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18.The Waiter's Special

Erotic Story)

The Waiter's Special by

It was getting on for ten o'clock and the pub was getting busier and
smokier. Although not a gay bar the pub had the reputation of being
tolerant towards the gay community and I had thought that as this was
Friday night, with no work tomorrow, there would be more action, but there
seemed to be little going on tonight.

I had not managed to grab a meal during the day and the few pints of lager
were starting to have an effect on me and the smoky atmosphere was starting
to get on my chest so I decided to jump in the car and seek out a great
Indian restaurant that I knew.

I should not really have driven as I had consumed far more alcohol than was
good for me, but I reached my destination without incident and went into
the restaurant. It was fairly quiet and I was welcomed by the owner like
an old friend and seated at a small table close to the kitchen at the back
of the restaurant.

I ordered a pint of lager while I looked at the menu and it was brought by
a waiter I had never seen in there before. He was cute, very cute, in his
early twenties, about 5'6", very slim with the classic dead straight black
hair, deep brown eyes and very smooth skin. His nose was probably what
made him look so cute, being small with a slight turn-up at the tip. His
lips we quite full and under his waistcoat and black trousers he looked to
be quite solid, but by no means overweight.

He smiled as he placed my beer on the table and introduced himself as
Chander and told me he would be my waiter for the evening.

I had a good look through the menu and ordered a chicken nawab (Chef's
special) with plain rice, chana masala and a plain naan bread with a
portion of onion bhaji to start. (It sounds an awful lot for one person,
but I always tend to overeat in Indian restaurants as it is my favourite
type of food, an then I may not have another meal for a day or two).

I finished my first pint of lager and ordered another which Chander brought
and placed on the table with a smile. Since I had arrived several parties
had left the restaurant but nobody else had arrived so there were only
three tables now occupied including my own.

Another party was leaving just as Chander arrived with the trolley with my
dishes on it. He stood sideways on and quite close to me with my table to
his right and the trolley to his left. Consequently as he transferred my
dishes from the trolley to the table his crutch was rubbing against my
right arm. First he took my dinner plate and wiped it with a tea towel and
placed it in front of me. He then took a warming plate from the trolley
and placed it in the middle of the table, lighting two tea lights and
placing them inside to keep the food warm. By now I was very aware of his
cock rubbing against me and as he took each of the hot dishes from the
trolley and placed it on the warming plate I could not help noticing that
something was growing inside his trousers, not to mention inside my own.

As he placed the last dish on the table he asked if there was anything more
he could do for me. `Not yet' I said, `but maybe a little later'.

He smiled again and said `It will be my pleasure' and I watched his sexy
little bum as he walked away into the kitchen.

At this point the last remaining party left the restaurant leaving me in
splendid isolation. The owner came up and asked if everything was to my
satisfaction and I told him that it was and that I would try not to keep
him too late. He told me to take my time as most of the staff would be
leaving now with the exception of Chander who lived above the restaurant
and was in no hurry to go upstairs. He also told me that there was a fresh
pot of coffee on and that coffee and a liqueur would be on the house.

I thanked him and bade him goodnight and within a few minutes Chander and I
were on our own. I noticed that he had poured himself a beer and that he
was standing by the bar drinking it. I invited him to join me at the table
and he smiled an pulled out the chair next to mine and sat down. We made
small talk for a little while and he went and got us some more drinks.
When he sat back down I noticed (how could I not) that his right leg was
pressed against my left and that his hand was on his knee. I continued
eating, but every time I spoke to him I was looking deeper and deeper into
his eyes. As I took my last mouthful of food I felt his hand transfer from
his knee to mine.

I swallowed my last mouthful of food, turned towards him, leaned in and
kissed him lightly on the lips. I backed off, looked directly into his
eyes then kissed him again, this time with open lips and the exchange of
tongues. I could feel his hand moving upwards from my knee and as I was
wearing only sweat pants with no underwear he very soon found my now hard
cock. He moaned as our kiss continued to get more and more passionate and
I started to unbutton his waistcoat, undid and removed his tie then undid
his pristine white shirt, all without breaking the kiss.

