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21.In the Public Toilet...

the Public Toilet...

Kevin was a very shy adolescent. His parents had brought him up with
a great deal of tender loving care. Now he was sixteen years old; he
went to college but even then his mother would spoon-feed him. At
nights he would sleep in his father's bed as he was afraid of sleeping
alone in the dark. (His parents had stopped sleeping together as their
libidos had vanished.) His father would always sleep with his face
turned the other way, and he would rock slowly at nights like a boat.
But Kevin would not understand what that meant. His little weenie had
now become what other guys called a cock and sometimes when he would
cling to his father while asleep, there would be strange feelings in
that thing of his. He would feel nicer when he would dig it more into
his father's backside. But his father would not object to it.

Kevin was a single child. There weren't many other boys in his
neighbourhood; and even if there would have been, Kevin would not have
spent much time with them. He was an introverted guy. In the
afternoons, when his mother would have her siesta and his father would
be at work, then Kevin would be lonely. He would read books, sometimes
watch television and sometimes paint. He was evolving a bit of a
talent in the arts. But more than all of these, he had discovered a
new way to amuse himself whilst alone.

Since the time he had been twelve, he had started jacking off. At
first, it was out of ignorant curiosity, then it developed into a very
entertaining pass-time. Twice his mother had caught him in the act.
She had beaten him up, without explaining to him anything, and Kevin
began thinking he was doing a very bad thing. But the thrill of the
activity overshadowed his guilt, and he recommenced his activity in
the confines of the bathroom. When for the first time some yucky white
mess came out of his little prick, he was very scared. He felt
something very wrong had happened and he could not even have dinner
that night. But the next morning itself, he was back at it. So much
had it fascinated him. Again that white stuff oozed out. He touched
it, smelt it. This was not piss. Kevin was shell-shocked. But then he
went to the library and read 'From boyhood to manhood'. He read it
thoroughly. After that he was no longer afraid and jacked off like a
man possessed.

After his SSC, Kevin got admission at the Mithibai College in Vile
Parle. He was befuddled with the unbothered attitude in college. At
around the same time, he began realising that he had no interest in
girls as the other guys had. For fear of ridicule, he could not even
ogle at the boys freely. He just contented himself with sizing up the
couple of good-looking twinks in his peer group. However, he could not
tell his deepest darkest secret to anyone.

Also at around this time, Kevin discovered something that gave a
little vent to his cravings. The internet was not well-esconsed in
India at that time and so Kevin had not seen any other cock beside his
own. But one day, when he was late in returning from college, he had
this very strong urge to relieve himself. He entered a railway urinal.
This was first time he had ever used a public urinal. It was stinking
of urine, but Kevin just had to go. When he was pissing, he noticed a
tall guy pissing in the next space. The partition between two spaces
was not quite high, and if that man would have bent a little, he could
have seen Kevin's little dong. Kevin was also quite tall, but that man
was hiding his dick very well. Kevin was much possessed by the thought
of somehow showing his dick to the man; but the man did his job and
just left, not interested in either Kevin or his dick.

But from that day on, Kevin developed his fascination with public
loos. Whenever he would get the chance, he would barge into a public
urinal. Sometimes, he would step down and stuff his cock in his jeans,
in a bid to exhibit it to someone. A couple of times he had been
successful by this trick. And when a handsome young fellow would
occupy the place next to him, then Kevin would try all his best to
glance at his handsome cock. Then he would go home and jack off
fantasising about it.

This incident occurred on a Sunday. Kevin had gone to Vile Parle for
a friend's birthday party. It was ten in the night when he was
returning. There wasn't much crowd on the railway platform. Kevin's
urges started playing. In great heat, he entered the toilet on
platform number three on Vile Parle station. There was an excuse of a
bulb for light in the loo. Ammonia reeked everywhere, but now Kevin
had developed a fetish for the smell. There was no one in the loo.
Kevin was alone. He occupied the place in the middle. He stood with
his legs splayed apart, and unzipped his jeans. It was then that
another fellow came and stood next to him.

