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7.London Shelf life - Part 1

London Shelf Life By PeterUK

Part 1 - Raj

As I stepped off the bus in rainy Islington, damn, I
remembered the coffee was all used up that morning. The
only shop open at this hour was the Indian. That meant
he might be there, Raj with his dark skin, darker eyes,
jet black hair and a killer white smile. I'd noticed him
a few times. Bending over to fill the shelves, revealing
a glimpse of deep chocolate arse. Always friendly at the
till, "You were served by Raj" it said on the receipt he
gave me. I could think of lots more ways Raj could be of
service - did he think the same?

Raj ran the shop with his brother Shogoo and their Dad,
Jamal. The boys were in their 20s, both slim, short and
dark, with classic Indian looks. Jamal must have been in
his late 40s - it's difficult to tell with some Indians -
and was a bit smaller than his sons, stocky and hairy.
He was a local councillor, and was usually at Council
meetings a couple of evenings a week. If they had a Mum,
she never appeared. The family lived in a flat over the
shop, like so many on Essex Road. Shogoo was always
talking about the local girls, but Raj only smiled. And
he often smiled at me. How could I get him to add some
spice to the shopping?

It was almost 10pm, and I got into the shop just as it
was closing for the day.

"Sorry Raj, but I've run out of coffee beans. Have you
got some left?"

"Don't worry, sir" he smiled, "We've got some in the
stockroom, but I'll have to lock us in as Dad doesn't
allow us in the stock room with an empty shop."

"No Shogoo tonight, then?" I replied.

"He's gone upstairs to watch a porn movie while Dad's at
the Council", he blurted out and then giggled, "but don't
ever tell Dad that."

"You can count on me, Raj. Can I give you a hand finding
the coffee?"

"Sure thing", he said "just let me close the shop".

Raj locked the shop, put up the closed sign and I
followed him to the stockroom at the back. He switched
on the light and closed the door to the shop. Stock was
packed on shelves to the ceiling, and it looked chaotic
to me. Raj asked me to pass him a small ladder to climb
to a higher shelf. And our arms brushed against each
other. He looked shyly at me and gave me one of his
killer smiles.

"Let me hold the ladder for you, Raj. If you're gonna
fall, better it be into my arms" I joked (& wished).

He climbed the ladder and I was rewarded with a ringside
seat of his scrumptious arse. His jeans were so tight
they could be painted on, and I would have sworn he
wasn't wearing any pants. He said he would have to pass
me a box to get at the coffee, so I climbed the first
step and rested my hand against the small of his back.

"Take it easy, Raj. It looks heavy".

I leaned against him while he passed me the box and let
my arm slowly pass over his lower back and arse and down
his leg while putting the box on the floor. He was naked

"Sorry, sir. The washing machine has broken down and I
didn't have any clean pants today." He could read my
thoughts - but just how well?

"No problems, Raj. With an arse like yours, it's a crime
to keep it covered up".

He giggled. While he rummaged on the shelf for the coffee
beans, I got bolder, and ran my hand over his arse again.

" A real crime, Raj. Its like a piece of sculpture."
More giggles. "Does it taste as good as it looks?" I

"Why don't you try it, sir?" he said as I heard him
unbutton his jeans.

I peeled them down and out sprung not just a perfect pair
of dark brown melons, but two brown nuts drawn tightly up
to his crotch and 6" of stiff Indian cock.

I climbed another step of the ladder and slowly dragged
my tongue up his inner leg, nibbling and kissing as I
went. Raj began to moan. Over each perfect mound I swept
my tongue back and forth as he moaned louder and louder.

"Come on down, Raj, and let me get a real taste"

He pulled up his jeans, and climbed down. At the bottom,
I turned him round and kissed him full on the lips. He
opened his mouth and in went my tongue, exploring his
teeth and lips. But it was his other lips I was after.

I eased him onto some packing sacks and took of his
trainers and finally peeled off the jeans. His cock was
glistening with pre-cum and he slowly opened his legs
wider to give me an even better view.

I dropped to my knees between them and slowly licked up
his inner thigh. He thrust up to give me greater access.

"Go for it, sir" he whispered.

I didn't need any encouragement and dove straight for his
dark, inviting hole. He pulled his legs back by the
knees to make it as wide as possible. I licked across
the slit, back and forth as he groaned

"Deeper, sir, go in deeper" he murmured.

I held his thighs and pushed my tongue right in to his
arse, jabbing his inviting hole. With each jab his cock
twitched and more pre-cum slipped down it. I quickly
scooped it up and used it to lubricate his hole a bit
more. By now he was groaning quite loudly and I was a
bit worried about the noise, but then I remembered that
the shop was locked, and Shogoo was probably wanking
himself to a blissful climax upstairs.

By this time my own cock was rock hard and quite
painfully imprisoned in my own jeans, so I broke off to
strip them and my pants off. Raj took the opportunity to
turn round and kneel on the sacks, offering me full entry
to his love chute. He smiled and handed me a small
bottle of palm oil.

"This is the best stuff for having fun with, sir."

I took his word for it, and smeared some on my cock and
his arse. I rubbed it in with first one, then two
fingers. All the time I was fingering him he was leaking
like mad and a big wet patch appeared on the sacks.
Curiosity got the better of me and I licked one of my
fingers that had been fucking his arse. Not bad, musky
and nutty.

"You taste as good as you look, Raj. But now I'm going
to add some cream to the chocolate."

"Mmm", he moaned, "Mmm."

He splayed out on the sacks and I couldn't resist a last
couple of licks of his sweet hole before slowly lowering
myself into him. He was well prepared, and I slipped
into him like a glove. Both of us began to moan. I
nibbled his ear and neck and began to thrust. He thrust
back. This guy knew how to use his arse. Soon we had a
rhythm going and he began to grip my cock each time I
pulled out. I couldn't keep this up much longer, so I
pulled him to his knees and tipped some palm oil onto his
cock and balls. He was rock hard and slippery, and a
delicious smell of sack and oil and musk filled the air.
I began to knead his balls with one hand, and pull his
cock forward with the other. Soon I was wanking and
thrusting in sync.

"Fuck me, sir, fuck me more" he sighed.

Suddenly I felt him clamp on my cock and his white hot
cum spurted out across the brown sacking in thin ropes.
One more thrust and my cock exploded inside him. We were
both moaning and groaning loudly, deaf to the world
around us.

I squeezed him tight and kissed him hard while slowly
sliding out of him. He turned round and we kissed again.
We got to our feet, and pulled on our jeans. The door to
the shop was now slightly ajar, but no one was around.
We went to the till and I paid for the coffee.

"If you need anything more, sir, I'm sure we can always
find it in the stockroom." He giggled and gave me another
of his killer smiles.

Just then Shogoo came into the shop. He looked at us and

"Working very late, Raj. Providing extra service
tonight, are we?"

He leered at Raj and me; we both blushed. Shogoo
sniggered and walked off.

I winked at Raj.

"Perfect service, Raj. Just perfect."

He smiled again, and kept smiling as he let me out of the

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