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From: Tony Papard


I saw the holiday advertised in the Gay Press; a two week cruise around
the Mediterranean for gay men. It sounded like a lot of fun, so I booked
it up.

I arrived at the ship, the Rainbow Queen, and a gorgeous young blond
cabin boy, aged about 18, dressed in a smart white nautical uniform
showed me to my cabin. I'd booked a single, but was surprised to find a
double bed, so I asked him if this was the right cabin.

`Oh yes, sir,' he replied, `All our cabins have double beds. We want
you to enjoy yourself on this cruise, even if you're traveling alone.
All the crew are at your complete service, sir.'

He winked at me and groped his crotch, so I could be in no doubt what he
meant. I most definitely was going to enjoy this cruise. It was
advertised as exclusively for gay men (there was another ship and a
separate cruise for gay women). So we could all relax and be ourselves,
with no inhibitions, for two glorious weeks. Well, whilst on board ship
at any rate.

`What do I have to do if I need service?' I asked.

`It's all in the brochure on your bedside table, sir,' said the cabin
boy. `You just ring this buzzer and one of us will come to attend to
your needs. Or you can specify which crew member you wish to attend, and
book a time. We're all listed in the brochure, sir.'

Obviously the `entertainment' promised was going to include some very
personal services. The ship appeared to be a floating male brothel, but I
soon discovered it was much more than that.

As I studied the Program of entertainment and tours in the brochure, and
the facilities on board ship, I got more and more excited. Every night
there was a cabaret, which included strippers with `audience
participation'. There were interactive game shows `to get to know your
fellow passengers and crew members intimately'. The brochure pulled no
punches -- there were photos of guys getting fucked/sucked on stage in
both the cabaret and the game shows, and crew members were participating.
I saw a picture of my blond cabin boy being fucked by a passenger in some
game show called `Chicken Run'. 6 contestants had to find their way
thru a maze, from 6 separate starting points. In the middle of the maze
was a bed with the cabin boy lying face down with his bare buttocks
exposed. A large mirror on the ceiling and video cameras showed all the
action, with close-ups of the fucking scene on a big screen, according to
the description. The first contestant to get into the `bedroom' got the
prize, the boy's butt. This was just one of many such game shows to be
held thruout the cruise.

The on-shore cruises included night time visits to gay bars and clubs,
and the daytime tours included visits to gay nudist beaches and cruising
areas. There were also the more usual excursions such as city
sightseeing, though with the promise of `handsome couriers' to see to
your every need whilst on the boring bus journey from the port to the
cities we were visiting. I went on several excursions, and the couriers
were positively encouraging everyone to have sex with each other on the
buses. They paired up guys, and those who didn't fancy each other were
moved around till they found someone they liked to sit next to. The few
mainly older guys who couldn't get someone they fancied, got the full
attention of the couriers. Nobody was left out. As we passed along
country roads thru villages and along city streets, a mass orgy was going
on inside the bus. Guys being given blow-jobs, or being fucked in the
reclining seats designed to go right back almost horizontal. Curtains
could be drawn if you wanted privacy from prying eyes, but this was only
really necessary in the city when moving in slow traffic. Gay porno
videos were showing in the bus the whole time.

As for facilities on board the ship, there were darkrooms and backrooms
of every description: The Barracks (where everyone was given military
uniforms to wear), The Golden Shower Room, The Red Handkerchief Room, The
Leather Dungeon, Scally Boys' Alley, Skinhead Room, The Bear Pit, etc.
I tried out quite a few of these in my two weeks on board.

There was also a gym and swimming pools which proved to be very
interesting. I took a quick tour of the ship before lunch, and discovered
very good looking coaches and lifeguards in the gym and swimming pools,
and saw a lot of sexual activity going on. Guys lifting weights in the
gym were being sucked off at the same time, and all the swimming pool
changing cubicles had glory holes in them, as did all the public restroom
cubicles. Gay porno movies were showing everywhere all around the ship,
and some of the crew members were walking around with their flies undone
and stiff cocks protruding out of them.

