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Man Private Parts


Two guys, mid-30's, were roofing the house next door to me. One
afternoon , they came to the door and asked if they could use the
washroom. One went in and the other just stood there chatting with
me. All the time he was rubbing his crotch and I could see this
python hanging down the leg of his pants.

When the first guy had had his piss, he went back outside to
painting. The other guy went in and I heard him pissing and then he
walked back into the front hall, with his big, and I do mean big
uncut cock in his hand.

"I seen you lookin at it so I figured you'd be good for a suck. So
get down here and go to work."

I did, and the thing was really too big to get in my mouth, so I
just worked my tongue under the skin, licked his nuts and then took
the head in my mouth and jacked the shaft until he blew a huge load
down my throat.

"Not bad for starters," he said, "but you're gonna have to do a lot
better than that to please me."

Well, he zipped up and went back outside, and then at quitting time
the doorbell rang and there they both were.

The donkey-dick guy said, "Hey I told my bud about your sucking cock
and he wants you to try him out."

I pulled out the guy's nice thick 7" cut and gave it a tongue bath
and really went to work on it. I guess he must've been really
horned up because he blew in about 2 minutes and gave me a hefty

When he stopped pumping, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, put it
back in his pants, and said," Well I've gotta be going. See ya
tomorrow." And he left.

The other guy had pulled out his enormous dick and was rubbing it
all over my face.

"Yeah you love that big fuckin 11 inch cock, don't ya faggot?"

"Oh yeah," I moaned and took it in my mouth. I really didn't
believe it was 11 " long but later, we measured it, and it was and
about as big around as my wrist.

I started to suck on him but he pulled me up and said, "Not this
time. I'm gonna ram this cock up your ass and fuck you good."

We went into the bedroom and shucked our clothes and he took some of
my KY and lubed my ass and his enormous fuck-pole and then, with me
on my hands and knees, rammed it all the way home. At first it hurt
so much that I thought I might die, and I'd been fucked often
enough. He wouldn't stop and this time it took him about 20 minutes
to cum and blow a big load up my ass.

I thought we were done but he stayed hard and fucked me for another
20 minutes to another mind-blowing cum. This time I really got into

Well, to sum up, I sucked off both roofers every day until they
finished their job but Mr. Big Dick came by for a booty call every
week for the next two years. Seems he had a perpetual hard and his
wife wasn't interested. No news there. After a couple of weeks I
craved that big dick and couldn't get enough of it.

He moved out of town and I never saw him again but I do have fond

This was a true story.
Nailed by the roofer

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