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Multimedia gallery

6.Hot Kodak Moments

Hot Kodak Moments

Since I liked to play around with the camera, my friends got used to me bringing a camera to just about every outing we had. Though I was about 30 years old at the time, I hung out with a much younger crowd. I fit right into the category of guys that I associated with. Mostly 18-25 year olds. (Twinks)

One evening, myself and a couple friends were out cruising the streets and drinking a few beers. It wasnt long before we found ourselves bored. There was no action in town, so we took our cruising to the country roads. One of our hang out places was a fishing hole that you can only access by way of a long dirt road, at the state line. The nice thing about this road, there is only one way in or out. Once you get back there, you can tell when someone is driving down the road. So you can literally go back there and do practically anything.

There were four of us that night. Glenn, Buddy, TJ and myself. TJ was the youngest of the group. He was short, good looking and had a well defined physique. I always admired him from a distance. None of the group knew that I was really gay. Anyhow, he was a clown. Before you knew it, he was doing something that had you in stitches. He was playful and pulled practical jokes on everyone. If you werent on your toes, you would find yourself the butt of one of his jokes. You could easily turn toward him and find yourself staring directly into his ass as he was mooning you up close. Since I always had my camera, if someone was doing something crazy, I got it on film. There were many times when I snapped a shot of TJ's ass up close to someone's face.

That night in particular, we were in a much rowdier mood than usual. It was a warm summer night and at this fishinghole was an old rope swing that swung out over a large creek. Of course beer and water is not a good combination, but try telling that to a bunch of rowdy young guys. It wasnt long before we were taking turns swing over the creek and jumping, or mostly falling, into the water. We went in in our clothes, which was typical of our nearly drunken state of mind.

Glenn was older than the others and was about the same height and weight as myself. Buddy was a very thin guy and kind of short like TJ. Though all of the guys were fairly nice looking, I have to say, Buddy had the best looking lips I ever saw on a guy. I fantasized about what I could do to him many times over in my dreams.

As these guys were coming back on shore, I was snapping away with my camera. Their clothes were clinging very tightly against their body, displaying every bit of their natural form. You could tell by the bulge in their wet clothes, who had the largest sized cock. It was TJ, hands down. As he came out of the water, I can see that his pants were barely hanging on to his hips. The fabric was tight aginst his wet skin and gave a perfect outline of his cock. Even in the cold wet water, his cock was easily about 6 inches long while it was soft. When Glenn came out of the water, the fabric sucked close to his skin also. His outline showed a small buldge resembling a tiny cock head. The rest of his cock was shriveled into his body for warmth.

When TJ saw Glenn coming out of the water, he pointed out the fact that the water must be too cold for him. He points toward Glenn's crotch and jokes about the size of his little outline. When Buddy came walking by, his pants were sagging extremely low exposing a beautiful small bubble butt on his tiny frame. He made no effort to pull them up and had come by to poke fun of Glenn, too. Before you knew it, they were arguing about who had the biggest dick. When TJ walked behind Buddy, he saw the extreme sag in the young man's pants. And being the jokester that he was, he couldnt resist a quick jerk on the boys pants. Those heavy wet pants fell straight to the ground exposing Buddy's dick and ass for all of us to see. His dick wasnt anything to brag about, nor anything to complain about. He was about 4 inches flacid. While they were all laughing at the de-pants youngster, he lunged over and grabbed a hold of Glenn's pants and gave a quick tug.

Glenn tried to hold on to his pants as best as he could, but TJ was on him in a second. TJ gave a tug from behind and Glenn's pants were also on the ground. The outline of Glenn's wet pants were not deceptive. He did have a small dick. But he wasnt about to let TJ get away with exposing him. So he reached out and grabbed TJ by the waist and wrestled him to the ground. Before TJ could manage to get up, Glenn completely removed TJ's pants and threw them up toward the car. Now all three of them stood in front of me with their pants down or completely with out them. I laughed as I snapped away.

These guys then realized that they were the only ones that were pantless. I was still very dry and fully clothed. As they started coming after me, I started running, hollering not to get my camera wet. They surrounded me and snatched my camera from my grasp. They carried me to the water's edge and threw me in. As I walked out of the water, they looked to see my outline. I said what the hell, and just dropped my pants. Now here we were, all comparing the size of our peckers in the coolness of the night. I made the comment, that it doesnt matter what size it is now, what mattered was how hard it gets and what you can do with it. There was a lot of muttering about who's dick got the biggest when it was hard, but no way to actually prove it until TJ said it was time to put up or shut up. He pulled the rest of his wet clothes off and started to play with his cock in front of us. The rest of us stood there watching him as his cock grew harder. Man it grew very hard aiming straight for the sky. His cock might have been about 6 inches while soft, but it didnt grow that much longer. He probably sported about 7 inches total.

