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32.Adams Part 3

Adams Part 3 (Story)

It was an awesome night and soon the sun would be coming up. Randy slipped into his brief and made a quiet exit to his room on the second floor. Norm and I cleaned up most of the cum stained sheets from the bed and threw them in the dirty clothes. Everything was in order and soon we heard someone in the kitchen and the smell of morning coffee.

Norm and I went upstairs to have breakfast, and to ask Daddy James about loaning us the old truck. He didn’t seem surprised at our request and said he had been thinking about it already. When we got home, tonight we would talk more about it but for today, he would take us to Coach Bob’s house and we could walk home. It was only about 10 blocks and that was nothing for us boys.

Daddy James drove up the driveway to the home and Coach Bob was out by his garage, and came out to talk with Daddy James while I took Norm into the enclosed area to pick up some garden equipment and tools. I looked up to see Bonny standing at her normal place by the window. She had on a bathrobe instead of her see-thru negligee, but I guessed it was because Coach Bob was at home this morning. I was hoping Norm and I could get my normal blowjob from her hot warm mouth.

We heard Daddy James' truck pull away and Coach Bob came into the garden. He asked us if we wanted a cup of coffee and that Bonny was waiting for us inside. I didn’t know if he meant what I hoped he meant, but we would see. He said he had to run an errand this morning and wouldn’t be back until around noon and he would have lunch with us. He said I knew what to do in the yard and to show Norm the work that was to be done. Then Coach Bob reached for Norm’s hand to shake it and welcome him, and then Coach Bob took off.

We took advantage of the invitation to go inside to have some coffee. I introduced Norm to Bonny and I could tell right away that they were both turned on to each other. Bonny was a beautiful woman and Norm was a good-looking 18-year-old hunk. I don’t think Norm had ever had a blowjob at least from a woman, and I was anxious to see what his response would be. After a few minutes of small talk, Bonny asked Norm if he could help her get a box down off the top shelf of the closet in her bedroom. He quickly stood and followed Bonny down the hall. Then Bonny turned to me and told me that if they were gone more that a few minutes, that I was to come in and help them. I knew right away, what she was planning. I nodded as she smiled and winked at me, took Norm by the hand, and headed to the bedroom.

I waited patiently but I was going to give them a chance to get acquainted. I took another few sips of coffee then I couldn’t stand it any more and headed off to join them in the bedroom. The door was open so I slowly eased in the door. Bonny had taken her favorite position on the pillow in front of the day sleeper and was licking on Norm’s big balls as she held his cock in the other. I dropped my cutoffs to the floor and kicked them aside. Norm was lying back on the couch with his eyes closed enjoying Bonny’s excellent blowjob. Bonny looked up at me and said. “You never told me your brother had such a big cock. It must run in the family. I would sure like to see that Daddy of yours. He must be a hot stud too. Do you think I could entice him to come over and build some cabinets for me in the laundry room?”

She didn’t know that we were all from different families, but I thought Daddy James could use an extra blowjob now and then. I told her perhaps it could be arranged. Norm looked up at me and grinned then kicked back again to enjoy getting his cock sucked. I sat quietly nearby to watch Bonny, doing Norm.

She had taken off her robe and now her big beautiful breasts were protruding out of her negligee. I thought this might be a good time for me to get a feel. I slowly caressed her breasts and she moved into my hand. I knew then that it was o.k. I got down on my knees, leaned over and put my mouth on her tit. When she sighed at my touch, Norm looked up to see what was happening, when he saw me, he sat up so he could watch me sucking on her tits. Bonny licked on his balls and put her finger to his asshole. I knew that was one of Norm’s sensitive spots and caused him to gasp out. Bonny knew that was a sign and started sucking his cock to get him off. He gasped again and then released a big load of his cum juices into her sucking mouth.

She was going crazy with sexual excitement and started finger fucking herself while I sucked on her tit. Norm was enjoying the last of his fantastic orgasm when she motioned for me to stand. I stood and she immediately started sucking on my cock deep and hard. I was so excited my boy cock shot with in a few minutes. Bonny continued finger fucking herself and had an orgasm just as I shot my wad. Norm sat watching me get my nuts off in this beautiful woman’s mouth. She let some of my cum shoot on her tits and began rubbing it around and around on her breasts.

It was another good blowjob and now we had gotten our nut and were ready to go to work. I loved the work benefits on this job.

Norm and I were willing and ready to work in the gardens. We accomplished several things that I could not have done by myself, but if I hadn’t spent so much time having sex around here, I could have gotten more done. Now that Norm was helping me, we could do more and still have the sexual activity. I was anxious to see if Janice would let us both fuck her, after all we were helping her out so she could have a baby

. I was glad Norm came over too. He was a brother to be proud of. He was not only good-looking but had a nice personality, a big cock to entice the ladies and was a damn good fuck when you needed it.