In the dining room at lunch, our cute Moroccan waiter had his smooth
golden brown cock out as he served us. Everyone on my table had a good
suck, and then he came a big spunky load all over my lunch! I gobbled it
up whilst the others at my table looked on enviously, and the Moroccan
waiter knelt by my side and jerked me off under the table saying

`Yes, eats my thick white Moroccan sauce, sir. You like Kamel's spunk?
My sperms taste nice, no?' I shot my load off under the table as he
wanked me and talked this absolute filth in his charming broken English.

However I got a bit of a shock at the end of the meal. All meals and most
entertainment were included in the price of the cruise, but the waiter
handed me a bill for his `personal services'. This would be added to my
credit card bill, along with the drinks, tours, photographs and other
extras. I now saw the catch; with all this temptation around, it would be
very easy indeed to run up a huge credit card debt in no time! What the
heck, I was on holiday, and I was going to enjoy myself.

That night my cabin boy, who's name was Yuri, came in to ask if I needed
anything before I retired for the night. I said I could do with some
company, and he said he could spare an hour. He came over to me and
placed my hand on his crotch thru his white uniform. I could feel his
cock growing bigger, and he groped me thru my jeans, pulled me closer and
gave me a long French kiss, sticking his tongue right down my throat.

He came from St Petersburg in Russia, he told me, and he loved to be
fucked. I didn't need asking twice. He lay face down on my bed, and
unzipped the back of his white uniform trousers to expose his cute bubble
butt. I was rock hard by this time, and with the aid of some lube
(supplied with condoms all around the ship) I was soon right up him.
Before 15 minutes had passed we were both naked in the bed, and I was
really getting my oats. He moaned as I came, then he asked if I wanted to
suck him off, or if I'd had enough. He looked so cute, I thought I've
got to taste his load, and so I sucked him right off. He shot such a
lovely, sweet, teenage load of thick cream down my throat I was horny
again, and he then sucked me off. I blasted another full load of spunk
into his face. He was covered in it, and it was dripping out of his
mouth. He licked his lips, got dressed, and went on to his next cabin
with my spunk still all over his face. Of course I got another bill, but
it was well worth it!

Next day I explored the gym, swimming pool and backrooms on board, and
got plenty of good, free sex with other passengers, without any bills to
be added to my credit card. Could I stand the pace? At this rate I'd be
shagged out within a few days.

At the cabaret that evening, they had a game show called `Guess Who?'
Seven contestants were invited on stage to face seven crew members in
their smart sailor uniforms, with their first names clearly emblazoned on
their sailor caps. The crew members unzipped their flies, and took out
their cocks. Each contestant was allowed to feel and suck each cock in
turn. Then the contestants were blindfolded, and made to sit on chairs.
One by one each crew member stuck his cock in each of the contestant's
mouths, and the game was to guess which cock belonged to which crew
member. After they'd sucked a cock, each contestant had to shout out the
name of the crew member they thought they'd just sucked. The winner, of
course, was the one who guessed most cocks correctly. Tonight the prize
went to a Dutch guy named Jan who identified 5 of the 7 cocks correctly.
He got to go to bed and spend the entire night with any two of the 7 crew
members he chose.

This was followed by a stage show in the main theater, and this included
a pop group, male strippers and live sex on stage between 6 crew members.
Members of the audience were chosen and invited up to participate. The
long-haired lead singer of the pop group was being sucked off by a guy
from the audience as he sung his encore: `Make me Cum', and his band
members spunked all over him the guy as was kneeling down doing the
blow-job. He staggered off stage covered in cum!

The finale was when the strippers, the pop group and 10 crew members
invited 20 audience members -- the first to get to the stage -- to come
up and participate in an on-stage orgy. This went on for 30 minutes, with
close-ups flashed on to the big screens each side of the stage. DVDs of
all this sex action could be bought, and added to your credit card bill.

I had a marvelous two weeks, and came back with a stack of DVDs of myself
having sex with loads of gorgeous sailors and cabin boys. This was enough
to keep me horny until my next cruise in 6 months time. It took me that
long to pay off my credit card bill!

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