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129.Peanut Butter Pete

Pete really liked getting his dick sucked, but Mick didn't really like to do it. Pete knew, however, that Mick loved peanut butter. So one night he brought a jar of the stuff into the bedroom, and jerked his cock until he was hard. Then he used his fingers to spread the peanut butter all over his swollen dick. When Mick came in, he gasped at Pete.

"What's going on?" Mick asked, watching Pete smearing the rest of the peanut butter all over his prick and balls.

"I thought you might like a snack," Pete said, licking his fingers clean.

"Looks good," Mick said, kneeling on the bed in front of Pete and licking a long stripe clean on the underside of his cock. Pete moaned, covering his face with his hands and enjoying the sensation.

Mick used the tip of his tongue to taste the peanut butter, stopping to lick his lips so his tongue wouldn't stick to the roof of his mouth. He was practically drooling from the taste of Pete's pre-cum and the peanut butter mixing together on his tongue, and he started lapping faster and faster, cleaning off little sections at a time as Pete groaned in pleasure.

When Mick moved down to suck the skin of Pete's sac into his mouth, Pete gasped and groaned. Mick had to move carefully to keep from tugging too much on the sensitive skin, so he licked as much as he could, and then gently took Pete's balls into his mouth, one by one. He sucked on them gently, cleaning them off, and then let them drop back onto Pete's thighs.

Moving back up to Pete's dick, Mick licked the length of the shaft some more and then sucked it into his mouth. He had been licking for so long that the feeling of his mouth surrounding Pete's dick made him come instantly, hot spunk pouring out of his dick and mixing with the flavor of the peanut butter.

Mick swallowed all of Pete's cum, and kept sucking after he was dry, cleaning the last of the traces of peanut butter from his dick as Pete's dick softened and then swelled again.

"You like that?" Pete asked. Mick ran his teeth very lightly over Pete's dick, causing a shudder of delight to move through Pete's body. Without saying a word, Mick reached over and grabbed another fingerful of peanut butter, pulling his mouth off Pete's dick only long enough to spread it all over his shaft.

Pete's cock was already so wet from Mick's sucking that the peanut butter nearly slid off it, and Mick had to deep-throat Pete right away in order to catch the sticky paste on his tongue. He bobbed up and down on Pete's hard-on, spreading the peanut butter with his tongue and then licking it off right away. Pete couldn't stop moaning, and another load was building in his balls, even though it had only been a matter of minutes since he had come before.

Mick was now really tugging his lips up and down Pete's shaft, the suction incredible. The peanut butter was smearing everywhere, over Mick's lips and Pete's pubic hair as Pete pumped his hips back against Mick's mouth. Pete could feel his cockhead brushing against the roof of Mick's mouth with each stroke, and when Mick squeezed his balls, he gave a loud grunt and spilled a second load onto Mick's urgently flicking tongue.

"No more, no more," Pete moaned, gasping as Mick pulled back. He jerked his cock a few times and shot his wad onto Pete's stomach, and then licked off the peanut butter-flavored cum with his tongue.

"Still hungry?" Pete asked, smiling at Mick.

"Nope. But you know how I like a midnight snack," Mick replied.

Pete chuckled and looked at the clock. "Then I have another couple of hours to get ready for you."

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