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Man Sex

145.Nasty Pictures

I met a guy in my area through "Squirt" recently and we decided to
get together at his apartment near the local college. I was hot for
dick so I agreed and went over there one Saturday night late. He was
34, medium build, nice looking, 7" dick with brown pubes, chest and
ass hair. I am 20, slim, dark hair, 7" dick, big pube bush, lots of
ass crack hair, nice looking, baby face. He had a hand fetish.
Before we did anything he took pictures of my hands; back and front.
He was hot for sex, too, so as soon as he finished the pics he hugged
me and we started kissing. Soon we were all over each other,
kissing, fondling. We gradually got our shirts off and pants part of
the way down and started rubbing our crotches together while
kissing. Then we stripped and got in his bed. He laid on his back
and I laid on top rubbing our hot dicks together. I went down on him
first licking his hairy nuts and dick head. He had a lot of pre-cum
leaking out that I licked up. I then took that cock in my mouth and
sucked it. Then we switched with him on top. He did the same thing
to me: licked my nuts and dick head, sucked my cock. He reached for
his digital camera and started taking pics. He took pics of my hard
dick, my body (my face covered), and of my dick in his mouth. The
picture taking really turned me on. I like to be watched doing nasty
things to guys. He turned me over face down and took pics of my ass
and ass hole. Then he rimmed my ass, licking my hairy hole, sticking
his tongue in my butt. He raised me up on my knees doggy style, lubed
my ass, lubed his dick, and rubbed his hard meat on my ass crack. He
gradually started working his dick up my butt hole. When it was in he
reached for the camera and took pics of my ass with his dick stuck up
in it. We fucked like rabbits for awhile and then decided to take
more pics. I really got into posing for him, using lots of positions
I had seen in porn movies. He then laid me on my side, put his dick
back up my ass, raised my leg (we were in a spoon position) and
fucked me while again taking pics. He was fucking me bareback but I
had already told him not to shoot in my ass. When he was ready he
pulled out, straddled my face, and beat off. I had my mouth open
begging for his cum. He soon shot cum all over my face and into my
open mouth. I told him to get the camera and take pics. I covered my
eyes with one arm and he took pics of my cum covered face, me licking
his dick, and him rubbing his leaking cock on my face. He was
getting ready to take movies of me beating off when the phone rang.
It was a neighbor. He and the neighbor talked, I talked to him, and
soon we had arrangements for the neighbor to come over. I was laying
naked on the bed playing with my cock when the neighbor came in. He
was an older black guy. We decided to take pics and movies of me
servicing him. He stripped and got in bed with me. He was in his
40's, husky but not fat, BIG FAT 8" uncut dick, big balls, and a good
amount of pubic hair for a black guy. He was a lighter skinned guy.
I went to work sucking and licking that big black piece of meat while
being filmed (but we did the pics so you couldn't tell who I was).
Then I got on all fours and the older hung black guy fucked me while
being filmed. I tied a hankerchief around my eyes so you couldn't
tell who I was and I beat off while the black guy was next to me
getting ready to cream on my face. All this was being filmed. Black
guy started creaming all over my white baby face and I started
shooting soon after. The camera kept rolling with me licking his
black meat clean. It was a wild night and we all agreed to get
together again soon. I'm getting hot just writing about it.

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