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40.somali encounter in london -next part

Part 4 - the homecoming

Next morning I got up early and went down to
Abdul's place and emptied it of his few possessions. I left a note for
Leroy to tell the landlord that Abdul wouldn't be back. If it didn't work
out with Abdul, then he could always find himself another grotty place -
south London was full of them.

As soon as visiting hours started in the afternoon, I went to the hospital.
The bed next to Abdul's had a new occupant, but I didn't care - I went
straight up to him and kissed him.

"So, lover boy, you ready to leave?" I asked him.

"But where are we going Joe?" he asked, "I owe a month's rent and I haven't
got a job any more."

"No worries, Abdul, you're coming to my place until you're able to fend for
yourself. I got you into this mess, and I'm going to get you out of
it. Grab your things. The car's downstairs."

We slowly made our way to the exit, with Abdul leaning on me, maybe more
than he needed to, but it gave me a thrill to hold him in public, my arm
wrapped round his shoulder, carrying his small bag. We were soon at my
modest flat, with its one bedroom and one living room, but, hell, a whole
lot better than his dump in south London.

His eyes lit up when he saw the place and I eased him a chair. I told him
I'd bought over all his stuff and told the landlord he'd left.

"Don't worry, Abdul, once your fit again, you can find your own place if
you want to, and meanwhile make this your home." His dark eyes flashed
gratitude and I could have whisked him off to bed there and then. But he
was still in a delicate state, and very tired. So I prepared us something
to eat and helped him to the bathroom. I offered to help him wash once he'd
used the loo, and he smiled his acceptance.

Once he'd finished with the toilet, I came in and took off his shirt, bent
down and took off his shoes and socks, and lowered his trousers. His Calvin
Kleins harboured a nice package that seemed to be getting bigger. I slipped
them off and kissed his belly button. Slowly I tongued my way up to his
left nipple, and by now he was fully erect. His eyes were shut, so I licked
up over his chin until I found his mouth and slowly skimmed his lips. He
opened his mouth and I pushed in, while he ground his crotch into my jeans.

I pulled away reluctantly and steered him towards the shower. Quickly I
stripped off and got into the shower with him. By now he was grinning from
ear to ear.

"You got plans for tonight, Joe?" he asked.

"Sure do, Abdul, and they all centre round making you comfortable, and
feeling better."

With that, I turned on the shower and began to soap him up, starting with
his dark legs and full arse. I went up over his cheeks, easing my hand
between them and caressing his hole. He opened his legs wider to give me
better access, so I increased the pressure and began to nibble his left
arse cheek. By now he was moaning with pleasure, and stiff as a rod. My
tongue travelled on up his back and neck and I turned him round to lather
his front. He had a few curly chest hairs and a small bush over his
jet-black cock, but otherwise he was almost hairless. His knob was a dark
purple hue, slightly lighter than his black dick. I carried on down his
front, ignoring the pole sticking out from him.

I washed off the suds and carefully dried him & myself before leading him
to the bedroom. He lay on the bed and looked at me and I could swear he was

"OK, Abdul" I said, " I think it's time you had a little massage so that
you can sleep soundly. Lie on your stomach on the pillow so your ribs are

He rolled onto the pillow and I took out the massage oil I kept in my
bedside table. I worked up his dark legs, squeezing and rubbing and
stroking him, each time getting closer to his arse. His cock lay under his
belly, leaving his balls, which I lightly brushed. As I gently raked his
arse, he lifted himself off the bed to meet each stroke. He pushed his legs
as wide as he could, so now I had full access to his hole. I sat between
his legs and rubbed my fingers over and over the lips of his arse. He was
really getting into this. I started to lick him from the base of his
balls, over the hole and up the small of his back, each time lingering
longer on his hole. Soon I was probing his lips, which clenched on my
tongue as it tried to go deeper.

"Oh yea, Joe, that feels great. Ugh, ugh. Don't stop Joe. Ooh, aah."

By now I was as hard as I'd ever be, so I leaned forward and covered his
oily arse with my stiff cock, slipping and sliding over him. My cock
nestled between his cheeks and started to rub his hole, grinding and
probing to open and enter. He rose to meet my strokes and then whispered
"Put it in, Joe, put it in, please."

I didn't need a second invitation, and slowly pushed forward into him. He
stuck his arse up as high as he could to give a good entry angle, groaning
a bit with the pressure on his ribs, but within a couple of minutes I was
as far into him as I could go. I propped myself up on my elbows and began
to lick his right ear, sucking the lobe, and burrowing my tongue into his
ear hole. This drove him wild. I started to thrust my cock in and out of
his tight furrow, slowly and steadily. He clamped down on me each time I
entered him. I started to grunt with pleasure and managed to kiss him each
time I got right inside him.

"Abdul, Abdul, I love you, I love you," I whispered into his ear. He
responded by clamping harder onto me and began to milk me. I couldn't hold
out any more and burst inside him. He ground his cock into the mattress,
grunted loudly and came shortly after me, soaking the sheet with his cum.

I lay beside him, licking his ear and neck and cheek and kissing him as
much as I could. He just sighed and sighed with pleasure. I traced my
tongue down his back and began to kiss his arse again, catching some of my
own cum, mixed with his arse juices. He rolled over and kissed me
passionately. I kissed him back with equal passion, tasting his spit and
my cum. "Do you like my therapy, Abdul?" I said softly.

"Oh yea, Joe," he sighed, "I'll need some treatment every day from now on".

more soon....

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