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It was after midnight, but out in the street it was still warm, even
steamy. Coming out of the club, I stopped for a minute or two to say
goodbye to the guy I'd been playing around with in the back-room - a rather
punkish-looking guy with a shaved skull, boots and torn jeans - and then
jumped into the taxi idling at the door. Might as well head for home - I'd
been prowling around for hours looking for arse to fuck, but each time I'd
thought I'd finally nailed some guy, I'd been thrown on my back with my
legs in the air and shagged stupid. Time to throw in the towel. I was
feeling a bit pissed off - and sore.

A few drivers like to hang around the entrance to the club after midnight -
I'm not sure why. Do the hunks among them think they'll get an extra tip
for their looks? Are the horny ones hoping for a quick blow-job before
they drop you off?

Anyway, the driver this night was a hot-looking guy in his thirties, thick,
black hair, stubbly chin and a foxy grin. Turkish, Greek - something like
that, I thought to myself, as I settled into the seat beside him.

'So, have you had a good night, mate?' he asked, as we moved out into the
traffic. Shirt open to the breeze ... trim torso, roughly shaved pecs.
It's a question that can mean anything.

'Not too bad.' I was actually still so woozy from the jack-hammering I'd
copped from the shaven-headed punk that I could hardly think straight.

'So ... is he a mate of yours - that guy you were with back there?' He
reached inside his shirt and scratched lazily at his chest.

'Just met him, as a matter of fact.'

'You go for that sort of guy, do you?' He looked over at me with a grin.
Cheeky. A pause while we swung up a side-street and then he said: 'Nice
arse on him.'

'Think so?' It certainly was a nice arse - I'd spent a good twenty minutes
tongue-fucking it and then working a finger or two into its warm, gooey
depths. He might've shaved his head, but he certainly didn't shave his
arse - it was just the way I like it: hairy, sweaty and still raw and
dripping from the fucking some other guy had just given him. Just the
smell of it had been enough to give me a hard-on.

'Sure,' he said, dropping one hand down to his crotch. I could see his
cock snaking down across one thigh under his jeans. 'Did you fuck him?' I
felt my own cock start to juice up.

'Yeah,' I said, 'twice.' It wasn't true, although after twenty minutes
with my tongue up his arsehole I'd certainly thought I deserved it. But
he'd suddenly grabbed me by the balls, flipped me over and rammed his
fuck-pole straight into me. Up to the hilt.

'Yeah? Good fuck?' He was working on his lengthening cock now, gently
kneading it through the denim.

'It sure was ... he couldn't get enough,' I said. Talking like this was
making me seriously horny again. My cock was uncoiling in my jocks,
pulling at the hairs.

'You're getting me hot, mate,' the driver said, as we turned into my
street. 'I could do with a good fuck ... the wife's away in Turkey, see,
spending time with the family ... and I'm the kind of guy who likes to
empty his balls at least once a day ... it's driving me crazy, mate.'
Husky voice, more sidelong glances.

Oh, yeah. I could see where this was headed. When we drew up outside my
flat, he rested back against the seat, checked out my crotch and grinned
again. 'Listen, I really need to take a leak. Mind if I come in and use
your bathroom?'

Fuck you, I thought. You think if I say yes, you can come in, take a piss
and then I'll just bend over and take that boner of yours up my arse. I
looked over at him. Wiry, black-haired, with long legs ... Well, the place
for those hairy legs of yours, I said to myself, is on my shoulders. I'd
had enough man-juice pumped up me for one night - now it was my turn. And
a piece of furry, Turkish arse would be just the thing.

'Sure, come on in,' I said. The meter read ten fifty, I noticed, but he
was already opening his door without asking for the fare. My arse for ten
fifty ... well, he was in for a surprise.

'Do you live alone, mate?' He looked even better out on the pavement, one
hand lightly squeezing his cock and balls. Quite lanky, trim butt, thick,
spiky hair gleaming in the street-light.

'I've got my brother staying at the moment,' I said. And Danny would be
sure to come sniffing around, too, when he heard us come in. Always hoping
I'd brought home some husky Greek footballer or maybe a hairy truck-driver
(or two) who might wander into his bedroom next morning by mistake and fuck
his brains out. He had a hungry hole, our Danny - it would get him into
trouble one day.

'Cool.' As he followed me up the stairs to the flat, I could almost feel
his eyes burning into the back of my shorts. I knew he'd be taking in my
bare legs, too, imagining spreading them in a few minutes' time to get that
cock of his into my hole.

'Bathroom's in here,' I said, turning on the light for him. He squeezed
past me with his hand still on his bulging crotch, just lightly brushing my
balls with his knuckles. Then he pulled his long, thick pole out and
pointed it into the bowl. I watched from the doorway.

