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14.Real Sex Episode -1

Real Sex Episode -1

Hai friends i am gay i want to share my first gay experience with my friend
Dhruv(name changed).so i posted this story to group moderator to repost this story.
My friend Dhruv showed up at my house very drunk. He told me he and
his girl friend Githa had just broke up and he was depressed. After another
hour of drinking with me Dhruv could hardly stand up. I helped him up and
took him to my bed.
As Dhruv laid there on my bed I pulled his shirt of and could not
help but rub his chest. Dhruv works out a lot, so he's got a great body. I
pulled of his shoes and socks, then pulled off his pants. Looking down
Dhruv in his boxers I could see the head of his cock sticking out of his
pants, I guess because of all he had drunk his dick was swollen with a
semi. Knowing Dhruv was so drunk that he did not care what was going on I
asked him if it was ok for me to pull his boxers off just incase he pissed,
with out opening his eyes he said ok. As I pulled his boxers down I
see his cock was huge. Even only have hard I was probably 6 1/2 inches.
Dhruv pulled the covers over himself and rolled over on his side. I
pulled all my cloths off and got into bed behind him. I ran my fingers
between Dhruvs ass cheeks. It was amazing how much heat his asshole was
putting out, and it felt so good. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and laid
my 7 inch hard on in between those hot cheeks.
Next I moved below the covers, Dhruvs cock was fully hard by now and
the tip was swollen and wet. I started to run my tongue around the head to
get a taste of that sweet cum. As I started sucking his dick I could
his hands come to the back of my head and start pushing it down, his hips
started to slowing move up and down also. Dhruv started to moan Githa's
name and I could feel his cock throbing in my mouth. With in a few minutes he
was pulling my hair and moaning much louder, then blew his load in my
After all that Dhruv rolled over on his stomach,
but I was not through with him yet.
I got some lube out of my dresser drawer and started
messaging his asshole with it.
I laid on top and started kissing his neck.
I whispered in Dhruvs ear and asked him if he wanted me to stop and he
no, by this time I believe Dhruv knew exactly what was going on but new it
would be best if he kept up the too drunk to know better routine.
After a few minutes I had two fingers massaging Dhruvs prostate.
With his cock face down on the bed he started moving his hips humping the
sheets. After putting on a condom I straddled Dhruvs back and slowly
the head of my dick into his tight ass. For a second Dhruv sounded like he
lost his breath, but then started moving his hips again. After about a
minute of his hips moving I had my hard cock all the way in. Grabbing Dhruvs
hips I pulled him up into a doggy style position, to my surprise Dhruv
started rocking his ass back hard pounding my hard
cock into his ass.
After about 10 minutes I could not hang on anymore, I started running my
finger nails down Dhruvs back and let out a yell as cummed.
After that we held each other all night. The next day I woke up
first and went and laid on my couch. After Dhruv awoke things were back to
normal as if nothing had ever happened. But perhaps it will again!!!!!!!!

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