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(English version of CD vaale ke saath)

When I was still at school, I began my fondness for men. I would ogle
at all the boys at school. I would not even leave the male teachers.
Then I went on to junior college and after that degree college; but by
fascination for the male gender did not diminish a bit. I had never
approached anyone directly, because I was too scared to do that. The
only thing I would do - I would begin each new morning by jacking off
in the bathroom, fantasizing about some guy or the other.

Then I got my first job and I had to go to Fort everyday. It was then
that I came to know of the CD stalls there. I had always heard about
porn films, but I had never actually seen them. There was a computer
in my room at home. One day I thought I would buy a porn CD and enjoy
it in the night in my room. Deciding thus, I set out of my office
early, as I did not want anyone to accompany me. I directly took
myself to the alley where every kind of pirated CD is sold openly.

I was carrying my briefcase. I wanted to buy a gay CD if I could get
one. But I was scared how to ask. Then I thought that I would buy a
straight porn CD, and jack off at the sight of the cock in it. That
particular lane of DN Road is a wonder of Bombay. On both sides of the
lane, there are stalls of pirated CDs. On every stall there are two
young boys. They are usually talking dirty, smoking cigarettes and
asking every passerby male, 'Sir, do you want a CD?' If the male is
young, then they ask, 'Sir, do you want a hot CD - games CD, software
CD, sex CD - you'll get them all.' I was looking at the boys more than
the CDs and getting heated up. Suddenly a thought crossed my mind -
What might these boys be doing when they must be watching these CDs
together at night?

They did not spare me too. 'Sir, CD sir!' each stall fellow was
harking at me. I was glancing at them and then behaving as if I did
not see them. I had to take a CD, but I was apprehensive also. Then I
saw a stall. It was a little apart from the other stalls. By its side,
a solitary boy was sitting on a stool and smoking a cigarette. He did
not even look at me. But I saw him. He was a twink. He had two of his
top shirt buttons open and he had put on a tight blue jeans. He was
sitting like a roadside fellow, with his legs thrown apart, due to
which I could see the bulge of his crotch. My mouth began to water. I
decided to buy the CD from this guy.

I gathered my guts and walked up to him. I asked, 'Do you have
He looked at me. He got up with a sprint. 'Yes, I have it, sir.'
'How much will you give it in?'
'Hundred rupees per CD, sir. Counter-Strike is a two-CD game.'
I said, 'Okay. What other games do you have?'
He said, 'I have many, sir One moment.'

He removed a box. The box was packed with CDs. He began showing them
to me one by one. I saw every title and nodded. My concentration was
occupied in some other matter.
These CD fellows are very smart. They can judge from the customer's
reaction what he wants. He saw me and understood. He asked, 'Are you
new here, sir?'
'Yes, I have come for the first time.'
'I have the other type of CD also. Hot ones.'
I pretended to be ignorant and asked, 'Hot ones?'
'Yes sir. Sex CD.'
Now it was a direct talk. I asked, 'Will those CDs work? I should not
go home and realize that I have been made a sucker.'
'Why are you saying so, sir? If it doesn't work, I am here only, sir.'
I said, 'Okay then, show them to me.'

He extracted a black bag from behind the stall. 'If the cops get
hold, they will hump our asses, sir. That is why we have to keep them
hidden,' he said. He just cast one glance all around and then removed
the CDs. I started sorting and seeing them. All CDs were of straight
sex. I was a bit disappointed. Then I selected a CD whose cover showed
three guys fucking a girl. I thought I'd at least get to savor three
'That's a good one, sir,' he said. 'It has come just now.'
I said, 'Does that mean the rest of the stuff is old?'
"No sir, but this is current. Sir, take two-three CDs more. It will
be fun.'
I thought that to be right. I selected three more CDs.
He said, 'Sir, if you'll come every week, then I'll give you a discount.'
'That is okay, but what if these CDs don't work?'
'They will work.'
'See, friend, I stay at Borivali. It is too far from here. If the CDs
don't work, then you can understand my condition, no? It is like
pouring chilled water on a major hardon.'
He laughed. His face was pretty - a chocolate-boy face. Then he said,
'Okay, sir. You have come for the first time. I'll have you check the
CDs. Okay?'
Then he signalled another boy. He said, 'Hasan, come here. Mind my
stall. I'll have him check the CD.'

