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Like every night, even today at eight, Akram was standing in front of
his full-length mirror. He had shaved and gelled his hair. He had also
shaved under his armpits. He kept his chest smooth always. He removed
the towel wrapped around his waist momentarily and glimpsed at his
cock. Entirely smooth! He had shaved there just that morning. His
cockhead was glistening in the light of the bulb and it began
throbbing oh so lightly. But Akram did not wish to do anything just
then. He wrapped on his towel again. He liked what he saw in the mirror.

He extracted a white shirt from his cupboard. The shirt was a size
smaller for him. He put on that shirt. Through that almost diaphanous
tight shirt, his nipples could be seen. He kept two top buttons of his
shirt open. He could also see his own abs. He liked that. Next he put
on a red VIP Frenchie. He tossed the towel aside and adjusted the cock
in his undies so that it formed a bulge. He wished so badly to jerk
off just then and there, but he controlled himself. He took a Wrangler
from his cupboard - it was a faded light blue denim and he put it on.
The jeans was tight too and it very well accentuated the bulge he had
purposefully wanted to show. He squatted in front of the mirror and
saw his bulge. It was so delectable, he could just eat it up. Lastly
he took his Red Tape shoes, dabbed on some Brut and put on his black
leather belt. With his mobile in hand and his Marlboro pack in his
pocket, he left his house.

There was a slight drizzle outside. He knew very well where he had to
go. He reached his destination in a short while - a desolate park. He
saw around him. At least three more twinks like him were standing
under the trees of the park. Just like him, they too had dressed well
and were absolutely gorgeous. He winked at two of them whom he knew
and they nodded in return. Then he took a Marlboro from his pocket and
lighted it. It was fine weather today - now only if he had a good
customer to complement the weather!

In a short while, a silver Opel Corsa pulled up beside him. The
driver - a man in his early thirties - lowered its window and poked
his head outside it.
"Is this the old people's park?" he asked.
"Yes," Akram said with a puff on his cigarette.
"How do I go to Lokhandwala from here?"
"Lokhandwala?" repeated Akram.
"Yes. I have my house there," the man said, needlessly.
"Your house is in Lokhandwala and you don't know the way?" Akram
said, feigning surprise.
The man cast a long glance at Akram. Then he smiled. "The thing is
that I cannot see very well in the dark," he said.
"Then I can come with you and show you," offered Akram.
"Come in," the man said and opened the door.
Akram went and sat inside without further pondering. No sooner was he
seated than the man flashed out three 1000-rupee notes from his wallet
and put them in Akram's shirt pocket. Akram did not say anything. This
was the unwritten contract of the place. He put on his seat belt and
continued puffing on his Marlboro.

When the car had gone a little way, Akram said, "Put on some music, man!"
The driver put on a Friction CD and asked, "Do you like this stuff?"
"Lovely," said Akram and hummed, "Don't be shy, my honey... I love
this one."
"Come on, give me a puff of your fag," said the driver.
Akram put his cigarette to the man's lips without question. It was
already a little smothered with Akram's saliva, but the man seemed not
the mind. He sucked at it lovingly and inhaled a deep puff. Akram put
his arm on the man's shoulder and continued giving him the cigarette
in this manner.
When the car stopped at a signal, the driver - quite uncontrollably -
put his hand directly on Akram's bulging light blue denim crotch.
Akram did not refuse this; in fact, he splayed his legs open a bit so
that the driver could reach the insides of his crotch. He let him
fondle his cock. "That's a big tool you have got," said the driver and
began unzipping his jeans. Akram suddenly shoved his hand aside,
"Stupid motherfucker!" he said, "Do you want to do everything in the
car itself? Let's go to your place first." The driver pumped on the
accelerator and sped off.

Within ten minutes, they reached the man's place. Akram found out
that the man's name was Madan. Madan made Akram sit on his couch and
went inside. When he returned, he was wearing only a white tennis
shorts and nothing else. Akram ogled at him intently. Madan was also
well-built with a gym-toned body. He had a flat chest and really huge
nipples for a man, which turned Akram on. The tips of his nipples were
already hard and standing erect. He had slight hair on his chest.
Looking at his shorts, Akram adjudged that he too was well-endowed. He
reassured himself of a rocking evening.

