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absolut - Man


I'd like to briefly tell of an adventure while on
vacation in Morocco last year.
A college buddy and I were on our way down to Marrakech from Northern
Morocco and decided to spend a couple of days in Fez. We checked into
the Palais Jamais hotel on the edge of the medina (very beautiful.)We
couldn't help noticing how handsome most of the young men who were
working at the hotel were. One bellman in particular was extremely
friendly and caught us admiring him. He had a name tag that said Aziz
and each time we passed him, he flashed us a big smile. We were both
quite impressed with his beauty and friendly personality.
The friend I was traveling with had a birthday during our stay in Fez
and this led me to do some thinking. How was I going to lure Aziz to
our room and talk him into giving my friend a very special
birthday "gift"?
The next evening, after a full day of sightseeing and shopping in the
medina, we decided to walk around the hotel grounds to see what
trouble we could find. Well it didn't take us long to find it. The
hotel complex has many walkways and turns and before long, we found
ourselves at the opposite end, having no idea where to find our room.
Imagine our surprise when we found ourselves in a remote hallway and
found none other than, you guessed it, Aziz. I explained to him (in
French) that we were quite lost and asked for directions. He pointed
out the way, but acting quite confused, I asked if he
couldn't "escort" us back just to be sure. He agreed.
Once we got there, I didn't hesitate to ask him inside, explaining
that I wanted to get him a nice tip for his trouble. I offered him
something to drink out of the minibar and he made himself comfortable.
Now, my friend likes to travel with one of those small DVD players,
so we decided to be mischievous and play one of his straight pornos
just to see the reaction. Quite a reaction it was, for in no time at
all, Aziz had a huge tent pole in his bellman uniform pants. I then
asked my friend "didn't you want to take a long shower?" (wink, wink)
Next thing you know Aziz and I were sitting on the edge of the bed
alone (with my buddy in the bathroom) watching straight porno. I put
my hand on his lap and he jumped slightly. I told him he was very
beautiful and then told him that I noticed an erection in his pants.
I asked him if he would show it to me. He hesitated and explained
that he had been gone long enough and had to get back to work. I
reminded him that I had not yet given him his tip, and that I would
make it worthwhile. After a couple minutes of persuading him, he
agreed and let me unbuckle his belt. He had an emormous erection
straining his underwear. I slipped my hand under the waistband,
pulled down his underwear, and out popped one of the most beautiful,
thick, hard, circumsised cocks I had ever seen. He was obviously
extremely turned on and had a glistening drop of precum on his fat
mushroom head which I quickly lapped up with my tongue. Once I took
his cock in mouth, he pulled his head back and uttered something in
either Arabic or Berber all the while pumping his hard cock in and
out of my mouth. He was completely turned on. After a couple of
minutes of this preparation, I had to force myself into remembering
what my mission was all along. I excused myself for a moment and left
him sitting on the edge of the bed with pants around his ankles and a
hard cock pointing straight up. I went to the bathroom and told my
buddy to "get out there, right now!" He didn't waste any time and
went to chow down on his birthday present while it was my turn to
shower. Aziz didn't speak any English, and my friend doesn't speak
French or Arabic so it was all sign language. After a few minutes I
could hear moaning sounds from inside the bathroom. After what seemed
like an eternity, I came out of the bathroom and found Aziz
completely naked, giving it to my friend on the floor, doggy style.
Neither one could see me standing there, and I watched in facination
as my friend got fucked by this beautiful Moroccan young man. It was
a further turn on to listen to Aziz as he uttered words in Arabic
while obviously enjoying the experience completely.
After a couple of minutes of this, I walked around to where they
could both see me and noticed an _expression of rapture on both their
faces. Aziz pulled out and took off his condom and shot a huge load
of thick come all over my friend's ass and back. He got up, went to
the bathrrom to clean up and had his uniform back on in no time. We
said goodbye and exchanged addresses since we would be leaving for
Marrakech early the next day, and I gave Aziz a big fat tip. He
seemed very sincere when he asked that we contact him on our next
trip to Fez. I think we will.
My friend owes me bigtime.

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