted me and took me to
bed and laid me down.Slowly kissing me on my lips then on my neck.I
started pressing his nipples.They were greate and i sucked them
licking and sucking them he enjoyed it and was making the best
erousing noises that were making me give more pleasure to him.
He moved down towards my stomach and kissed my hard dick.I body
shivered with sheer excitement or should i saw sexcitement.I liked
my balls massaging them with his toungh.He salyva was all over my
balls.He started pressing my cheeka and penetrated one finger into
my ass.It was like pleasure pains running down my spine.I lifted my
plevic andmy dick was all into his mouth.He enjoyed it and kept
penetrating mor finger,deeper...........,deeper...................
and i was all FUCKED UP IN MY ASS..............
Rahul then kissed me and slowly massagin my inner thigh started
sliding his strong dic over mine.I moved my hand on his back and
towards his ass.I liked his ass and wanted to explore the ass hole i
wanted to FUCK after my dick was satisfied with his hard core dick
to dick fuck.I penetrated my middle finger into his ass and moved it
in and out massagging the inner ass.
He was OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........ooooooooooooooooO..........stoking
my dick harder his balls were sliding from my balls towards my dick
head.He was fucking me hard and penetrting my dcik with his.pressing
his cheek into my spread legs and slowly massaing his inner thigh.
He got up on both of his hand and was pushing his balls into mine
harded i was feeling his dick pulse and gave him some support by
pussing mine harder against him.
His cum was hot and all over my chestand his dick lying on mine.I
spread all his cum over my chest and licked some of it from his
dick.I was really hard now and asked him to suck my cock.He was
stoking my cock in his mouth and sucked all my cum.
Rahul the came towards the headbord and hugged me .We were on our
sides and facing each other.Our lega were over each other so that
our dicks were pressed aginst each other and we kept kissing each
other massaging each other ass cheecks.......

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