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15.Room Service

Room Service

I had gone to Bangalore was staying at a hotel

It was late (11:30 pm)so I did not feel like going to
the restaurnat to have my dinner.
so I ordered room service.

They sent me a young guy...very handsome...he must
have been a trainee because he looked about 18 or 19
years old...

He kept the tray and made the mistake of asking "
anything else Sir"...I thought to my self ...This is a
great oppurtunity ...I must not miss it.

So I told him that I needed some help. I asked him if
he could massage my shoulder because it was paining.

At first he was I took out a 100 rupee
note and gave it to him...He immediately agreed to
massage me.

I took off my shirt and gave him an Iodex bottle and
told him to apply on my shoulder.
I sat on the bed and he stood in front of me.

to make my shoulder muscles loose, I held his waist
and he started massaging me...

After some time I slowy moved my hands around his ass
and lightly massaged them in the same motion as his
hands on my shoulders..

I pulled him nearer to me so that when I was sitting
on the bed his cock was directly in fron of my face.

Then suddenly I stopped & told him that he was not
doing it right...I will show him how to do ...I told
him to take off his shirt.

Initially he was reluctant...but then he agreed...

Now he sat on the bed and I massaged his shoulder..
I brought my cock near his face so that he could not
miss the swelling...

He had a really smooth body and I knew I wanted him
naked...sleeping with me..

Then we reversed roles and he started massaging my
shoulder...but this time he was without a shirt...Now
I needed to get only his pants off.

Again I put my hand around his waist....only this time
right around his ass and felt his underwear

As he massaged...I too massaged his ass...slowly I
moved my hand to the front...His cock was erect...and
But the moment I tried to touch his cock he resisted
and said .."NO"...but with one swift motion I zipped
his pants sown and quickly pushed my hands thru his
underwear and had his cock out..

Now I started massaging his cock....& all the while
this boy did not stop massaging my shoulder..

Then I caught hold of his waist and fell back on the
bed.. his bare body touched my chest...He smiled...I
liked that.

I dont know how our other clothes went out ...but we
realised we were totally naked in bed...kissing

Boy...that was a fantastic night...I fucked him two
times and before that he sucked my cock and licked my
ass for at least half an hour...His body was real

I knew from the way he was sucking that he had
fantastic sexual drive...he really was enjoying my

Even when my cock was inside him he was trying to get
more of it inside him...right up to th ease of my

I was a real hot night ...after I went...I did not
mind eating a cold meal..

how is that for my experience?...

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