We worked hard that morning before Coach Bob came out to look things over and see what we had accomplished. He seemed very pleased and that made us both happy. I think Norm and I were a good team and worked well together. We might just do this kind of work all summer. We could use Daddy James’s truck and start our own business and think of all the nice ladies that we could meet and even a few men too. We were both pretty versatile and virile at our age.

Coach Bob told us he and Bonny had an early dinner party they were going to tonight and would be gone until late that night. Janice would still be around and had prepared a nice lunch for us by the pool as usual. It would be all right if we wanted to take the afternoon off and get some swimming in. Since Janice would be here by herself the rest of the evening, perhaps we could tell our Dad we would be having dinner with her as well. He said he knew we could find something interesting to do for the rest of the evening for entertainment. Then he looked at me, smiled, and added, that it would be a good time for me to introduce my brother to her.

I knew what Coach Bob was telling me. He was leaving us alone with Janice for the rest of the night so we could fuck to our hearts content. I smiled back and thanked him for being such a good employer.

It wasn’t too long after that, that Bob and Bonny left for their dinner engagement. I knew it was about lunchtime and thought before we ate, we should shower up. We went into the enclosed garden to use the shower. Since everyone was gone, except Janice, I suggested we take our showers naked. Norm was in agreement and soon we were taking a well-needed and refreshing shower.

I was beginning to enjoy looking at Norm’s naked body now that I was into fucking him almost every night before we went to sleep. I had never planned on sucking him off, but now that I had taken Coach Bob’s load, I didn’t find it unlikely that I would suck him someday soon too. Perhaps he could teach me how to suck cock, especially if we were to be in business together. It might come in handy later if we had a male customer that wanted a blowjob. It didn’t look so hard to do. I had a good teacher with Bonny. I loved to get blown and knew how good it felt so I would know how another man liked to have it done to him.

Norm and I were showering and enjoying the water, when Janice appeared at the sliding glass doors dressed in a tiny bikini bathing suit. Norm let out a sigh and said she was a hot looking woman. I motioned for her to come over to meet my brother Norm. Norm blushed because he was still naked and it was unusual to meet a woman while he was under the showers, but he didn’t let it bother him. He held out his hand to Janice and then he playfully pulled her under the showers with us. She was a good sport about it, just laughed, and slowly pulled off her top. I came in closer, bent over and started nibbling on her breast. Soon Janice was sandwiched in-between the both of us.

It didn’t take long for the either of us boys to become erect, and soon Norm was pulling off the bottoms to her bikini, and placing his finger in her cunt. I nibbled on her neck as Norm caressed her breast and started to put his dick into her wet pussy. He kissed her lips then her neck as I held her body next to mine. My dick slid between her legs and touched Norm’s balls on the other side. He moved around her neck and kissed me on the cheek then on the lips as he started to ease his dick in Janice’s pussy. Janice thought it was hot for the two brothers to be kissing as she was getting a dick in her. Norm was a strong boy and lifted Janice as she wrapped her legs around him. His dick started in her cunt as she squealed out and immediately had her first orgasm. Norm didn’t stop but lifted her up and down on his impaling dick. I went behind Norm and held him tight against my body, kissed his neck and met Janice lips on the other side. I edged my dick up and down Norm’s tight butt crack until he reached around to guide my cock in his tight ass. I had been there before so knew what to expect. I wondered how Janice would respond. Norm paused just long enough for me to slide my dick into his anus, and then he continued to fuck Janice by lifting her up and down on his big cock.

Janice continued to squeal and have multiple orgasms like she had done with me. My cock was now buried in the depth of my buddy Norm’s warm and tight asshole. It was so hot fucking him in front of this beautiful woman. Janice must have thought so too because she was cumming and cumming. Norm was a good fucker and was pleasing Janice as well as me. This was feeling so good but I knew I could not last too long so I let my juices flow and shot several loads of cum deep into Norm. It really set Norm off and he started using Janice's pussy so hard and so fast that I almost lost control. Then he yelled out in absolute ecstasy and pumped load after load of cum into Janice. My cock slipped out of Norm as he placed Janice on the floor of the running shower and kept on fucking her until he pumped another load into her cum filled cunt. It was absolutely wild.

Finally, the wild three-way orgy came to a pause, as Norm and Janice lay exhausted. Norm got up, pulled Janice next to him, and said jokingly. “What was your name again?” we all laughed

Janice ...
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