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showletterh - Man

136.Nude Beach

Nude Beach
I had never been to a nude beach before, and I was very excited, but I tried to look cool as I walked down to the sand and set up my towel. I made sure not to look around until I stripped off my clothes and put on my sunglasses, hiding my eyes. When I did, I got a shock. Everyone on the beach was male.

I glanced around, confirming that. It was true. All around me were naked men. Some were smooth, some hairy; some cut, some uncut. I was looking at more dicks than I had ever seen in my life. What was even stranger was that a lot of them were walking around with big hard-ons, and they didn't seem embarrassed at all.

Well, I figured I couldn't cut and run just because there wasn't any pussy around, so I decided to stay and get some sun. I could see the people sitting on the blanket next to mine, two guys with big cocks that were so hard they stood straight up against their stomachs. As I watched, one of the men reached over to the other, took his dick in his hand, and started stroking it.

The guy who was getting jerked off moaned and moved so the other guy could have a better angle to keep stroking his dick. He paused to pour some suntan oil on his dick and then kept rubbing more firmly. As he did, the other man reached over and started stroking his dick, so their arms were crossed as they jerked each other off. I glanced around, but no one seemed to be paying them any attention. The first man grunted and came, his spunk flying up into the air and then landing on the sand. He kept stroking the second guy's dick until he did the same.

They went into the ocean to cool of, and I lay on the blanket, trying to reconcile what I had just seen. But what surprised me even more was how hard my cock was. I had a hard-on so big that you could have run a flag up it. I was afraid to even roll over and embarrass myself.

I turned to the other direction, and was even more surprised by what I saw over there. One guy was standing looking out at the ocean while another guy knelt in front of him, sucking him off! I had never seen that before, and I watched in amazement as the guy on his knees sucked the other man's prick deeper and deeper into his mouth. It was no small cock to begin with, I wasn't even sure I could have gotten my hand around it, but this guy was taking him in to the balls without any trouble.

The man came hard, pouring his cum down the other guy's throat and then overflowing onto his lips. He held his softening prick in his hand and rubbed it over the other guy's mouth, spreading the sticky jism all over.

I couldn't take any more. I stood up and walked quickly into the water. I swam out until I could stand with only my head above water, and started jerking myself off. I was so turned on from looking at those two sexy scenes that I came quickly, the warm salt water lapping at my dick and balls as I spurted my spunk into the ocean.

I stuck around until the sun started to go down, seeing more and more cocks and men pleasing each other than I ever had before. I finally headed out, but I knew I would be back to that nude beach soon.

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