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138.Nightly News

Nightly News
"In five, four," the director's voice faded out as he gave the last three counts with hand signals.

"Good evening," Dirk read from the teleprompter. "Our top story tonight," he paused for a moment, gripping the edge of the desk. Someone was unzipping his pants slowly. He felt a hand reach inside and wrap around his hardening cock. A moment later, the softness of a tongue ran around his cockhead. Sweat beaded on his brow. He was live on TV, trying to deliver the news, and someone was going to give him a blowjob?

Dirk tried to concentrate. He cleared his throat. "Our top story tonight, a fire in the eastern part of the city. For more information, let's go live to our reporter at the scene." The end of his sentence broke off with a gasp as his dick was swallowed nearly entirely by the mouth under the news desk.

As the reporter talked over the satellite link, Dirk moved back slightly, catching a glimpse of Peter, a new young reporter with his mouth wrapped around Dirk's straining cock. He was holding Dirk's cock steady in his mouth as he eased his tongue around the head over and over, creating an intense swirling sensation around the tip of Dirk's dick. Peter winked and Dirk slid back to the desk just in time to catch the reporter handing the story back to him.

"Thank you," Dirk nodded. His hands were still braced on the desk, his palms sweaty. Peter was increasing his speed, working his tongue over Dirk's cockhead, pausing to slip the tip into the slit on Dirk's dickhead. "Local legislation to increase funding for city schools was cut, oh YES," he interrupted himself as Peter took his dick further into his mouth. He could feel Peter's lips pressing against the base of his dick and his balls, and the sensation was incredible.

The director looked at Dirk oddly as he corrected himself. "Oh yes," Dirk fumbled, "they voted no on the bill to increase funding for schools. That's good," he said as Peter's hands slid down into his pants to cup his balls. "I mean," he struggled to recover, "I mean that's bad. We want to give money to schools. Oh YES!" he groaned again.

Peter's fingers were playing over Dirk's balls as Dirk desperately handed the newscast over to the weatherman. "What's wrong?" the director hissed.

"Nothing," Dirk whispered back. "Oh god yes. I'm fine. I'm great." He tugged at his tie. Peter had begun sliding his mouth up and down Dirk's cock, giving him a slow, lovely blowjob. Saliva dripped down his stiff rod as Peter sucked hungrily at Dirk's throbbing cock.

The weatherman finished, but instead of doing the human-interest story he was supposed to, Dirk passed the broadcast immediately to the sports announcer. He was getting close to coming. Peter's hands had tightened around his balls, his finger pressing just behind as he slurped along the length of Dirk's rod. "Yes," Dirk breathed, his eyes closed in concentration. He groaned aloud as his cockhead mushroomed and he came, pouring spunk into Peter's waiting mouth.

When the sports segment had concluded, Dirk had recovered. With his limp dick hanging out of his pants, he finished the broadcast. No one noticed Peter sneaking out from behind the news desk during a commercial, and no one noticed that the nightly news that night had been a little more fun than usual.

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