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12.My night with a celeb

My night with a celeb - Erotic Story

Iam not a Bombayite but was stuck
and forced to stay in Bombay for six days instead of my scheduled two days all because of torrential rains that play havoc in Bombay.....Being a frequent visitor, i always knew Bombay is friendly but in last few days i realised people here can go out of their way to help who
are in need.
Anyway..iam writing this to share a personal experience which proved
out to be a blessing in disguise for me.I was to leave in the evening, when
news spread about traffic jam and flood in ceratain areas.......but i still insisted on
catching up my flight, not knowing that it could prove fatal for taxi driver was
ready to take me on..and i was also warned by the hotel official's...i had no choice but
to stay..and i was glad i stayed.
I rarely use my credit cards but at that time i realised how handy
and convenient it turned out to be ..because by then i was left with little money as i
love to mix pleasure with business.
J.W. Marriot in which i was staying i guess is
a favourite place for the film and T.V. wallas to the evening when i came
down from my room after a much needed nap, i saw hundreds of people in reception area,coffee
shop...and other was looking like a Mela..quite lively unlike a serene 5 star
ambiance, after spending some time watching people i went to was jam packed i
make my way to the bar counter and found a vacant stool to sit on after few drinks i was
pretty much unhibited and begin to enjoy the chaos....few minutes after i saw a familiar
face coming my way and sat besides me...i was happy to see a former Model and actor who is
still very sexy( no he is not John Abraham..or Arjun Rampal..the guy iam refering to is
touching 40 but still as good looking as he was 10 yrs back)...he ask for drinks..and
gulped down..he was visibly i did't bother to smile at him..
though i was excited to see that hunk from the close counters . after some time..he
looked calmed..and i was eager to ask out of curiosity what the matter was, so i asked
at first he saw me from head to toe..and with resentment he told me that his sister had
not reached home and her phone was also not reachable, and besides he has to spend night
at hotel..but they have no room vacant..i comforted him generaly..that all will be
well...after 15 minutes or so..he got a call from his home. that his sister has reached home
safely he was very relieved and came to his face..and he told took
his sister more than 5 hours to travel 7 kilo meters..then i realised the intensity of
the situation.
To cut the story short i offered him to
share a room with me.(i know the situation was quite filmy) at first he denied but
resented, so at about
11:30 pm we came to my room, he called his home to tell his paraents about his where
abouts after that we called for a dinner...(come to think of it...had i not be on drinks that
evening i would't had the courage to offer him to share a room with me) still i dont want
him to think that i was taking advantage of the extraordinary situation.
After a visit to the bathroom he came out in a Towel
wrapped around his waist...i was amazed to see his taut body..i got a instant hard on and it
was very hard to control my self..but better sense prevailed and i curbed my excitement..
We sat for another round of i was
discovering him i found him sharp very intelligent with a pretty strange sense of humour..every
now and then i was in splits and he continued to looked at me poker faced...his naughty
face and manly body combined together was dynamite...i wondered he is a famous
personality know nothing about me ..just met me few hours why he agreed to stay a
night with me? there has to be some reason other than spending a night in need of a
shelter..i looked at my self across the mirror..trying to evaluate me..i my self was not bad
looking...5' 11''...pleasent body.....and guys do find me attarctive ...but
thinking about him wanting me in bed could be a folly of my hopeful imagination, and
firstly i dont even know if he is drawn towards men or not....soon i dissmissed the
possibilities and continued giving attention to his amusing anecdotes.
Soon after we decided to retire to bed with loads of Butterflies in my
though i may have slept with better looking guys than him, but celebrity is a celebrity..
it is a completely different kind of high to even think about the possibilities...and
here i was laying with him on the same bed was hard for me to believe.....that a
celebrity was sleeping few inches away from me...soon i realised he is in sleep when one of
his hand strayed and landed on my hand, i wished it could be a take off point for stolen
moments of passion..but i was still not ready to take the initiative.. and with passionate
thoughts and a raging hard on i did't knew when i went to sleep.
After few hours i woke up with feeling of a hand snaking up to my
moderatly hairy chest., i once again blamed it on my drunken state and wishful thinking
i checked my own hands if one of my hands having its own mind to touch me there.. but no,
what? gosh! so at last he was trying to seduce me..i was delighted to say the
now i was fully awake and hopelessly erect, but acted as if i was still in sleep...i
wanted to savour the feeling of him seducing me..his hands are now playing with my
nipples...he was going berserk with his hands on my body..i was enjoying all the attention i let
him play with me for some more time till i could't resist very greedily i turned towards
him and hugged him..his hot body met with mine i was surprised to find him already without
a thread.
My passion to feel his manhood was at its
and with a wild abandon i reached for his family jewels..and boy i was not a bit
surprised to find a thick long member in my hand leaking generous amount of precum..i played with
his cock for some time lost in my own world , i felt a chill on my body when he flicked
off the blanket over us..he hugged me to give his warmness...his face was near enough to
feel his hot breath....and with practised expertise he kissed
me lightly on my lips..i reciprocated ..never wanted to let go of the feeling.
Two three minutes later we broke our kiss, how i wanted to see him
in all his naked glory, i made him stand in front of that i can survey the hunk in
filtered light...muscular chest..slim waist...fleshy thighs..strong hands..and the final
possession..which was raising itself...i gazed at him in wonderment and desire..gently
laid him down upon on bed, drew him closer till his manhood was directly in front of me i
breathed in his intoxicating musky fragrance...and set upon worshipping the greek god the
way he was deserved to be worshipped...
reaction was swift and gratifying his hips lifted off the bed and his legs closed in around
my head drawing me even closer to his manhood, he was breathing harder and faster and i
could tell that he was just short of cumming, i quickly withdrew my face left him
I climbed up on the bed , next to him.... his eyes were closed and
he was breathing deeply he was still lost in his own world .. i gave him few more moments
then kissed him lightly awaking him back to reality....i was laying face up on the bed he
moved over and lay on top of me..i put my arms around him and we held on to each other
feeling contended ...
It was't too long though , before i noticed
that our respective joysticks were still very hard and trapped between our bodies.
He ever so gently rolled over me got on top of
me with his face towards my crotch.. took his hands under my butts.. lifted my crotch,
and took my hardness in to his warm mouth... i was riding on clouds..with a swift motion he
inserted his cock spiked with his ever oozing precum in to my ever eager mouth...he
continued to increase his speed and i continued my build up to release...we were one...i no
longer knew where he ended and where i begun.....our body danced in unison..we rolled over
each other..our manhood still inside eachother;s mouth growing soft...i held him kissed
him and tottally surendered to him and lapped up all the pleasures he willingly showered
on me................

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