My dick was getting hard just watching him jerk his dick to an erection. So I started to stroke mine until I too was rock hard. My dick was smaller than his and not quite as thick, but it was very close to his size. Buddy than began to stroke his dick. He quickly got hard and sported about 7 inches of manhood also. Now it was Glenn's turn. He played with his dick for quite awhile but couldnt seem to get very hard. His dick only grew to about 4 inches or so. He commented about how hard it is to get aroused in front of a few guys and had to play with it privately. He said, after he got hard he would show it to everyone. As he walked to the water's edge, TJ began poking fun of him and joking about Glenn's little dick. Glenn was getting pissed and warned TJ to let it drop. Being TJ, the boy kept tormenting Glenn. The next thing you knew, Glenn turned and lunged at TJ.

The two boys were sprawled out on the ground. TJ was completely naked and Glenn had no pants. The two rolled around grappling each other, trying to out wrestle one another. When Glenn took TJ to the ground, TJ still had a hardon. As they wrestled, Glenn's hand made it's way into TJ's crotch as he tried to pick him up. Glenn was pretty strong and eventually lifted the boy up onto his shoulders. His hand was wrapped around TJ's thigh and resting against TJ's cock. Glenn stretched TJ across his shoulders, with TJ's cock pointing toward Glenn's ear. Then Glenn carried TJ to the water and before he threw him in, I snapped a few pictures.

This was a small turn on for me to see the two of them wrestling naked. My cock was still quite hard and needed relief. As Glenn turned toward us and started to walk away from the water's edge, Buddy made a little discovery. He pointed out that Glenn was starting to get hard. As we were trying to look at Glenn's cock size, TJ came out of the water and jumped on Glenn's back. The two of them fell back to the ground and rolled around, wrestling some more. Glenn was getting very turned on by the wrestling match and his dick grew bigger and bigger in front of us. Before too long he out manuevered TJ and had him laying on the ground flat on his stomach. Then he swung himself around and laid directly on top of TJ. Glenn's dick was positioned right near TJ's ass. Glenn then threatened TJ that one false move and he gets it, right in the ass.

My poor cock was in desperate need of relief. It strained so hard pointing nearly skyward, I believe that all I had to do was stroke it only once or twice. Then I would have shot my load. Buddy was just as hard. I could see his dick also hard as a rock. In the dim light, you can still manage to see the pre cum oozing to the surface of his cock head. I nudged Buddy and said, "hey we need to get a little of that action!" I was joking about fucking TJ in the ass after Glenn got done. But I didnt want to get sloppy seconds. TJ spoke up that no one was going to butt fuck him, but Glenn was still in a prime position to prove him otherwise. TJ squirmed under him and tried to crawl out from under Glenn. But he was no match for the stronger boy. Glenn's cock slid around on TJ's ass. TJ continued to squirm. Glenn warned him that if he didnt quit moving around he was going to get a big load right between his cheeks.

Naturally TJ still resisted. He squirmed and wiggled around alot. Glenn did exactly as he promised and shot a wad of cum all over TJ's ass and down his crack. When TJ felt the sticky cum oozing onto his backside, he finally quit moving around and started cussing at Glenn. He couldnt believe that he did that. Glenn laughed as he finally lifted off TJ. He told him that he warned him, that if he fucked with Glenn, he was going to get creamed. TJ laid there and ordered Glenn to wipe the cum off of him. I was very turned on by the site of the wrestling and the cum on TJ, that I couldnt resist the urge to walk over and jack off over TJ. When Buddy saw me shooting my load onto TJ's backside and his back, he joined in and shot a load on the young man, too. Glenn came back over and reached down and rubbed the cum loads together. Then he placed his hand in front of TJ and asked him if he wanted a taste.

TJ was upset. He got up and jumped into the water to wash the load off of his body. When he came out of the water, you can tell that he wasnt totally turned off by what happened. His cock was partially hard. Buddy apologized to him for shooting a load on his back, but claimed he was caught up in the moment and couldnt resist. TJ told him not to worry. It wasnt his fault. He said it was all Glenn's fault. Then as Buddy started to walk away, TJ snuck up behind him and wrestled him to the ground. TJ quickly managed to mount Buddy, shoving his semi rigid dick between Buddy's ass cheeks. As small as Buddy was, he couldnt offer much resistance to TJ. Buddy was about to exerience what just happened to TJ.

TJ spit on his hand and reached down to lube his cock. Buddy knew what was in store for him, but decided not to fight back. TJ pushed his hardening cock into Buddy's ass until his dick slipped it's way in. As Buddy let out a loud moan, he quickly squeezed down onto TJ's cock, with his ass muscles. Glenn and I stood closely by, watching TJ fuck Buddy. We were both getting turned on again by the fucking action in front of us.

I threw caution to the wind and got down on my knees and took Glenn's dick into my hand. Now I can see close up, just how big Glenn really ...

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