I began walking behind him. He said, 'Sir, in one of the rooms of
this building, four of us boys sleep at night. There is a VCD player
and a TV. I'll get you check these there.'
The building was pretty old. We went up to the first floor. The door
of a room was locked. He put his hand in his pocket and extracted the
key. He opened the lock with it. 'Come in, sir,' he said.

I went inside. Inside there was a TV, a player and a bed. 'Sit down,
sir,' he said, 'I'll run the CD. Will you have a cigarette?'
I took a cigarette from him. He started the CD. After some moments,
the picture came on. This was my first blue film, so I was already
hot. My dick was throbbing in my pants. To hide it, I had folded my
legs. 'Sit comfortably, sir,' he said. 'Watch it for 10-15 minutes; it
will be okay.'
He gave me a cushion. I relaxed a bit. He also came and sat next to
me. 'Isn't the CD working?' he asked.
'Yes,' I said. The CD was a riot. The three guys were sitting on a
sofa and the girl was sucking them off in turn. My cock was fully
erect now. 'It's a great CD,' I said.
'Hadn't I told you? Whenever I see this one, mine always goes erect.'
I looked towards his crotch. The bulge was bigger now.
'You sit comfortably,' he put his hand on my thigh and told me. 'Why
are you so ashamed? Oh, you have a stiff one, that is why?' I blushed.
'Why are you ashamed of this, sir? Whenever we boys see this one, we
all sport hardons.There is nothing to be ashamed in this. Sit. Open
your legs and sit.'
'It's really a hot CD, friend.'
'Really.' he said; at the same time squeezing his crotch. Then he
looked at me and laughed. 'What are you staring at, sir? You also jack
off if you want to. There is no one here but us.'
Now I could not tolerate any more. I took my shirt off and started
fondling my cock. He dared and began pinching my nipples. I liked
that, so I did not object.
'Sir, I have an offer,' he said.
'If you'll give me a thousand, then you can do anything with me.'
Now I began to see his entire game. But I was so hot that I said,
'I'll give it to you. Suck my cock.'

He took his shirt off too and sat between my spreadeagled legs. He
kissed my cock over my pants. Then he removed my pant. My cock sprang
and dashed with his nose. 'Your cock is exquisite, sir,' he said. 'I
haven't found such a cock since many days.'
'Eat it, it is for you only,' I said.

He started twisting and turning my cock every which way and sucking.
He playfully bit my balls. I understood that this guy is professional.
I should not either fuck him or let me be fucked by him. It was only
five minutes, when I ejaculated.

'So early sir?' he asked, still taking my drops in his mouth.
'I am new.'
'You'll learn the next time, isn't that so?' he winked at me.
'Yes. Now show me your cock.'
He stood. His erection was tenting in his jeans as much as it could.
I put my hand on his bulge and kissed it. He said, 'You are rocking,
Then I unzipped his jeans. I lowered his shorts. His cock was about
7.5 inches. Wheatish, shaven and cut. This was the first cock I was
seeing face to face. 'Take it in your mouth,' he barked.

Slowly, I felt it on my tongue. I liked it. Then I took his entire
cock in my mouth. I continued my sucking for ten minutes. Mine had
again gone erect by then. I got up and took both our dicks in my hand
and began jacking them together. We came together. I rubbed our juices
on both our cocks.
There was a small bathroom there. We washed ourselves. 'Didn't you
enjoy that?' he asked.
'Too much,' I said and took my briefcase.
'Then should I pack the CDs?'
I smiled, 'When I am getting a live performance, then what is the use
of your CD?' I said and I shoved a thousand rupess note in the fly of
his jeans which was still open.
'Okay,' he zipped up his fly and said. 'Come again, sir. I'll teach
you new tricks.'
'I'll come soon,' I said and planted a kiss on his lips. Then I
walked away from there.

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