'Fuck, that feels good,' he said, smiling back at me. Then he turned
round, cock still jutting up out of his flies, to give me a good look at
what he thought I was about to have rammed up me. His shirt was hanging
completely open now and I could see the fishbone of thick, curly hair
snaking down under his belt. Our eyes locked. 'Like the look of that?' he

It was fucking beautiful - but I didn't tell him that. 'What's your name,

'Selim,' he said. He started stroking his cock, his eyes dropping to my
bare legs.

'Well, I'm Zac. Why don't you drop your jeans, Selim? Let's get a good
look at you.'

When his jeans hit his ankles, I went dry in the mouth. This was one hot
fucker. Slim, with muscled, black-haired legs and a long, ram-rod stiff
fuck-pole now rearing up out of a thick tangle of coarse hair above big,
drooping balls. I walked across to him and wrapped a fist round his warm,
pulsing cock. He was already oozing juice from the slit in his knob and I
slowly slicked his shaft with it. He closed his eyes and moaned.

I was about to sink to my knees and start lapping at his balls, then up
through the hair at the base of his cock before swallowing his cock - just
as a warm-up, just to get his juices flowing - when sodding Danny appeared
in the doorway behind me. Selim stiffened, but didn't back off.

'It's OK,' I said, 'it's just Danny - my kid brother.' Well, eighteen, to
be precise, but still a bit of a bean-pole. And he was wearing nothing but
a pair of boxers. He'd already slipped one hand down inside them to work
on his stalk.

Selim clearly liked what he saw. I felt his cock go rock hard in my hand.
And, to be honest, Danny was indeed looking particularly fuckable - long,
bare legs slightly apart, smooth chest, wild, blond curls cork-screwing all
over his head and a thick knob sticking up over the top of his boxers. If
Selim hadn't been there, I'd have been sorely tempted to slam him up
against the wall and fuck him myself. I was fucking randy and not feeling
too fussy about whose hairy hole I shoved it up.

'If you're staying, Danny, get over here and down on your knees.' He
didn't need asking twice. He pulled down his boxers and knelt in front of
Selim's crotch, his cock standing straight up out of his shaggy groin like
a flagpole. 'Lick his balls, Danny,' I said, and, as he went for Selim's
churning nuts, I started on his hard, shaven pecs, pulling at the hairs
with my teeth and nibbling on his stiff nipples.

'Oh, yeah ...' Selim started groaning, 'eat those balls, mate, go for them
... Aw ... ah ... shit ... yeah ...' Then I started chewing on his
armpits. Selim was thrusting his cock and balls into Danny's face so hard
I thought he might shoot. Danny grabbed his cock and stuck it hungrily
into his mouth, nearly choking as it hit the back of his throat.

'You want to fuck him?' I murmured in Selim's ear. Maybe if he unloads into
Danny first, I thought, I can jump him before he knows what's happening.

'Fuck your brother?'

'Sure. Do you want to?'

'Fuck, yeah.'

'OK, do it, man. Fuck his brains out. Hey, Danny,' I said, grabbing him
by the hair and hauling him to his feet, 'stand up - Selim's going to fuck

Without a word he got to his feet and leant over the basin, feet
apart. Danny didn't often say no to cock. In the dark-room at the club I'd
often seen him take on three or four guys one after the other, and after a
rest he'd still be hanging out for more, but he could get a bit narky if he
thought he was just being used as a cum-bucket.

The weekend before I'd seen six or seven stiff dicks rammed into him, one
after the other, when he lost one of the gang's loser-gets-fucked games.
OK, it was actually me who lost - he'd just been watching from the
sidelines, he hadn't even been playing. I usually take my medicine like a
good boy, but when I saw Lou from the garage lining up for his slice of the
action - Lou's this hairy Sicilian bruiser hung like a donkey - and he had
his cock-ring on, too, I could see it glinting in his bush - I thought I
might give it a miss this time. And when I offered the boys my brother's
arse instead of mine, they'd rather liked the idea of fresh meat, socked
him in the nuts and manhandled him over to the table. As a matter of fact,
although he swore like crazy when he had to spread those blond-haired legs
of his and bend over the table, if his raging hard-on and the pools of cum
on the table afterwards were anything to go by, getting gang-raped by the
lads was the highlight of his night. I got off on slurping on the
arse-holes and balls of the guys fucking him - I like getting close to the

Tonight, though, in the bathroom, Danny was going like a lamb to the
slaughter. Kicking off my own shorts so I could jerk off while I watched
them, I leant over and held Danny's arse-cheeks apart so Selim could get an
eyeful of his hole. My brother didn't trim his crotch-hair, but he did
shave his arse-crack, so we both had a good view of his twitching, wet
hole. Selim licked his lips as he pointed the leaking hood of his tool at
it. 'That's it, mate - ram it up him,' I said. 'Go on - give it to him
hard, he can take it. Shag the bastard.'

I crouched down beside them, yanking on my cock, ...

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