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5.The Insurance Man

The Insurance Man ( Erotic Story)

I had been sitting on the uncomfortable bench inside the bus station for
30 minutes now and my ass was getting as tired as I was getting bored.
With more than 3 hours to go before my bus would be leaving, I had
nothing to do and little money to do it with. "Fuck this shit," I
thought to myself as I decided to get up and wander around the bus

What is there to do in a bus station in the early evening on a Sunday in
a strange town - nothing! I went to the john to pee and noticed one of
the stalls had a magazine stuck between the stall wall and door post so I
checked to see what it was. Even though I only had to pee, I decided
to sit there in the stall anyway and read while I killed some time.
Besides, the stool had to be more comfortable than that old bench I had
been occupying!

I pulled my pants down to my ankles, sat down and grabbed the magazine.
Wow - it was a porn mag! Lucky me. I read the articles and found them
to be...... yeah right! Even though the magazine was only Playboy, the
pics were reasonably good and the girls in them were hot enough to keep
my interest. Soon, I was begining to feel my cock get firm and I started
to stroke it while sitting there. I was so engrossed that I didn't
realize that the stall next to mine was occupied. In my rising passions,
I didn't realize that I had been making noises that made it clear what I
was doing.

The presence of the guy in the next stall hit me and I quickly stopped my
stroking and sat quietly. To my surprise the guy said, "What are you
doing in there?" Embarrassed, I didn't say anything hoping he would
leave me alone. However, he said he didn't think I should be doing that
in case a cop came into the restroom which they sometimes did. When I
got over my embarrassent at being caught jacking off, I told him that I
had found the magazine in the stall and it had turned me on. He said he
understood and then asked if I liked to read porn mags a lot. I said
that I did but seldom had the chance since I didn't have any place
to keep them. He said that he had the same problem at home too, but that
he liked looking at porn and jacking off too.

Since it was obvious that he knew what I had been doing, I agreed that I
also liked to jack off. He said he had to keep his porn at his office
and that it was much better than the stuff you could buy at newsstands in
a bus station. He said that if I would be interested in seeing his porn,
he could take me to his office where he kept it. With still more than 2
hours yet to wait, I must admit that I was intrigued about his offer. He
suggested that we leave the bathroom since our voices echoed and we
didn't want anyone to come in and hear us talking, especially a cop.
Besides, he said he wanted to see what I looked like.

Evidently he liked what he saw because he smiled and said he hoped I
wanted to go with him to his office to see the much better porn he had.
My impression of him was that he was a regular looking guy, about 20 or
so years older than my 19 years and slender but not skinny either. He
was dressed in casual slacks and shirt compared to my western style levis
and boots.

He told me that his office was about a mile or so away but he had his car
parked outside the bus station. When I asked, he told me that his office
was closed of course, but he had a key since he was the boss. I thought
it odd that he would be at the bus station considering he obviously lived
in the town, but he said he had dropped someone off there and had used
the rest room before leaving.

He lead me to his car and on the way, he told me that he was glad to have
met me. He had been thinking about going to the office to do a little
work but that looking at his porn and jacking off sounded a lot more
enjoyable - especially doing it with someone else. He looked me up and
down, then asked if I minded the idea of us jacking off together. I
shook my head and said it was okay. Actually, what I didn't tell him was
that I kind of liked the idea of looking at more porn and jacking off
since I was pretty horny. Besides, the idea of jacking off while someone
could see me was a turn on. I liked showing off to anyone who wanted to
look! The idea of watching another guy jack off was okay too even
thought I would rather it had been a woman instead of a man. In my horny
state it didn't make too much difference at that point though.

As we drove to his office, I thumbed through the Playboy and continued
getting more horny and my cock was staying hard in my levis. It felt
good having a hard on and not having to try to hide it. I squimed in the
seat a little trying to relieve the pressure of my cock pressing aginst
my jeans. I rubbed it at the same time which my new friend seemed to
understand and even enjoy glancing at me while I did.