Madan went towards the sofa facing Akram and sat on it with his long
legs spread apart and folded at the knees. His bulge was beautifully
and very symmetrically visible in the V-folds of his white shorts.
"Come here," he almost yelled at Akram, "You bastard! What are you
waiting for now? Come here and suck me."
Akram wordlessly went and sat on the ground between Madan's inviting
legs. He was still staring at Madan's beautiful dong in his shorts
when Madan suddenly grasped his head by the hair and put it on his
dick. "You asshole, what are you waiting for? Suck me off," he yelled.
Akram began kissing Madan's shorts. Madan's cock began engorging
itself within the narrow confines of his shorts. Madan had selected a
very skimpy shorts. Within moments, his cock shoved itself out of one
of the sides of his shorts and slapped itself against Akram's cheek.
Akram lapped it up with his tongue from the top to the bottom.

Madan put his hand inside Akram's almost open shirt and felt his
nipple. He put a little spit on his fingers and wettened Akram's
nipple with it. He did not see the nipple; only felt its contours and
squeezed it. He had become insane in his horniness. He was humping his
ass on the couch and trying to fuck into Akram's wet mouth. When Akram
felt that Madan was just about to cum, Madan very suddenly stopped
fucking and took his dong out of Akram's mouth.
"Now stand up," he ordered Akram.
Akram was Madan's slut for the night. He could not refuse. He stood
up. His shirt was now unbuttoned upto four buttons and almost all of
his chest was showing - replete with moistened shiny nipples.
"Remove your shirt now," Madan barked.
Akram undid the remaining two buttons and removed his shirt. He put
it down on the couch.
"Now spread your legs as far as possible."
Akram obeyed and spread his legs almost at a 120 degree angle. The
bulge of his oversized erection was almost threatening to burst out of
his jeans. Madan lifted his left leg which was between Akram's splayed
ones and began to play footsie with Akram's cock.
"Now catch your ears," he said, "As they do when giving punishments
in school."
Akram crossed his hands and held the lobes of his ears. He did not
know what Madan was about to do.
Then Madan stood up. He came to Akram and kissed him hotly on the
lips. He removed Akram's black leather belt and brandished it at him.
And then, before Akram could protest, he lashed his back gently with
the belt.
"Motherfucker, what are you doing?" Akram yelled out in pain.
"Be silent! I'll give you ten thousand if you do as I like," Madan said.
Akram tolerated the pain for the money.
Madan lashed him thrice more. Akram's back reddened, but he did not
protest again, as he wanted the money. Madan kissed Akram's back where
it had gone sore.

"Now become *murga," Madan said.
Akram crouched. His jeans was tight and it was difficult to crouch.
He managed somehow and brought his hands from between his legs and
grabbed his ears. When he was in this position, he noticed how his
bulge was so close to his mouth. He could even smell its musty
fragrance. He noticed for the first time how a murga can see his bulge
so very well-rounded and huge.
He could see beyond the gap below his ass, and he saw that cock
jutting out of the white tennis shorts approaching him. Akram could
see, in his murga position, Madan's cock very close to his ass.

Madan undid Akram's jeans button and the zipper with great
difficulty. He pulled down the Frenchie and stared at his smooth ass.
"Now I am going to spank your round ass," Madan said. "But you, you
bastard, will not screech and shriek, but you will say
'cock-a-doodle-doo', like a rooster - for that's what you are right now."
"Cock-a-doodle-doo," Akram crowed like a rooster.
Madan slapped Akram's bum.
"Cock-a-doodle-doo," Akram answered.
Second slap.
Third - "Cock-a-doodle-doo..."
Fourth - "Cock-a-doodle-doo..."
After about ten thunderous slaps on his ass, Akram's smooth round
twinky ass became all red. It was then that Madan brought his john and
rubbed it against his ass. "Keep on your cock-a-doodling, you
niggardly asshole," he commanded.
Madan put his cockhead near Akram's hole and readied it for penetration.
"Cock-a-doodle-doo... Cock-a-doodle-doo," Akram said, panting.
The cock went inside. Akram was a professional - his ass had been
ripped apart earlier, so it did not take for the whole dongle to go in.
"Cock-a-doodle-doo... Cock-a-doodle-doo..."
Madan's shoving became harder. Akram was pulling at his earlobes
harder in order to maintain his position, at the same time, receiving
a cock in his asshole. His punishment sounds came in shorter but
sharper staccatoes.
"Cock-a-doodle-doo... Cock-a-doodle-doo,"
Madan came all over Akram's ass. Akram was so sexed up in his first
sadistic encounter that he came without even having his cock stroked.

Even after it was done, both of them sat for a long time on the couch
and kept fondling each others' cocks. And they kept ...
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