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Man Sex

125.Plumber's Helper

"Hi, I'm Rich. You called about a stopped-up sink?" the plumber asked when Keith opened the door.

"Yeah, come on in.." Keith gestured towards the kitchen. Rich walked through the house, his heavy boots stomping on the wood floors, his tool belt clanking. He was a big guy, Keith observed, with broad shoulders and powerful thighs.

When Rich got to the kitchen, he climbed in the cabinets under the sink and began snaking the drain with a length of black tubing.

"Nice snake," Keith said, observing the prominent bulge in Rich's pants.

Rich laughed. "Feel free to take a look," he said.

In a flash, Keith was on his knees, releasing Rich's rod from under his zipper. Rich's cock was already semi-erect, and as Keith stroked it lightly, it grew harder in his palm. Instead of getting longer, it simply got thicker, until it was the size of a beer can.

"Think you can take that snake?" Rich asked. He was still working steadily on the clogged drain.

"I'm gonna try," Keith said, and bent over and took the head of Rich's enormously thick dick in his mouth. Keith's jaw stretched wider than it ever had before as he accommodated more and more of Rich's huge stalk. The veiny, purple rod throbbed as Keith wrapped his tongue around the head, sucking hot pre-cum.

"Relax your jaw," Rich advised, and as soon as Keith did, Rich thrust his hips up so his entire shaft was buried in Keith's mouth. "Now suck," Rich said. Keith sucked and slurped at Rich's thick cock. As it got hotter and slicker, Rich began to pump in and out of Keith's mouth. With his hands busy under the sink, he used his hips to guide Keith's speed, pushing his dick to the back of Keith's mouth as his tongue worked the sensitive underside of the head.

"Now play with my balls," Rich ordered him. Keith, whose own cock was as hard as a copper pipe, moved his hands up. Rich's balls were big and heavy, just like his dick, and at first Keith simply stroked their hairy mass gently, rolling them around his palm like marbles. As Rich grunted, however, he began to tug at the loose skin and massage them more forcefully.

"Yeah, just like that," Rich groaned. "Suck that pipe." Keith's jaw was aching from stroking Rich's massive dong, but he kept pumping the slick shaft and tugging at Rich's balls. Amazed by Rich's stamina, he continued sucking his cock until Rich finally pulled his hands out from under the sink and pulled Keith's head up.

"I gotta get up and check the water," he said.

Keith reluctantly let Rich's stiff cock pop out of his tired mouth, staring at the mass of it as it bobbed in the air. He unzipped his jeans and freed his own cock, longer but significantly thinner than Rich's swollen dick. There was already pre-cum leaking liberally from the head, and Keith moaned in relief as he wrapped his fist around his own slick shaft and began to stroke his meat.

Kneeling beside Rich as he finished tweaking the drain, Keith could feel the cum rising in his balls. He pulled his prick faster and faster, licking his lips and staring at Rich's cock.

"The sink's clear," Rich said, and then turned and stuffed his cock back into Keith's waiting mouth. His hands, now free, rested on the back of Keith's neck, pulling him back and forth on his stiff pole. Keith sucked Rich's thick erection as he pumped his own shaft. When his hands sped up, Rich began to pull him faster along his dick.

Keith exploded moments before Rich did, shooting his hot semen onto Rich's steel-toed boots. With a satisfied grunt, Rich leaned forward, thrusting his fat cock deep into Keith's mouth as he emptied his balls of their salty load, all over Keith's waiting tongue. Keith gulped frantically, trying to keep up with the pulsing jets from Rich's cock.

When he was finished, Rich zipped up his pants over his softening cock and closed up his toolbox. "That'll be a hundred dollars," he said to Keith.

"You're going to charge me for giving you head?" Keith asked, astonished.

"Not for the blowjob," Rich laughed. "For the drain."

Grumbling, Keith wrote out a check and handed it to Rich. "Look at it this way," Rich said as he left. "This way you got all your pipes unclogged. I'm the only plumber in town who will do that."

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