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Man Sex Private Parts

144.Navy Boyz

It was a mid summers day, just past 4 the afternoon. I had arrived
ashore from a tactical operation with my new ship, a state of the art
corvet. We had spent a month out at sea, and as usual having arrived at
port, I stopped off at home, picked up my gym bag, and off to the local
gym on the base. I happened to see a few of my crew as I approached the
gym, and one of my junior officers joined me in conversation as we
walked in. He was a good lad, not much younger than I but then again, I
had nearly 8 years more naval experience. He was about 6' 2”, had dark
brown hair that look black, big blue eyes and a charming smile. He
always had the chicks going for him. Type of guy that walked into a pub
and an hour later he would walk out with two if not 3 girls at once.

We hit the changing rooms, placed our goods in the lockers and chatted
about our operation. It was the first time we had met up at the gym so
we decided to work out together. I certainly didn't mind. It felt good
being next to this good looking kid. I took the bench, and he stood over
me, holding the weighted bar, and I could help notice that the lining in
his polly shorts were rather transparent. But a nice pair of goons and
what looked like an anaconda. After lifting 95 kgs for the 50th time I
knew that my arms were burning. Matt lifted the bar onto the hooks and I
lay there catching my breath, half lame, and caught another glimpse of
his tool box.

Next was his turn, so I returned the favor, helping him. By now the
conversation had changed from our operation to previous missions we both
served on. He was blabbering away and I became sort of transfixed at his
abs that were uncovered by his tank vest. I was gone in thought when I
herd Matt call on me. I brushed it off, said I was missing some of the
good times I had had on one of the aircraft carriers. “Must have been a
really hottie to have that reaction!” Matt exclaimed. That is when I
reallied that my man hood was half erect and pushing forward on my gym
shorts. I sort of blushed and laughed it off as I took the bar and
hooked it up.

After another hour of working out, we hit the track. Jogged side by
side. Now and again I would sneak a look at his shorts just to see that
anaconda bouncing behind the material. We raced up to the gym and into
the changing rooms, stripped down and for the first time ever I became
self conscious in there. I sort of tried to cover up as far as possible.
Never had I done that before, in the ships there was never a moment
where I felt so self aware. I stepped into the shower and he stood
alongside me. There were two junior rates in the shower chatting up a
storm, until we arrived, they piped down and soon moved out of the
showers. The warm water felt like a massage and for a few minutes I just
stood there feeling the water trickle down my face and body. I grabbed
the shower gel and started washing down, and Matt was giving his manhood
a scrub, I instantly got turned on. He was in fact well endowed and with
a perfect member. He looked at me and grinned, “That aircraft carries
sure was a hottie, wasn't she sir?!” I just looked at him, and let my
hand down to my throbbing cock, stroked it a few time, “She sure is a
beaut...” I commented.

Matt looked over his shoulder and turned to me again, “I would like to
see her commander take on battle stations, engage on a full run of F16's
and Tomcats. I am sure her guns are well stocked... His hands gliding
down his flat abs and down to his member, that now had a bit of a twitch.

“Those guns, well, maybe I could take you on board and give you a tour.”

“Sounds like a plan sir. Have plans tonight?”

“No Lieutenant, no plans, maybe just go down to the docks. Want to join me?”

“Sounds good sir”

We left the showers, got changed and sneaked glimpses of each other now
and again. And way to our units.

“Mind if we drop my stuff of in the Officers quarters sir?”

“Sure lieutenant, my place is on the way to the docks, I will wait for
ya, No 17.”

“See you now sir.”

I headed of making lead way. I opened the door and left it open, I had
no intention of still going to the docks, all I had now in mind was that
lieutenants body. I grabbed a beer and laid back on the bed. It wasn't
long when i hear a knock on the door.

“Come in, grab a beer.”

“Thanks sir”

“Drop the sir, Mike will do.”

He walked in, looking relaxed. I flicked on the telly and told him to
take a seat, not that there was anywhere to sit other than the bed. He
sat, at the edge close to my feet, I lifted my one leg up, making sure
that there was a view for him.

“You have satellite sir?”

“Sure do, not that there is always something good to watch.”

“Yeah, now I know why some guys find the porn channels so great, better
than all the crap going on in the world and low cost movies.”

“Want to flick the channels?” I asked as I tossed the remote over to him.

He scrolled down the channels and settled on a screening of Slither,
soft porn with Sharon Stone. “You don't mind...” He asked..

“Not at all, make yourself at home.”

He stretched out in front of me. I now sat with both legs tucked up to
make space for him. He lay on his side up on an elbow.

I couldn't help but place my hand down the front of my shorts, hooking
mu thumb on the elastic. I moved my man hood so that it lay against my
leg. Matt peeked from the corner of his eye, and I knew he could see my
meat clearly. Not long his member did that famous twitch like it had in
the gym. And not soon there was more to show than just that. “This
channel sure has it's effects, don't it.”

“Sure does sir. Mind if I sit next to you, this arm feels a bit to the
lame side.”

I made space and passed him a spare pillow to place behind his back.

He moved up and moved his hand under his shirt. I was oozing and a spot
started to appear. I got up and went to the bathroom, just to dry up a
little. Walking in Matt quickly moved his hands out form his shorts,
looked like I caught him with his hands in the cookie jar. “Relax mate,
we are men and that is pretty normal.” He looked at me and I saw his
eyes scan down to my crotch. “Rainy season?” he asked. “ Could say
that.” I answered.

I took back to my spot, and Matt let his hand down his shorts, grabbing
his nuts. His hard cock against his stomach with the head sticking out
about an inch. I rubbed the tip of my cock with the leaking precum.
Couldn't get my eyes of Matt's manhood. Soon there was a trickle of
precum on his tip. “ Definitely rainy season!” I lifted my shorts to
expose the wet head of my rock hard number. Matt peered down and started
to stroke his. I followed suit. Our attention was clearly off the
screen, Matt placed his hand on my chest, squeezing my nipple. It felt
like shock waves going through my body. I grabbed his cock in my hand
and worked his head in the palm, and not long Matt made the dive to
swallow my cock into his hot wet mouth. He grabbed my balls with the one
hand and squeezed my nipples with the other, sucking like a WAP cleaner.
I felt the build up and I knew I was going to cum. I pushed him over. I
too wanted that cock in my mouth. I liked that precum that ran like a
river, he groaned and grinded his teeth as I pulled his cock deep into
my throat.

“I'm going to cum sir, please sir, “

I slipped his cock out and in one movement his cum shot onto my chest
like projectiles through the air. I too let my wad shoot.

Well, I soon had Matt not only as my right hand on my ship, but he moved
in a few days later into my spare room. No strings, but we sure as hell
have many nights of tactical warfare.

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