We parked in back of his office and went in. It was an average store
front building with a couple of desks in the front and a storeroom and
john in the rear. It was situated on the sidewalk allowing easy entry
for customers. The whole front was big windows. He lead me to the front
and closed the vertical blinds blocking the view from the windows. He
told me to sit at the side chair of a desk while he sat behind the desk
and got out a couple of magazines. These definately were NOT Playboys!
This was 1967 and most porn at that time was pretty tame - especially by
today's standards. These magazines not only showed tits and pussy, they
also showed hard cocks sliding into pussy and even getting sucked!
He also had a couple of mags with "queers" sucking each others cocks! I
had never seen anything like these before. I was getting pretty turned
on, even over the queer mags although I wasn't particularly interested
in them, they still caused me to have a reaction - spell that erection...

He also showed me one mag that really did excite me. It had pics of
women kissing each other and eating each other's pussies, but it also had
guys sucking cocks at the same time and in the same picture with the
women. My first exposure to bi-porn was a definate turn on and I really
liked it a lot! I still do.

Watching me with the books and my reactions to the various types of pics
I was looking at obviously revealed to him that I was at least open to
men being together sexually. He took out his cock while looking at
a magazine and suggested I do the same. I quickly agreed and unbuttoned
my levis and pulled my cock out from my shorts and out the opening. It
stood hard and tall as I slowly slid my hand up and down on the shaft. I
looked up to see him smile as he stroked his cock and watched me -
ignoring the magazine he was holding.

He continued to stroke his cock and watched me for a few minutes.
He said he liked the way I looked and wondered if I would like to pull my
pants off to make myself more comfortable. I sort of smiled as I thought
about it and he rolled his chair over in front of mine and told me to put
my feet up. He said he would pull my pants off for me. I was pretty
sure that he must be queer but by that time I didn't care as long as I
could keep stroking and looking at the porn. Besides, I figured he
wanted to play with me which was fine by me.

He pulled my boots off and I stood up for him to undo my belt and the
remaining button on my levis. When he did, they started to fall and he
pulled them down and then pulled my briefs down to. There I stood in
his insurance office, naked from the waist down and a raging hard on
sticking straight out! He reached out and stroked it and looked up at me
while I brazenly stood there and began removing my shirt too! I was soon
fully naked and stood for him to admire my young manhood.

I stepped closer and he opened his mouth and sucked my cock in until all
6 inches were in his mouth. It was all I could do to not collapse at the
sudden heat I was feeling all over. He licked my cock up and down and
sucked it in his mouth again, repeating this over and over. While he
sucked and licked my cock and balls, his hands ran up and down my back,
my sides and my ass. He pinched my nipples then fingered the crack of my
ass and gently slapped my ass cheeks. I felt both his hands on my ass as
he pulled me closer to him. With my cock pressing deep in his mouth, I
felt him spreading my ass apart until I felt a finger probing my
asshole. Hmmm, felt so good.

Slowly, he moved his hands all over my body and then pulled back as my
cock slipped out of his mouth. He told me to lie down. As I did, I
watched him take off his clothes too and soon we were both totally
naked. I lay on the floor as he stood over me looking down and rubbing
his hard cock. He was a little bigger than me, probably about 6 1/2 or 7
inches and cut. He got on his knees between my legs and bent over me
until I felt his cock pressing on mine, the heat of his body pressing on
me was intense. I said that I was not into kissing men, so he started
licking my neck and shoulders. He lifted my arms and licked my arm pits
and then moved around to my nipples which he sucked and lightly nibbled.
His tongue felt great as he licked my chest and down my belly and tongue
fucked my belly button as I squirmed under his touch. I could feel
our cocks rubbing against each other as he dry fucked me while he licked
my body. I responded to his touch by pressing against him, his cock
pressing hard against me.

He rose up and reached down with both hands - one on my cock and one on
his own. I felt him stroking me as he jacked himself. Then, he pressed
his cock against my balls and rubbed it up and down against my cock and
balls. Taking the hint, I lifted my legs until my asshole was fully
exposed and he could rub his cock on me there. I was close to cumming
with all the attention, but I wanted to hold off as long as I could. He
continued to play with my cock and balls and rub his cock on my ass.
Even though I had never been fucked, I knew I liked the feel of that hard
cock against my body, especially pressing on my asshole.

He could see that I was close and told me he wanted to make me cum and
that he wanted to cum too. I smiled in my sexually charged stupor and
continued watching him through slitted eyes as he stroked my cock and dry
fucked me. When I couldn't wait any longer, my cock jerked in his hand
and erupted with my hot sticky cum on his hand and sprayed on my belly.
Suddenly I felt my ass become drenched with hot gooey wetness as his cock
shot his ...

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