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Multimedia gallery sex

“The story began way back in 2000. As I walked down the busy Lamington Road, my eyes were busy looking at everything they could see. The bottom that I was, I always glanced at the huge manly looking guys. The concept of imbalance, a more powerful guy making me feel like a weakling had been an immense source of my fantasies then. And my eyes stopped when I saw him.

He was a guy's guy, a lady's man, and the one who everyone looked up to, longed to be around, and lusted after. He sees what he wants and he gets it. That is his way. After years of working out, jogging, and eating right, he had developed a body to die for. His broad shoulders and thick biceps, along with a massive chest topped off with two luscious nipples made him the man that he was. His torso tapered down to an incredibly rippled stomach and 30" waist. His baggy pants gave away a hint of the pleasure lying in wait underneath. He was just wearing one of those tank tops.

There was something typically atypical about him. At his 6'1'' build and the strong chest, he personified manhood. He eyed men and women and just his glance would get them on their knees for him. literally.

He walked past me and entered this bar he owned. It was 9 am and I wondered what he was doing there at this time of the day. He unlocked the door and went inside. I couldn’t resist walking to the door. I was just about to push open the door when something stopped me. Yes I was scared. He could beat the shit out of me. I waited there. I glanced at this sign that said, “JB : Open 8.30 am – 10 pm”. That was weird. The bar was open when nobody would bother coming there and it closed at 10 pm. That was actually weird!

While I waited outside the door, suddenly he opened the door and had a box full of trash in his hands. Oh my god, he had taken off whatever he was wearing above his waist. His sweaty body gripped my senses. He looked at me and said, “Sorry buddy. The bar s just opening. Why don’t you be back in an hour or so.”

“No but the sign says the bar opens at 8.30 am.”

“Geez.. dude, I have a few waiters coming over for an interview.”

“Oh okay. I ll be back later. Bye.” We shook hands. My hand felt under control when he held it. I felt a twitch in my pants. His face shone with those dimples and the smile.

After we 'good-byed', I started moving… without even thinking that in this area, people do not have to be interviewed for the job of a waiter!

After going a few yards away, I realised that waiters were appointed directly. What was it that this man wanted to interview them for?

======== In the forthcoming parts

"So, what's your work experience?" Chodu Saand asks as he glares up and down
the fine body of the 20 year old Adonis before him.
Rohan talks about some of the jobs he's had. But, Chodu Saand barely listens as his cock is already itching to fuck the shit out of this cutie pie. He licks his lips, stares back at Rohan, then asks him if he knows the 'actual requirement of the job'.

Your very own bottom,


P.S. hey dudeindian, thanks for ur sms that day. why dont u call me some day.. hey, I would love to resume moderating pm...

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