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shower - Man

142.Newly Divorced

Newly Divorced

I had been married for twenty years, and after I got divorced, I wanted nothing more than to do some real living. What I didn't expect was Terry. He was about my age, dark-haired and muscular, with a thick beard. We got to be friends, and then one night as we were sitting around, Terry said he had something he wanted me to see. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when the thing he wanted to show me was a video of some gay porn. It wasn't that I didn't like it, far from it, within a few minutes I was adjusting my dick to keep it from bursting out of my zipper. It was just that after twenty years of pretty plain sex with my wife, I couldn't believe that the opportunity to live out my fantasy of being with another man was staring me in the face.

"Do you like what you see?" Terry asked me. I could see that the bulge in his pants was as big as mine. I reached out and squeezed his dick, smiling when I heard him moan in pleasure.

In seconds, we were all over each other, kissing and rubbing our cocks together as we stripped off our clothes. He lay on top of me, his beard brushing over my face as his cock pressed against mine. We ground our hips together and I could feel his foreskin rubbing back and forth over his cockhead as it pressed against mine.

Terry was one of the hairiest men I had ever seen, and his furry chest felt great against mine, the curls of hair teasing my flat nipples. "I want to suck your cock," I told him. Terry sat up, his cock sticking straight out, the head fat and shiny. I pushed back his foreskin with my fingers, shivering with excitement as I saw his bare cock. Pre-cum was dripping constantly from the head. I pulled the foreskin back and forth, getting him good and wet for me before I began licking him.

I had tasted my own pre-cum and cum before, so the taste was familiar, but it was far more exciting when it was another man's. I licked up and down his dick like it was an ice-cream cone and then took his entire dick in my mouth. I used my lips, wrapped tight around his prick, to pull his foreskin back and forth over his sensitive cockhead, and then I felt his dick throbbing as he emptied his balls into my mouth, flooding my tongue with his cum.

Terry groaned as his dick pulsed again and again, and I sucked hungrily at his spunk, letting it slide down my throat, getting every drop. When I pulled back, he reached down for my dick, jerking me off with a firm hand. I was so aroused at the feeling of his firm, warm hand around my dick and the taste of his cum on my lips that I came quickly. As my dickhead mushroomed, pouring out my jism, Terry lowered his head and caught it all on his tongue.

"Let's take a shower," he suggested. We stepped under the steamy water, soaping each other's bodies as we kissed. Soon both of us were hard again. We embraced, our soapy bodies slippery against each other's, our cocks rubbing quickly, the friction arousing both of us even further. But there was one more fantasy I wanted to indulge, and Terry was willing.

He turned around and I pressed my soapy cock between his ass cheeks, easing my dick into his tight asshole. The soap gave me enough lube that I slid in easily, burying my dick inside him. I reached around to jerk him off as I began to fuck his ass. My wife and I had had anal sex a few times, but it had never been this good. His ass was tight and hot around my cock, and his prick was pulsing in my hand.

Steam filled the air as we fucked wildly, my dick filling his butt again and again. He groaned loudly as he came, his dick pulsing in my hand the way it had in my mouth, his spunk spraying out, landing on the tiled wall of the shower. After a few more strokes, I pushed deep inside him, filling his butt with my cum.

We pulled apart, cleaning off before we headed into the bedroom for more play. We spent the rest of the weekend in bed, fucking each other's mouths and asses, and it was the hottest experience I have ever had. Terry was the best thing about getting divorced.

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