Kevin cast a crooked glance at him. He looked like a Maharashtrian.
He wasn't long and was bronzed in complexion. He was well-built
though. He was wearing a white shirt, with its two top buttons undone,
and a blue coloured denim, the zip of which he opened and aimed his
cock at the potty. As soon as Kevin heard the merry tinkling of his
piss against the ceramic, his cock stood upright. He very easily
cocked his head and saw the other man's dick. It was wheatish and
bulky, and out of which a steady and strong jet of golden piss was
forcing its way out.

He finished pissing. Kevin had not managed even a single drop of it.
Then that man jerked his cock vigorously in order to shake off any
remaining drops. Kevin was sure he would leave now, but that did not
happen. That man, ever so slowly, started fondling his prick.

Kevin's cock shot up like a bolt. This hunk was masturbating
literally under his nose. He raised the foreskin of his cock too and
squeezed it gently. Some moments passed. The other guy did not even
acknowledge Kevin's presence. He just went on with his act. And then
suddenly, that man began singing in a rasping voice. His song was
risque and ribald. Kevin got the notion that the man was some lunatic,
or at least a pervert. Even then, seeing the hunk singing obscenely
and fondling his thick cock next to him built up the heat in Kevin. He
just had to show his cock to this guy.

Kevin turned a little sideways and stood, so that his cock would be
in the man's direction. If the man would have turned his head even a
little that way, he could have seen Kevin's cock. But he was much
taken up by his own jerking. Kevin turned a little more. Now his cock
was directly pointing at the man. Just then, the man happened to see
Kevin with his erection towards him. He did not say anything for a
couple of moments, then he said mockingly, "Hey you, you gonna piss on
"Sorry," Kevin mumbled and stood correctly again.
Maybe he was not a lunatic. Kevin felt lower than a worm's underside.
But in just a few seconds, Kevin felt someone squeezing his bum. The
man had kept his hand on Kevin's ass and he was probing his crack with
his middle finger. "Yanking, aren't we?" he said.
Kevin was flabbergasted. He had no reply. He just stood there gaping.
"Don't be embarrassed," the man said. "At this time people come here
just to do that. Who else will come here so late in the night?"
Kevin built up his courage. He realised he had to make the most of
this opportunity. He put a fumbling hand on the man's cock.
"Your cock is too huge for your age," the man said. "You jack off a lot?"
"Hmm," said Kevin and squeezed the man's cock with his nervous hand.
Kevin was afraid as it was the first time he was touching another
man's cock. He was slowly finding his wits. The man's cock was strong
as a ramrod. One could not imagine how blissful Kevin was holding such
a warm and iron-cast cock in his hands.

"Jack it," he said. "Shake mine just as you do yours." Saying this,
that man too grabbed Kevin's growing cock and squeezed it. If Kevin
were electrocuted, he would have got no more spasm. His hands were
rough, like a labourer's. The skin of his palm was scaly and rough and
Kevin liked the feel of his seasoned touch on his virgin cock. It was
not even two minutes that Kevin cum was ready to shoot. The man sensed
this and he held Kevin's foreskin tightly shut. Kevin shot inside his
foreskin and it created a bulge at the tip. The man held the foreskin
closed till Kevin had spent his balls of the cum completely. Then when
it was done, he opened the foreskin at once. It was a huge load of cum
that fell off together. Kevin liked this technique so much that he
began using it regularly in his bathroom jacking sessions.

Kevin had not yet left his hold on the man's cock. He was not jacking
him furiously. After a minute he too shot. Kevin did not do anything
with him, as it was his first time. He just let the cum fall into the

"It was good, friend," the man said as he zipped his pants and
stepped down.
Kevin was barely able to mumbe, "Me too," but the man was already out
of earshot.

This was Kevin's first experience. There was nothing special in it,
but he had many fruitful experiences later. More on them some other time.


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