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9.London Shelf life - Part 3

London Shelf Life
By PeterUK

Part 3 - Jamal

When leaving the shop the night Shogoo virtually raped
me, I had slipped Raj my card and waited impatiently for
him to call. But I heard nothing. After a few days of
checking the answer service, I decided to go back to the
shop. Only Shogoo was there.

"Where's Raj?" I asked him.

He ignored me. I asked him again, but louder. He
smirked at me.

"What's up, pervert, want another fuck?"

I felt like grabbing him by the throat, but didn't want
to cause trouble in the shop. I walked up to him and

"Tell me where he is, you bastard, or I'll tell your Dad
about those porn films you're always hiring from Euro-

He paled a little.

"He's gone to India. He'll be back in a couple of
weeks. Dad must have found out something as they had a
terrible row, and he threatened to throw him out."

That was it, then. If his Dad knew, I'd probably never
see Raj again. These guys kept their sons under lock and
key, and Raj was too timid to defy his father. I felt
really down and went off to the pub to drown my sorrows.

When I got to the Eddie, there was hardly anyone there,
except Stan who never left the place and Jim the cute and
queennie barman. I got a double whisky and after a
second shot, mellow and tipsy, I poured my heart out to
them. They both knew the shop and the boys, but Jim knew
their Dad, Jamal.

Jim had been cruising the toilets on the Upper Holloway
Road a few months ago, and while he was being fucked by
this black postman in one of the stalls, he'd noticed
this older guy peering through a hole. He and the black
guy both got turned on and gave him a real show. Jim
said he was sore for days after. But the interesting
thing was that after the black guy had shot his load and
left, the older guy came into the stall and wanted to
fuck him too. Jim recognised him as Jamal and, slut that
he is, bent over and let Jamal fuck him.

"Not bad, he was, for a Packie, Joe. Nice thick dick,
and took his time too. Even gave me a wank. Not like
your average wham bam Muslim fuck. He really seemed to
enjoy hisself"

"Jim", I said, "Jamal is an Indian Hindu."

"Well I don't know nothin' `bout his qualifications, Joe,
but he's got a great circumscribed cock like them
Muslims, and he knows how to use it. He can do me again

That set my mind racing. If Jamal was cruising cottages,
then no wonder he was angry with Raj. I leant over the
bar and gave Jim a kiss.

"Thanks, Jim, you're a real goldmine."

"Ooh, Joe, my shaft's always open for your tool, any day"
he replied.

I promised him I'd come and do some digging one day and
set off home, a plan spinning round my head in the whisky

I had to see Jamal alone, so I rang him to ask to see him
about some Council business. He told me to come to the
shop the next evening.

Nervous as hell, I went to the shop. Thank God there was
no sign of Shogoo. Jamal recognised me and coldly
invited me upstairs to the flat.

"Why you are here?" he asked. "Sit down, I show you

I sat on the sofa with him and he switched on the TV. He
flicked a switch and to my utter amazement there was Raj
and me in the stockroom, in glorious porn colour, with a
close up of me deep in Raj's hole, both of us looking
like we were in heaven (which I guess we were). There
must be CCTV control in the stockroom. The sight of it
made my cock start to rise, even though I was doing my
utmost best to keep it down. I glimpsed at Jamal, and
noticed that he too was bulging under his loose trousers.

"You disgusting, Joe, you abuse my boy because he is weak
in the head, and misses his dead Mum."

"Come off it, Jamal, look at his cock, look at his face.
He loved every minute of it, and so did I. I want to see
him again, and again. Don't you want him to be happy?"

"He will be happy when my brother in India find him wife.
Then he no think of this disgusting things".

The CCTV tape was getting even hotter, and now Raj was
moaning "Fuck me, sir, fuck me more."

I was getting desperate.

"What makes you think a wife will cure him of what he
wants? Did it cure you?"

"He swung round and slapped me across the face, and
hurled some Indian insult at me.

"Do you think I don't know about the Holloway Road
toilets, Jamal?"

He got madder and grabbed me.

"Now you pay me for that" he hissed at me.

Although Jamal was small, he was very strong and he
pushed me back onto the sofa, ripping my jeans open. He
could see my swollen cock. I could see his.

"You like Indian sausage, Joe, now you get the real
thing, not baby."

I didn't think this was a good time to remind him that
his sons were in their 20s, and that Shogoo was just as
big as he was.

"Now you turn over, or I send this film to your employer,
and Raj never comes back from India."

I noticed that he had that bloody bottle of Palm Oil
again, and thought that if this was the price of Raj, I'd
do it.

I peeled off my jeans and slipped off the sofa, bending
over the seat to leave my arse high, open and exposed.
Jamal had taken off his shirt and trousers. Jim was
right, he did have a thick cock, even bigger than Shogoo.
I breathed deeply and tried to relax, while he slowly
massaged some Palm oil onto his cock, and slapped my arse
a few times.

This started to warm me up and I let out a moan that he
heard. He slapped me again, and smeared some oil on my
hole. Slowly he wiggled a finger into my chute, turning
and twisting it. By now I was rock hard and beginning to
leak pre-cum. Jamal had a wicked grin on his face and
stuck another finger in me. This time he started to
vigorously finger fuck me, pushing my stiff cock into to
cushions. By now he was right up behind me. He took his
hard dark cock, now with a really swollen knob, and
slowly pushed it into me, until he was right in,
scrapping his bushy pubes against my arse cheeks. I
could feel his chest hairs on my back, and his hairy legs
scrapping mine. I couldn't help myself from leaning back,
and pulling him further into me, caressing his hairy arse
in the process.

"Now you have man fuck, Joe, not boy fuck". I groaned in

He pulled out slowly and then thrust forward, each time
causing my cock to rub against the cushions. I thrust
back into him to meet each push, and soon both of us were
moaning and groaning and sweating. He pulled me away
from the cushions so that he could grab my cock. With
his oily hand, he began to wank me in time to his
thrusts. God, how right Jim was, this man really knew
how to fuck.

It didn't take me long to cum, but he wasn't finished.
He scooped up my cum and rubbed it into my mouth so that
I was forced to swallow it and lick his hand. Then he
pulled out and told me to get on my back on the sofa, and
pull my legs back.

He moved forward and entered me again. This time I could
see how much he was enjoying it - at least as much as me.
As his pace picked up, I looked over his shoulder and saw
Shogoo in the doorway, naked and wet from a shower, with
a towel over his shoulder. He motioned me to remain
silent, and started to wank at the sight of his Dad
fucking me. I concentrated on Jamal and began to clamp
down on his cock each time he thrust in. He moaned
louder, and I could feel his cock swelling to a climax.
He let out a loud groan and I could feel him filling me
with his hot juice. He must have cum five or six times
that I could feel. Jesus, he must have needed that.

I glanced up, but Shogoo was gone. Jamal pulled out of
me and sighed.

"OK, Joe, you better fuck than a woman. But I want

"Don't worry, Jamal, I'm sure Shogoo will give you lots.
But I must see Raj again when he comes back."

He laughed. "You mad for Raj, eh? He is so good fuck?"

I massaged his hairy chest. "He's great, Jamal, but now
and again you can come round and show me how much better
you are, if you like."

"You got deal, Joe. You' wait and see, I have very long
shelf life."

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