As I removed his shirt I saw that his nipples (which I now kissed) were
very erect and dark in colour. We stood and he pulled my sweat pants down
and my hard cock sprang out and slapped against my stomach. I pulled off
my polo shirt, slipped out of my sandals and stood there naked, while I
undid Chander's belt, unclipped his trousers and pulled them down to his
ankles, leaving just his tight, white underpants, which I then pulled down
over his muscular, but not muscle-bound legs revealing 6½ inches of perfect
uncut erect manhood.

I knelt and removed his trousers and pants, together with his shoes and
socks and took his cock gently in my hand and then slipped it slowly into
my mouth. He quickly pulled out again and said `Let's go up to my room'.
He took a tray from the trolley and placed on it the coffee pot, the cream
and sugar and a bottle of Grand Marnier. I followed him, both of us naked,
through an unmarked door and upstairs to his room, which was at the front
of the building over the restaurant. He poured us both coffee and liqueurs
and we alternated kisses with sips of coffee and liqueur. When our cups
and glasses were empty we lay and hugged until we were both hard again and
I started again where I left off. I took his cock in my mouth and tongued
the head making him moan and buck. I then took the whole cock into my
mouth and throat and started to work him up and down. We were in his
king-size bed, which gave him room to flick himself around so that we were
in the `69' position and he returned my ministrations. My own cock is
around the 7-inch mark and he had no difficulty in taking the entire
length, which made me very, very excited indeed, and very close to orgasm.
I could tell by Chander's ragged breathing that he was in a similar state
and we both came within seconds of one another, both gushing several ropes
of cum, which we intermingled with our next kiss. We lay, exhausted for a
while then both fell asleep. I was awakened after a couple of hours by
Chander stroking my chest and cock. When he realised I was awake he
started covering my face with butterfly kisses and then, out of the blue,
he said `I want you to fuck me. I want your cock right inside me and I
want to feel your cum squirting inside me.

Not being one to deny a gentleman's request, I rose to the occasion (in
both senses). I turned him on to his stomach, spread his cheeks and went
down into his arse crack. There was some hair in the crack, but he was
fresh enough and I had no qualms about rimming him for a few minutes to
prepare the way for things to come. Chander was moaning softly and
contentedly, so I looked over to the bedside table and spotted some hand
cream which I used to lubricate my cock and then I took some on my finger
and spread it around his hole, then slowly pushed inside. Chander moaned a
little louder and beads of sweat started to appear on his back. I slotted
two fingers inside and his moans intensified. By this time my cock was
screaming for action so I gently pushed it inside him and felt him wince as
I heard his sharp intake of breath. I left my cock where it was for a few
seconds until he had become accustomed to it's presence, then slowly, inch
by inch, I slid inside him until I could feel his arse against my pubic

`God, that feels wonderful' he said, as I slowly started to pull out and
push in again. I could only agree with him as I could already feel my
orgasm approaching. I kept things slow and steady and managed to last out
for three or four minutes before I shot my load and coated the inside of
his rectum with my cum.

As I went to pull out Chander said `No, leave it inside me until it slips
out naturally. I did as he requested and fell asleep with my cock still
inside him. The next thing I knew it was nine o'clock in the morning and I
could smell fresh coffee which was being poured by a naked Chander standing
next to me. I sat up in bed and accepted the coffee and drank thirstily
before asking where the toilet was. `You'll have to use the one in the
restaurant' he said `but don't worry, there won't be anyone down there
until around 11 o'clock when the cleaner comes in to get the place ready
for opening at noon.

I slipped, naked, down the stairs and relieved myself then returned
upstairs to find Chander back in bed and another cup of coffee freshly
poured for me, which I again drank thirstily then cuddled up to Chander for
a while.

We kissed and chatted for an hour or so and then I said that I really ought
to get home. Chander got out of bed and went downstairs to retrieve our
clothes which we had left there the previous evening, and brought them
upstairs. I dressed, and so did he, and we walked downstairs together.
`Will I see you again?' asked Chander.

`Try and keep me away' I said. We walked to the door and kissed and I told
him that when I returned to the restaurant I would not be ordering the
Chef's special, but the `Waiter's special'.

We laughed, kissed again and I left. Needless to say I have returned to
the restaurant on numerous occasions, usually on a Friday or Saturday night
and Chander and I have been `right through the menu' countless times.

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